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Crystal Healing for the Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021

hand holding two citrine spheresEmbrace your Citrine crystals because a rare Solar Eclipse is on the horizon! This is the first of just two Solar Eclipses in 2021; don't miss it.

Embrace the energy of this powerful astrological event for a mid-year body, mind, and spirit boost. Find out what the June Solar Eclipse means for you. Learn how to harness your healing crystals to capture those special sun rays and moonbeams.

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What is a Solar Eclipse?

When the Moon passes between the sun and the earth, a solar eclipse takes place. A shadow stretches across our planet, and there is a moment of darkness. There are two types of Solar Eclipses- annular and total. 

See the 2021 Solar Eclipse and Sun Crystals guide to learn detailed information about the Solar Eclipse and additional solar activities that benefit you.

When is the Solar Eclipse of 2021?

The Solar Eclipse will take place on June 10th, 2021. It is an Annular Solar Eclipse. There will be another eclipse at the end of the year, the Total Solar Eclipse of December 4th.

To find out the peek time of the Total Solar Eclipse according to your city or country, visit the Lunar Time and Date site. There you can find information about the Annular Solar Eclipse based on your location.

Wherever you are in the world, you will benefit by doing crystal healing under the Solar Eclipse. You'll win the vibrations of the Sun, Moon, and Earth all at once. It's a powerful trinity of energy that doesn't happen often. 

What is the spiritual meaning of the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse?

This is an exciting Solar Eclipse because it comes with prosperous energy. June 10, 2021, Annular Solar Eclipse is a time for you to focus on getting heaps of abundance in your life. 

The world is coming out of a dark hole. Between the last Solar Eclipse of December 2020 and now, steady progress has been made. You are standing at the end of the tunnel, ready to soak in the sunshine of the Solar Eclipse. Fly high and bask in its bounty.

Over the next 6-month solar cycle, you will find great success by focusing on work and money matters. To achieve your goal, you must refine your thoughts. You might already know exactly what you want to achieve in your material life this year. But if it's still unclear, do affirmations and rituals under the Solar Eclipse for clarity.

Need some ideas? You could chase after a promotion, start a business, change careers, build a nest egg, buy a home, reward yourself with an opulent gift, or combine several of these money-related goals. The Solar Eclipse wants you to shoot high this time; don't cheat yourself by aiming low.

With a clear goal in mind, you will be ready to build prosperity. Put your energy into  work and material gains because the universe is on your side. Over the next 6 months, go for it and enjoy the rewards that follow. 

The Best Crystal for this Total Solar Eclipse

citrine sphere

Citrine is the crystal you want to use for this Solar Eclipse cycle which starts on June 10th and continues to the next Solar Eclipse on December 4th. Not only is Citrine a major Sun-energy crystal, but it is also the top-ranked stone for garnishing prosperity.

As these next 6 months are all about building your empire of abundance, there's no better crystal to assist on the journey than Citrine, the "Merchant's Stone."

Citrine accelerates success in the workplace and stimulates creative innovation. Do you need ideas on how to reach your goals? Hold Citrine stones and gain the answers. Do you need a confidence boost and a can-do attitude? Citrine cheers you on.

Supercharge your Citrine under the Solar Eclipse. Its yellow exterior is a perfect match for the sun's energies. Program your Citrine stones and jewelry to help you gain material success throughout the rest of the year. Sunny Citrine will provide you the daily motivation you need to achieve your work and financial dreams.

Citrine ensures that you jump for prosperity in a joyous, happy manner with a balanced emotional center. There's no point in accumulating bounty unless you're also happy while doing so. Use Citrine at your Solar Plexus chakra to find meaning and bliss all day every day. 

3 Crystal Rituals for the Solar Eclipse

Are you ready for the rare Solar Eclipse? Get your Citrine now at Satin Crystals. Hold onto this Citrine stone for the next 6 months until the next Solar Eclipse.

There are three rituals associated with this eclipse. They are associated with the  Earth, Sun, and Moon.

Ritual #1: Earth Vibrations for Material Success

  • Step 1: Gather your Citrine stones and jewelry. Carry or wear them during the Solar Eclipse.

  • Step 2: As the Sun is blocked by the Moon, close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on what material and career-related goals you wish to achieve in this solar cycle. 

  • Step 3: Keep your Citrine stones and jewels in your workplace, desk, or Feng Shui wealth corner. They will inspire and motivate you to achieve material success over the next 6 months.

Ritual #2: Sun Vibrations for Daily Joy

  • Step 1: Place Citrine gems and jewelry outside or near the windowsill all day long so they soak up the sunbeams of the Solar Eclipse.

  • Step 2: Program your stones to always provide happiness.

  • Step 3: Lie down somewhere comfortable and place the Citrine on your Solar Plexus chakra just above your navel. Imagine the sun's rays burning off any dark, negative feelings and replacing them with bliss.

  • Step 4: Carry or wear Citrine often throughout the next 6 months to keep you continually joyous and energized.

Ritual #3: Moon Vibrations for Creativity

  • Step 1: Carry or wear your Citrine stones and jewelry during the Solar Eclipse. 

  • Step 2: Keep them on a windowsill overnight so they are infused by the calming, yin energy of the New Moon. 

  • Step 3:  Whenever you need creative inspiration, do meditations, visualizations, and affirmations with your moon-charged Citrine.

    What are Sun Crystals?

    Citrine is your choice stone for this Solar Eclipse. It can be used in conjunction with other powerful sun crystals. 

    Visit the Sun Crystal Collection to discover stones that call to you. Learn about how each of the three sun crystals benefits you:

    sunstone sphere

    Sunstone: The Ultimate Sun Crystal that you must have for all solar events.


    amber circle


    Amber: A cheery Sun Crystal that immortalizes time.

    red jasper sphere

    Red Jasper: The best crystal to keep you passionate, fired up, and motivated.

    calcite sphere

    Golden Calcite: This sun crystal can be gazed into as it lights the way, revealing your path in clarity.

    jasper yellow sphere

    Yellow Jasper: This crystal brings you the best combination of sun and earth forces, keeping you in total balance and harmony.

    golden yellow quartz ball

    Golden Healer Quartz: This is the choice of sun crystals for healers who want to help themselves and others overcome ailments using natural energy.

    Your Personal Astrological Horoscope

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    Your Solar Connection

    Do you have questions about the upcoming Solar Eclipse? Perhaps you have experiences in the past you'd like to share.

    We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, jot them down below and we will get back to you. 

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    Sheila Satin - June 14, 2021

    Hi Edgar, it sounds like you could use some calming crystals in your space. Here is a helpful article:

    In general, crystal spheres and clusters are great for common spaces like you are speaking of as well.

    As for protection crystals which you may want to protect your own energies:

    Let us know if you need additional suggestions,
    Sheila Satin

    Edgar - June 14, 2021

    Hi, I hope you are well. I work at an animal clinic. And have been trying to research as to what crystals I can place around our exam room to make sure my patients are not anxious, scared, nervous. At times they may be aggressive due to fear and being with strangers. The doctor I work with tends to have a lot of strong vibes, mainly negative due to his personal life and I think the patients can sense that. Any advice?

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