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Crystal Healing for Harvest Full Moon September 29, 2023

rainbow moonstone sphere representing the full moonIs it Autumn already? The September Harvest Full Moon is the first of the season. What a phenomenal blessing! Get in on the good vibes.

Do you want to experience a wealth of abundance during the September Full Moon? Learn to harvest the prosperous powers of Citrine Crystals and kick off a season of success. Only those who do it right will be financially rewarded.

Trees changing colors, bountiful cornucopia centerpieces, and pumpkin spice gratify your senses. The Harvest Moon is about indulging in nature's luxuries. Take a bite of apple pie and roll in delicious delights.

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When is the Harvest Full Moon?

Harvest Full Moon rises on September 29, 2023. The Full Moon peak times and dates depend on where you are located in the world. 

What is the spiritual meaning of Harvest Moon?

This September Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon because it is the Full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox

The name Harvest Moon is based on Native American and Anglo-Saxon harvesting events. Other names for the September Full Moon are Barley Moon or Fruit Moon, and once every few years it is called the Corn Moon. The monikers represent crops that are harvested for the month. 

What is your Full Moon fortune?

natural yellow citrine stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

The Harvest Moon is about basking in hearty abundance. If you haven't been reaping the benefits of abundance, now is the time to focus your energy here. Partake in the prosperity of the Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox. Material riches and opportunities in love await those who play it right.

Be forewarned! You must protect yourself. When you're feeling rich, evil ones are out there trying to take your wealth away. Steer clear of fair-weathered friends who only appear during the good times.

Discover your Full Moon fortune for the lunar month of September 29 to October 28. Check out lucky crystal healing tips that help you pile your prosperity and safeguard it from predators. 

Your Abundance Forecast

The Harvest Moon wants you to have more. It's a fresh chance to acquire something new. Have your sights on a big-ticket purchase? Pondering a business venture? Is there a new position at work that has caught your interest?

For the next 30 days, you have the full support of the Full Moon to gain abundance. It's time to be bold and play big.

Citrine for Abundance: Citrine is the number one crystal for abundance. With its bright yellow and orange tone, Citrine is the perfect crystal to harness the Harvest Moon's bounty. The world is thriving with golden grains, corn on cobs, and auburn autumn leaves. Now is the time to indulge in delights. Here is your recommended ritual...

Citrine Manifestation Ritual: When you recite Citrine positive affirmations during the 30-day Harvest Full Moon cycle, the Universe manifests your desires. Hold Citrine stones while you do the manifestations.

The rare and real Citrine point is a great choice to keep nearby as you do mantras; they channel the Harvest Moon abundance to your realm. Wear Citrine jewelry to become a magnet of money, luxury, and enjoyable experiences. A bracelet is a nice pick, as it transforms your actions and written words into wealth and rewards. 

Your Protection Forecast

When wealth and abundance are on your side, you must beware of evil. Just as the beautiful crops of the Harvest Moon are susceptible to destructive pests, there are bad people are out there who want to topple your success.

During the abundant period of the Harvest Full Moon, be on high alert. Enjoy yourself but be wise. Use Citrine to protect your piles of prosperity.

Citrine for Protection: Citrine makes an effective protection stone because it operates on Sun energy. The positive vibrations of Citrine repel low-energy people and bad luck. When you take advantage of Citrine's solar powers during the Harvest Full Moon, jealous people can't steal your bounty. Sure, you want to share your wealth, but only with those who are worthy.





Citrine Feng Shui Ritual: The best way to protect your prosperity through the Harvest Moon cycle of September 29- October 28 is to balance the Feng Shui in your home and office with Citrine.

Get Citrine tumbled stones so you can grid your spaces and make protective mandalas. They keep out dense energy and lowlifes. You can carry tumbles in your purse or pocket while you are out and out. Also, wear Citrine jewelry to repel negative forces no matter where you are. The sunlight flowing through Citrine keeps the darkness away.

    Your Love Forecast

    The Harvest Full Moon wants to see you thrive. A rich life includes an abundance of love. What's the point of having all that wealth and no one to share it with?

    Harvest Full Moon is the gateway to the Fall season which is celebrated by gathering with friends. It is a time to improve your love life and infuse it with optimistic opportunities. If you're single, focus on the bright side. Use the Harvest Full Moon's powerful light to attract fine dates. If you're in a relationship, feed your connection with love and attention.  

    Citrine for Love: The Harvest Full Moon is not an isolate period. Citrine's bright and attractive energy helps connect you with the right people. Citrine's solar energy manifests hot love. It opens your Solar Plexus chakra to create the happiness you deserve.

    Citrine Crystal Care Ritual: Clean, charge, and program your Citrine gems and jewelry under the Harvest Full Moon to gain powers of positive attraction. Program those stones for love.

    If you are looking to improve your relationship or gain a soulmate, choose the Citrine cluster pair. After it is charged, place the Citrine clusters on your nightstand. Do the same with your Citrine jewelry. Wearing a Citrine necklace is an ideal choice for finding love. It heals at the heart chakra and gets your entire aura radiating with bright light. All the right people flock to you. 

    Your Spirituality Forecast

    Some people think that you need to go through tough times and hard lessons to evolve your soul. For sure you're already experienced rough patches. But there is also a great opportunity to grow while you are happy and abundant.

