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Don't Touch my Crystals! Wait...Should you?

woman holding jasper sphere pointingIs it safe to allow others to touch your healing crystals? Here we discuss and pros and cons of sharing crystals with other people.

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Why shouldn't others touch my crystals?

One school of thought in crystal healing is to keep your crystals only in your orbit. You don't want them tainted with other people's energies. If the person touching your crystals is full of negativity and low energy, this may affect you adversely. 

This is especially important for empaths, or those who are sensitive to energies, and healers who are doing constant energy work. Regardless of who is touching these tools of the trade, if you are an empath or active healer, you want to make sure your mind is free of doubts and suspicion when using your stones. 

Always ask before touching crystals that belong to others. Until then, you don't know what side of the debate they stand on!

Why should I share my crystals?

At Satin Crystals we believe that crystals have positive healing qualities that are beneficial to all. The other school of thought is that the healing properties of the crystals will help realign the energies of anyone touching them. 

And who is to say that another person touching your crystals is not enhancing their qualities? If the person you are sharing crystals with is full of healing light, shouldn't you combine forces? This question also has a dual answer. For example, if the person who is touching your crystals is a positive person but is vibrating at a higher state than you are, their energies could overwhelm you, give you a headache, or disorient you. 

A story I like to relay is when I gave my friend my Rainbow Obsidian necklace because she really loved it. A week later she returned it to me saying she was getting dizzy spells. She had not cleansed it before wearing it and my energies were overwhelming her. 

Remember, crystal energy is not all about the physical. Crystal energy is vibrating in your aura and space, so regardless of others physically touching your stone, their energies are constantly mingling with yours just by being nearby. 

What is the best way to share crystals with others?

If you want to consciously share crystals with others, try a group meditation. Relax into the same wavelength and let the good energy flow!

If you are not into sharing crystals, if you see that someone is vibrating with one in your collection, gift it to them. But, remind them to cleanse it before use! 

You can also give others a matching crystal to yours so that you can vibrate together but apart. 

Why is it important to cleanse crystals?

Just like yourself, your crystals need cleansing from the energies of the day. After a day full of activity, you may feel worn down, dirty, and comatose. After a full day of healing, your crystals may be depleted and ready for a recharge. 

Here are instructions on How to Cleanse Crystals

How do you feel about your crystals?

In the end, it all depends on the individual and how you feel interacting with the person who is trying to touch your crystals. If unsure, make sure to cleanse, charge, and reprogram your crystals after they have been handled by someone else. If you thrive in the other person's energies, experiment and see how it feels to have them handling your crystals. If it is overwhelming, you know what you have to do! 

What side of the crystal touching debate do you stand on? Do you protect or share your healing stones with others? We'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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Lisa Satin - August 27, 2023

Hello Shelly, Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions.
These are the answers…

Find the meanings of your stones:

You can carry them in a pouch, whatever fits can go together. However, don’t mix jagged stones with smooth ones because they can get scratched. Pouches, cases, and displays can be found here:

Instructions on cleaning/charging/programming your stones:

Items you can buy to clean and charge your stones:

Read about Lucky Abundance Stones:

Read about Protection crystals:

Shelly - August 27, 2023

Yes i have order all types of crystals and i need to now the means behide them and some on came up to me and that u can work work with them i don’t believe in roots what kind of bage do i carry them in and how many crystals do u have allowed to carry how do i keep them change up and what kind of stuff do i need to buy i have17 crystals is iam allow to give fur alwayor keep all 17 of them and which crystal draw luck to u and keep the negative energy from me thank and can u get back with me asap

Lisa Satin - August 22, 2022

Hi Neety,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! You definitely have the right to say “no” if others want to touch your crystals. It might help ease your guilt to provide a short follow-up explanation, such as “Sorry but I have programmed these crystals with specific energy and intentions. I prefer they remain untouched.”

We hope that the article helps you remain bold in your decisions. Best wishes on your crystal healing journey.

Neety - August 22, 2022

It is very challenging for me to share the crystal with others.

I feel a sense of overwhelm “no” from inside which turns into anxiety. I feel bad for not being able to share, as I want to help others. But the feeling of others people touching the crystals makes me feel overwhelm with mixed energies which I won’t be able to separate out when I get the crystal back.

I feel I have to own the “no” without any guilt or regret of saying “no” because it comes out authentically!

Sheila Satin - May 13, 2022

Hi Kabiru, find out more on what to expect with crystal healing here:

And, yes, you can choose crystals based on different intentions as well:

Kabiru - May 13, 2022

How do this crystals benefit one financially,i have been hearing different works of crystals, such work as protective, monetary and others are is that true?

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