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Chrysocolla Meditation for Healing Heartbreak

meditating with chrysocolla crystalsThis Chrysocolla meditation is for mending your broken heart. You will find 7 positive affirmations you can recite on your own or listen along in the guided meditation. 

Do you have heartbreak that is in need of healing? Most adults have experienced love pains in one form or another, be it the loss of a loved one, a family relationship gone bad, or a romantic breakup. Even if you think you're over it, there may be some lingering hurt lurking in your heart.

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Chrysocolla Stone meditation video

For the most powerful experience, listen and follow along to this recorded Chrysocolla Guided Meditation. This quick meditation is perfect for busy souls.

Click the video above when you are ready to begin. The full script can be found in the text below.

7 Chrysocolla Affirmations for Heart Healing

Have you gone through a heartbreak that affects your ability to live and love fully again?  These 7 mantras can be recited whenever you wish. You will also hear them embedded in the guided meditation video above and the script below.

Choose real Chrysocolla stones to hold while you say these affirmations. The more Chrysocolla healing crystals you have, the faster you can mend your heart.

  • I honor my loss and sadness as I journey back to the state of happiness
  • Relationships can come and go, it's all a part of the flow
  • Every interaction that I experience serves a spiritual purpose 
  • Chrysocolla Goddess Stones deliver divine healing to my Heart chakra 

  • Chrysocolla crystals mend my heartbreak so that I can love fully again

  • Love is in my destiny and it comes to me wherever I may be

  • I am thankful for the people, pets, and plants who make my world as rich as the colors of Chrysocolla

chrysocolla crystals, jewelry, moqui marbles, water

Preparing for the Chrysocolla meditation

This power meditation is a healing technique you can use anywhere. What you need are Chrysocolla crystals, a few minutes, and a desire for healing.

These nurturing mantras are designed to work with the gentle energy of Chrysocolla gemstones and jewelry. Discover incredible pieces in the Satin Crystals Chrysocolla Shop.

After you have your stones, find a comfortable nook in your home or garden. Hold the Chrysocolla in your hand while doing this meditation, and place more on or around your Heart chakra.

Are you at work? Do the power session during your break. You are the ruler of your destiny.

pair of chrysocolla hearts

Guided meditation script with Chrysocolla

You are here today because you are a human being of Earth, engaging in various experiences and relationships. You live on a planet that is as rich as the colors of the Chrysocolla stones you are holding. Your heart is full of infinite love.

Yet as a human being, you have been through pain, loss, heartbreak, and disappointment. Perhaps your heart has hardened around the edges. With the help of your Chrysocolla crystals, you can heal your heartbreak and love with ease again.

Let's begin by closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and relaxing your mind and body. Once you reach a state of comfort, healing will become more effective.

Start by tapping into the energy of the Chrysocolla in your hands. Gorgeous tones of green and blue send cooling waves up your arms and vibrate in your chest. They cleanse and calm your center. You feel a flow of positive energy through your Heart chakra. This good energy beats throughout your entire body, from head to toe.

Feel your body pulsing to the beat of Chrysocolla. This is the Goddess Stone, powerfully divine. This is the Stone of Awareness, opening your consciousness beyond the physical realm. This is the Heartbreak Healer crystal, ready to make your loving spirit whole again.

Relax with each deep, cleansing breath you take. Feel the beat of the blue planet through your Chrysocolla gemstones vibrating throughout your aura. 


You were born to people, amongst people. You were raised by people, with people. You live, work, and coexist in a network of relationships. From family to friends, classmates to coworkers, lifelong companions to lovers. You have been through a lot, and with a lot of people. 

Almost everyone has experienced heartbreak. Be it the death of a loved one or a precious pet. Be it a romantic breakup or a friendship end. Maybe you didn't grow up in the best family or you were let down by a teacher.

You have felt pain, sadness, sorrow, anger, guilt, and shame. Some of these feelings have been stored in your Heart chakra, forming blocks you may not even be aware of. Today, we will release these hurtful barricades.

Get back in touch with your Chrysocolla heartbreak healer crystals. Channel their energy to your Heart chakra and feel your chest gently vibrating. As the center of your love vortex shakes, the negative hurt and experiences begin to fall out, like stones crumbling off a wall. The blocks begin to chip and break. The pain starts to disintegrate.

Whatever was built up is now gently being taken apart, piece by piece. Imagine the dam in your heart disintegrating, allowing the love to flow free.

(short break)

chrysocolla oval cabochon

While you visualize the destruction of past pains, you will repeat 7 healing mantras. These mantras will break down the barriers that have been built around your heart over the years. They will encourage love energy to flow freely through your Heart chakra.

After each statement that you hear, you can repeat it aloud or say it quietly yet confidently to yourself in your mind. Here they are: 

 #1 I honor my loss and sadness as I journey back to the state of happiness

Now you say it. (short pause)

#2 Relationships can come and go, it's all a part of the flow

(short pause)

#3 Every interaction that I experience serves a spiritual purpose 

(short pause)

#4 Chrysocolla Goddess Stones deliver divine healing to my Heart chakra 

(short pause)

#5 Chrysocolla crystals mend my heartbreak so that I can love fully again

(short pause)

#6 Love is in my destiny and it comes to me wherever I may be

(short pause)

#7 I am thankful for the people, pets, and plants who make my world as rich as the colors of Chrysocolla

(short pause)

It's as simple as that. You have released a load of baggage from your Heart chakra and you can love with a lighter feeling. You do not need to relive each trauma or loss. All you need to do is give some tender loving care to your Heart chakra with the healing touch of Chrysocolla.

Any time you feel stuck or bothered in love or relationships, focus on your flow. All the answers are within you. Only you know when a relationship is worth holding on to or if it's time to let go.

When you lose a loved one to the Great Beyond, pain and sadness are a part of the process. Recognize and honor that pain instead of trying to hide from it. Only then can you move on to acceptance and healing.

Chrysocolla is a gentle nurturer, a lover, and a healer. Whenever you want to attract positive relationships, turn to the powerful energy of the Goddess Stone. 

You are part of a world teeming with life, energy, and relationships. Time here is short but you can make the most of it. And what you will remember the most are the bonds you made.

You are now ready to emerge into your physical world, the rich planet bursting with blues and greens.

Now take a deep breath. At the count of 5, you will awaken and return to your reality feeling loved and purposeful. Starting now:

1-2-3-4-5. Eyes open, wide awake. 

water and moqui marbles for grounding

What do I do Post-Meditation?

The power meditation is fast but intense! You may feel as though you are floating in another realm. Enjoy this natural high. Then, slowly reintegrate back into the physical reality. If you need assistance anchoring, use Moqui stones to completely realign with the world. Drink plenty of water to ground your energy.

Next, reflect upon your experience. If you did the meditation in a group, share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with others. If you practiced alone, journal your experiences or simply enjoy the sensations. Think about the messages you received and how to use them to benefit your everyday life.

What did you think about this meditation? If you have opinions, stories to share, or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below! 

woman holding chrysocolla stones

Shop Chrysocolla Crystals

Chrysocolla healing stones make this meditation effective and powerful. Find your favorite stones in the Chrysocolla Crystal Collection or right here:

chrysocolla sphere

Rise Upward and Onward...

Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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