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Cut the Cord with Carnelian Crystals

two girls using carnelian wands to cut the energy cord

Are you ready to Cut the Cord?

There are some people who enter your life and their presence makes you miserable. They are users, abusers, and selfish people who only want to take from you, they give nothing back. These folks are called Psychic Vampires, and you should get rid of them using Carnelian the Vampire Slayer. When you cut your connection with Psychic Vampires, you feel relief and a sigh of good riddance.

Sometimes in life, you need to cut the cord with people who have meant a lot to you, whom you may have loved or still do love.

You may have tried to be friends with an ex-lover, but staying friends didn't work out so you need to say goodbye. You may have lost your father and are still grieving after four years. You want to let go of the sadness now. That's when you need Carnelian to Cut the Cord.

What is the Etheric Cord?

When two people form a bond, an etheric energy cord is created between them. Some clairvoyants can see this cord, and they say that it is like a silver string that attaches from one person's solar plexus to another. The stronger the bond, the thicker the line.

If your relationship simmers or you are no longer in contact with the person, the bond may become slim again. However, some bonds remain strong and in place even when you aren't in contact. That's why if you reunite with a good friend after 10 years, it's as if the friendship is as strong as it was before. The bond remained.

One bond that is said to remain throughout the lifetime is that between mother and child. Even if your mother is estranged, you may have that feeling of wanting to know her, or a tug in your heart to find out who she is. Similarly, most mothers are so bonded with their kids that they will do almost anything for them.

Imagine how many silver cords you have at this moment, stemming from your solar plexus and out into the world. What a bright and shiny matrix of silver that connects us all.

Bonds don't disappear just because someone dies, so you are also connected to loved ones who have passed to the spirit world. Therefore, we are all connected in realms beyond our imagination.

When to Cut the Cord 

Strong relationships are what give meaning to our lives. We are meant to interact together, learn together, laugh together, and cry together.

When someone leaves your life, the cord that connects you two will diminish naturally over time. If it doesn't, you may need to cut the cord.

Cord-cutting is most important when you can't let go of someone who was once close but is now gone. This is due to the end of a relationship or death. Let's discuss both scenarios:

Cutting the Cord at the End of a Relationship

When a relationship is at its end, your feelings for that person are becoming less and less strong. The most relatable example is the end of a romantic partnership. The love and passion you once felt is practically gone, and you're ready to move on. 

It's usually harder for the person who is being left than the person who is doing the leaving. They feel abandoned, angry, sad, inadequate. While some might bounce back quickly, others need help cutting the cord so they can recover back to a balanced state.

Do you know someone who still talks about their Ex from ten years ago? Unfortunately, they have not cut the etheric cord and are unable to fully move on with their lives. They could benefit from Carnelian to help cut the cord.

It's not just romantic relationships that need cord-cutting. Maybe you had an abusive mother who beat you physically or verbally put you down all the time. The mother and child cord is the strongest connection, so this is very hard to get over.

Maybe you no longer are in touch with your mother but your feelings of sadness, inadequacy, anger, and rage are holding you back. You will need to do a lot of cord-cutting exercises with Carnelian to help you heal. Even if your mother is still in your life you can cut the cord to help release these aspects of the relationship and move into a forgiving and healing mode.

Cutting the Cord with Someone Who Died

When you lose a pet, the ache and pain in your stomach can be overwhelming for days. You are so sad. But with each day, you get better and better. It doesn't mean that you've forgotten about your beloved pet, but the relationship has changed and the cord has as well.

Sometimes, people can't naturally get over death. Have you seen the movies or heard a story about the widow dancing around in her wedding gown even after two decades? Or about the mother who is cradling an empty blanket years after the passing of a baby?

Losing a loved one to death is extremely painful. We go through the five stages of grief but eventually come to acceptance. In the examples above, the people did not go through the five stages and are stuck in denial.

If your mourning has gone on longer than what you feel is natural, you could benefit from cutting the cord with Carnelian.

When you cut the cord with your sister who passed away two years ago, it doesn't mean you're cutting her out of your memory or heart. It means you are letting go of the anger and sadness and coming to acceptance. You are ready to accept the fact that your relationship dynamics have changed.

how to cut the cord with protection crystals

How to Cut the Cord with Carnelian

Here are some practical ways you can use Carnelian crystals to cut the cords of relationships that no longer serve you in a healthy manner:

Cut the Cord with Carnelian and Hypnosis

The best way to cut the cord is by using Carnelian crystals in combination with hypnosis. If you are able to go to a hypnotherapist, bring along your Carnelian crystals and tell them about your cord-cutting goals. You can hold onto your Carnelian during your sessions.