    During the Harvest Full Moon, you are meant to grow spiritually through giving and sharing. You must overcome tendencies regarding hoarding or greed. If you are stingy, you cannot thrive. Work on your generosity this season and your soul shall prosper.

    Citrine for Spirituality: Citrine holds one of the most powerful spiritual lessons of all: positive thinking. Most people in this world suffer from a poverty mindset. You fear the loss of money, material goods, or security. Citrine teaches you to let go of this fear and trust in the Universe. There is enough to go around for everyone. Extend your hand and share. 

    Citrine Meditation Ritual: Master your material mindset to achieve spiritual enlightenment. This Harvest Full Moon, do the Citrine guided meditation. While you do the meditation, sit in a circle of Ametrine tumbled stones to gain the prosperous powers of Citrine and the spiritual energy of Amethyst all in one. Wear as many Citrine and Ametrine jewels as possible. The Spiritual abundance bracelet set is a popular pick. 

    Full Moon Crystal Healing 

    As with every lunar event, you want to have Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite on hand. These are the three mightiest Moon crystals. That is why the Astrology Sun and Moon Set is a must for you in this lunar cycle.

    The Astrology Crystal Set contains:

    • One Selenite Full Moon charging station: Named after Moon Goddess Selene, this moon crystal glows with a glorious silky white sheen. Selenite aligns with the crescent moon, protecting your aura through the journeys of life. Use Selenite and feel hopeful that the world is working in your favor because you believe miracles do come true. This charging station rejuvenates your stones and jewelry while infusing them with healing moonlight.
    • 3 Moonstone Crystals: This is the number one moon crystal. Moonstone is the staple crystal for all your lunar practices. Moonstone aligns strongest with the Full Moon. Its bright and luminous qualities show you the way ahead. Moonstone holds the power of a million moons and delivers it to the palm of your hands.
    • 3 Labradorite Crystals: This dark beauty flashes with rainbows like the midnight sky flecked with celestial stars. Labradorite aligns with the New Moon, helping you find new beginnings in the darkness. Use Labradorite and feel like you are being guided by your spirit guides, angels, and all the beneficial beings of the unseen world.
    • 3 Sunstone Crystals: You cannot have moonlight without sunlight. Sunstone holds the power of the Sun God Apollo. It is an almighty crystal that nourishes and gives life to you and your other stones. It boasts the perfect complementary energy that balances your Moon set.

     How to use the Astrology Set:

    *Use your crystals during Full Moon rituals

    *Burn the Palo Santo to cleanse your crystals and space

    *Charge crystals on top of the Selenite Slab

    *Place the set in the moonlight to charge overnight

    *Carry the portable stones with you throughout the day

    *Place the stones on your chakras during a crystal layout

    Place your stones in a bed of brown rice for display and cleansing

    *Surround your manifestation notes and journal with your astrology crystals to seal the intentions

    Your Personal Full Moon Horoscope

    Are you fascinated by the movement of the sky? Your monthly horoscope is shaped by activities like the Full Moon, planetary activity, and Solar Eclipses. Check out this months' Zodiac horoscope report to discover your destiny.

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    What is a Full Moon?

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    If you're looking for the spiritual and factual meanings of a Supermoon, visit the Supermoon Dates and Meanings article.

    Your Lunar Connection

    Are you ready for the Full Moon? Have you used healing crystals that correspond with the lunar cycle? What else do you want to know?

    We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments. Write to us below and we will get back to you

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    Grow with Satin Crystals: 

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure

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    Patty - September 7, 2020

    Thank you Sheila for your personal welcome message! I found your site through google with the full corn moon info. I will be reading your informative site and learning about crystals etc. which is all new to me. I look forward to growing in knowledge and purchasing crystals etc. through Satin Crystals. Thank you again, Patty 🙏🏻☺️❤️

    Patty - September 7, 2020

    Thank you Sheila for your personal welcome message! I found your site through google with the full corn moon info. I will be reading your informative site and learning about crystals etc. which is all new to me. I look forward to growing in knowledge and purchasing crystals etc. through Satin Crystals. Thank you again, Patty 🙏🏻☺️❤️

    Lisa Satin - August 31, 2020

    Hi There!

    We are so happy to hear that you like the articles at Satin Crystals.

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach us here at any time.

    Lisa Satin

    Miss Bellamomma - August 31, 2020

    Thanks for all the info im super impressed and loved this article. xoxo

    Lisa Satin - August 31, 2020


    Stone and crystal are the same things. More importantly is the name, such as “tourmaline” or “carnelian”. Let us know exactly what you are looking for so we can help.

    Lisa Satin

    Jennifer - August 31, 2020

    There is a stone and crystal I would find online that you recommend to me.
    I need to know do I get stone or crystal?

    Sheila Satin - August 23, 2020

    Hi Demetria, we would suggest looking up “crystal healing book” on amazon or google. There are many titles out there about crystals.

    We operate an online store and information center, so we do not provide paper books.

    Sheila Satin

    Demetria - August 23, 2020

    Hello I’m Muslim I’m in interested into learning more about stones crystals and black rings are there any books that can help me I’m not to fund of the internet

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