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What is Apatite? VIDEO

Unlock the secrets of Apatite stone, discover its healing uses, and find out if you have the real deal by watching the Satin Crystals' meaning video

The Who-What-When-Where-Why & How's of Apatite

Watch the video and read the article and you'll soon have the answers to...

  • Who has a gigantic Apatite skull in their home?

  • What part of your body is made of Apatite?

  • When should you use Apatite in healing?

  • Where is pretty purple Apatite found?

  • Why does Apatite mean deceit or cheating?

  • How does Apatite aid your appetite and habits?

Take me on my Apatite Journey

Your Path to Crystal Knowledge...

Meanwhile, here are other links to tap into Apatite's energy by shopping the Apatite Stone Collection

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