You can also use self-hypnosis and follow this technique on your own if you are already familiar with meditation, visualization, and self-hypnosis:

  • Find a calm and relaxing place.

  • Hold Carnelian in your hands, place Carnelian near your solar plexus chakra, and surround the room with Carnelian.

  • Take 3 deep breaths in and out, and keep breathing while concentrating on your breath.

  • Feel yourself getting deeper and deeper into a relaxed trance state.

  • Visualize the person you wish to cut cords with sitting next to you in a chair, quietly.

  • Tell the person about all your thoughts, fears, angers, pains, and every other emotion you have been harboring in your heart. Take as long as you want.

  • When you're finished, imagine them acknowledging your words. Stand up looking at each other and down at your cord. "Hug" the person if you want.

  • Imagine yourself cutting the etheric silver cord that connects you two, using a large Carnelian wand, sword, or scissor.

  • Visualize the person walking away from you into a tunnel of light.

  • Look down at the severed cord, see how much you are virtually bleeding and keep a note of the pain you feel.

  • Imagine a few days have gone by, and look down at your cord. Take note of how it's healing and the pain levels you feel.

  • Repeat this until the cord is healed and the pain is gone.

  • Give thanks to yourself, the person, to your spirit guides and guardian angels. 

  • Slowly count yourself out of hypnosis 1-2-3-4-5, and at 5 open your eyes.

This is a very powerful technique that you may have to keep repeating over several days or several weeks until you feel that your pain is healed and you're ready to move on with your life.

Cut the Cord with Carnelian Wands

It is recommended that you do a lot of Carnelian wand work to supplement your visualizations. 

If you know of a good crystal healer or Reiki practitioner, have them wave a Carnelian wand over your solar plexus chakra, cutting through the etheric cord that needs cutting, and clearing out the energy. 

You can also wave a Carnelian wand over your own emotional center while doing positive affirmations. An affirmation you could say while doing the wand work is "I fully forgive (name) for leaving from my life, and release them into the light", or "I forgive (name) for the harm they have done to me in the past, and I cut the cord so I am no longer emotionally affected by their actions."

Learn How to Correctly Write an Affirmation and you'll be on your way to a clean cord-cutting experience. 

Cut the Cord with Carnelian Stones and Jewelry

Even when you're not actively engaged in a healing session, you can carry Carnelian stones and wear Carnelian jewelry to help you continually release the energy of the person you're letting go of.

First, clean, charge and program your Carnelian gems. Program the stones to cut the cord with one specific person. Keep them with you as often as you can, and don't overthink it.

carnelian palm stone for cutting the cord

Carnelian Colors & Their Meanings

You find Carnelian in Red, Orange, Yellow, and White. Learn which color to use for your cord-cutting situation:

Red & Orange Carnelian for Slaying Psychic Vampires

If you're cutting the cord of someone who did you wrong, you might want to choose red or orange Carnelian for a quick slay. These colors work bolder, faster, and more furiously.  Here are some situations where you may want to slay the Psychic Vampire out of your life by cutting the cord with red or orange Carnelian:

  • Letting go of an abusive partner who didn't really love you but you got attached to anyways

  • Releasing a family member who did nothing but use and harm you

  • Saying goodbye to a best friend who deceived and betrayed you

  • Forgetting about a boss who you worked for relentlessly for the past 15 years but never appreciated you and fired you, leaving you in a tormented rage 

Yellow & White Carnelian for Gentle Forgiveness

If you want to cut the cord with someone who meant so much to you and did you well, you might choose a gentle color like yellow or white. It does the job in a nurturing way, over time. Here are some situations where you might choose yellow or white Carnelian for a soothing, loving cord-cutting:

  • The loss of a special grandmother who you loved with your heart and soul but are having a hard time recovering from her death

  • Having to say goodbye to a romantic partner who you had a nice relationship with but you ultimately weren't meant to be together

  • Wanting to date again 5 years after the passing of your husband but feeling guilty to be moving on

  • Letting go emotionally of a nephew you care for who has become addicted to drugs and engages in harmful behavior toward others, hence you can't be around him until he seeks help

It's always a great idea to have all the colors of Carnelian on hand for different purposes. Along with slaying psychic vampires and cutting cords, this energetic stone has a variety of benefits and uses.

Carnelian Collection of Knowledge

We'd love to hear about your powerful experiences with Carnelian, be it for etheric cord cutting or other purposes. Share your story by simply commenting below or contact us directly.

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