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24 Crystals for a Better 2024

howlite stars for 2024

Every year, you strive to be better, happier, and more abundant in every way! As you open the door to 2024, promising opportunities await. Turn to positive energy crystals so that you are guided to success this year. We have 24 awesome stone recommendations that will set you on the right track.

Better mind? Body? Love? There's a crystal for all your manifestation wishes.

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24 New Year Gems for a Better Life

Check out these 24 lucky New Year crystals that ensure your happiness today and tomorrow. Choose stones for better health, money, mind, job, love, energy, and confidence.

3 Crystals for Better Health

We all know that the most popular New Year resolution is to get healthy and fit. The Law of Attraction wants you to be attractive because like-attracts-like, you know? These three gemstones cheer you along on your healthy lifestyle journey:

#1 Apatite: This blue beauty is the master of manifesting your resolutions! Apatite specializes in cheering you toward your health goals. Skip the fast fads that feel bad and find sustainable solutions for all your life habits with Apatite.


#2 Garnet: Nothing vibes better with your New Year resolution than Garnet. This is the stone of total health and wealth. When you're ready to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, this gorgeous holistic gemstone is your pick.


#3 Howlite: The gemstone of healthy habits is your best friend for 2024. Change your deep-seated destructive behaviors and find new patterns with white Howlite  crystals. There's no challenge you cannot overcome with the help of Howlite.


4 Crystals for Better Money 

Would you like to see your bank account trend up? This year, you are older, wiser, and much more money-savvy. These crystals ensure that you keep a money-positive mindset and enjoy a prosperous New Year:

#1 Aventurine: The stone of complete abundance is a must-have for 2024. When it comes to material progress, money, and prosperity is a great measuring tool. Why be held down by a poverty mindset when you can flourish in abundant thinking via Aventurine?


#2 Jade: Revered throughout time and civilizations for being the stone of luck and prosperity, you benefit greatly with Jade in 2024. This gemstone has a long and proven history of being the best in bringing bounty. Why would you pass it up?


#3 Citrine: This golden treasure is called the "Merchant's Stone" because it is a cash-flow magnet! Ride the tide of everlasting money-energy by surrounding yourself with Citrine. What an ideal gemstone for your purse, wallet, financial corner, and work desk.


#4 Pyrite: A crystal for glitz, glam, and luxury, Pyrite takes you into 2024 with a shiny bang! Learn to loosen up and have fun. Splurge on yourself this year, what else is abundance for? Create the lifestyle you desire with sparkling Pyrite.


3 Crystals for a Better Mind

Think clearer this year. Don't let the stress of the past follow you into 2024. Instead, focus on spiritual progression, self-improvement, and relaxation. Here are your mental health gemstones.

#1 Sodalite: This cleansing blue stone is the top crystal for relieving anxious thoughts. Wash away the worries when you wear and use Sodalite stones. Stay centered and keep your Third Eye on the prize. Manifestations shall follow.


#2 Amethyst: An ace of spirituality, Amethyst is your top stone for peace, deep sleep, and calm energy. This year, focus on spiritual progress and expanded consciousness. Let this purple gemstone be your guide to great divinity.


#3 Fluorite: The genius stone that helps you focus and concentrate. Do you hope to succeed in important feats this year? Swoop up your Fluorite stones and carry or wear them during exams, performances, and interviews. Stay focused and forge ahead.


3 Crystals for a Better Job 

No matter what your position at work, you strive for better. Are you eyeing a promotion, a raise, or a new job? These crystals accentuate your talents and leadership skills to ensure success in your career:

#1 Mahogany Obsidian: This elegant stone is for refined bosses and upscale businesses. Mahogany Obsidian commands respect, loyalty, and adoration. When you decorate your office and your outfit with Mahogany Obsidian, your professional status takes a turn for the better.


#2 Malachite: This intense stone has been cherished by kings, queens, and royalty over the ages. Malachite makes a grand presence and attracts abundance to your working world. Do you dare to propel your profession with this power-stone?


#3 Lapis: Open your Third Eye to important innovation with Lapis. When you work with the elegant blue beauty, you channel cutting-edge ideas that put you at the forefront of your profession. Lapis also taps into your intuitive nature to master both intelligence and emotions in the workplace.


4 Crystals for Better Love

Beautiful opportunities await you in the new year. You have the chance to find  love. Whether you're looking for new love, rekindling an existing romance, or simply want new friends, these crystals help you attract the best:

#1 Moldavite: This Green Tektite is famous for bringing you cosmic love written in the stars above. When you're done with fumbling around in the dating world, manifest the best match with Moldavite. You are the star of your romance story.


#2 Rose Quartz: You've heard about this pretty pink crystal and how it's the gem for love, relationships, and self-esteem. Enter the New Year feeling your best to attract the best relationships. Strengthen the bonds you have with family, friends, partners, and everyone you know with Rose Quartz by your side.


#3 Carnelian: Accentuate your hot and attractive side with Carnelian! You want to start the New Year off with excitement that ignites your passion! Pursue your pleasures proudly with Carnelian.


#4 Rhodochrosite: The precious pink "Soulmate Crystal" is just what you need in your life. Whether you are looking for The One or want to reaffirm your love, Rhodochrosite never goes out of style. True love is forever.


4 Crystals for Better Energy

Tired of being tired? 2024 is the perfect year to amp up your energy. That means protecting yourself against dark forces and people. It also means keeping your aura and chakras continuously flowing. These are the stones for you:

#1 Tourmaline: It is known as a premier protection stone that eliminates negativity. Release the baggage of the past so you can float forward into a promising and positive future. Isn't it time to shed all the experiences and people who are bogging you down?


#2 Chakra Stones: Keep energized, from top to bottom! If you want to feel better all around, you must heal your entire etheric body, rather than picking and choosing some of the parts. With Chakra Stones, you enter the New Year glowing with good vibes.


#3 Copper: This is a vital metal that amplifies healing energy. Copper is known to conduct energy and when you use or wear it, that energy goes straight to your core. Awaken from the sleepy slumber of sadness or lethargy. Perk up with Copper.


3 Crystals for Better Confidence

It is not the year to sit around and dream. Become a doer when you gain a fresh wind of confidence. These victorious crystals help you succeed through 2024 like you have never done before:

#1 Tigers Eye: This glistening stone of courage is a must-have. Wear Tigers Eye to boost your confidence at work, at parties, or anywhere you go out and about. Surround yourself with these stones and transform your inner scaredy-cat into a roaring tiger.


#2 Bronzite: A crystal of bravery and bravado! Handsome Bronzite is just what you need to overcome your fears and inhibitions. Tackle your goals like a confident warrior and reap the rewards you desire. When you build your confidence, you build your empire.


#3 Calcite: This is the colorful stone of confidence and cheer. Harness the power of the sun, sky, and rainbow through Calcite. Life is beautiful and you have nothing to fear.


#4 Labradorite: This New Moon crystal boosts your confidence in the New Year. Labradorite highlights the rainbows of your personality for all to see. The magical gemstone reminds you that you are a unique and capable soul in this world.


Your Crystal Journey

Do you love crystals? We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about healing crystals. You can comment on the blog below. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Lisa Satin - February 8, 2023

Thanks for writing to us, Tom.

You can certainly use cut stones and cabochons for healing energy. In fact, they are great for crystal layouts, grids, or carrying with you. And of course jewelry making. You can learn more about layouts here:

They do differ from larger stones or raw stones due to their size. Some people may find jewelry pieces to be a bit small to work with in healing but it’s all about preference. You can learn about how size affects stone energy here:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Tom J. - February 8, 2023

I’m wondering if gem stones cut for jewelry can be used the same way as crystals metaphysically. I have citrine, turquoise, tigers eye, lapis, and others. I hope I can use them rather than have to buy uncut stones. Thank you.

Sheila Satin - January 13, 2022

Happy New Year, Natalie.

That’s a good first step to put your mind back to a healthy lifestyle. Crystals will help you on your path.

Morganite is not a better stone than Rose Quartz, it’s just a different stone and some people may prefer its energies over Rose Quartz. Just like some may prefer to work with Rhodonite or Rhodochrosite for self-love. Whichever love crystal you have chosen, you can use the same use methods found here:

As for money crystals, Jade, Citrine and Aventurine are the big three, but here is more on abundance crystals:

For negative energy protection, you can visit our protection article at:

Yes, Clear Quartz is a great energy amplifier. You can also try White Selenite, but Clear Quartz is the most popular.

Here is more on your birthstone Aquamarine:

Let us know if you have specific questions after visiting all of those links and videos!

Sheila Satin :)

Natalie - January 13, 2022

Dear Beautiful Satin Crystal Angels,
I just wanted to wish you all very best in 2022 in Health, Happiness, Love and Wealth and Prosperity which is what I think most people want in their lives especially in this New Year after the last horrible two since the Pandemic 😷!!

1. Thank you for the New Moon Divination Readings/Games as I chose Apatite and I am really grateful to know how to use the Crystal and the intention was spot on as I’m very morbidly obese, depressed, lonely…..(sad & boring but true 😥) having had (2) strokes in 3 years and 51 years old. Desperately trying to get not only my health back to some normal and find happiness and purpose as well.
2. Can you please let me know how to use Morganite to attract Romantic Love 💕 as I was told that is the better stone for that than Rose Quartz as Rose Quartz is also for self and other love mainly… I think ??
3. Is it good to put any Crystals such as Jade, Citrine and anything else you may suggest in my wallet to attract money?
4. What Crystal/s to ward off negative energy from others to be worn as well and is Clear Quartz the only Crystal used to wear in conjunction with another to amplify its strength or Intention?
5. I’m going to be 52 in March are there any special things not only me that others can do prior to or on their Birthdays to manifest their Wishes etc..? (I think this would be a great one as I’ve spent a lot of money on fake psychics who have really just made me feel more depressed and love crystals and what to do with them eg, my birthstone is Aquamarine and I have googled it but still unsure how it benefits me or how to use apart from a necklace I have…?).
Thank you 🙏 and sorry for the long Q’s!!!

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