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Celebrate Easter with Crystal Egg Rituals

crystal easter eggs for a healing holidayLet's talk about Easter, crystal eggs, and how to access the healing properties of these rejuvenating stones through rituals.

Easter is a celebration of life. Spring is the perfect season to pause and give appreciation to everyday beauty. You are surrounded by blooming nature and tiny miracles. Even if you haven't reached any major milestones lately, there are plenty of little accomplishments to be proud of.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed Easter for fun activities. We painted eggs, did treasure hunts, and ate candy. As a youngster, I didn’t feel a need to be grateful for life because the concept of death was too abstract.

Through the accumulated experiences of adulthood, death became a graspable reality. When you become aware of death, your capacity to appreciate life expands. You learn to celebrate the gifts of the moment.

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What is the meaning of Easter?

Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian tradition. It has been celebrated by the church for centuries. In modern times, even non-Christians celebrate Easter for various reasons. It always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox.  

Easter in Christian Tradition

Easter is the confirmation of the divine nature of Jesus Christ (Son of God) because it celebrates his resurrection three days after his death at the crucifixion. It is a holiday that pays tribute to Jesus overcoming death and absolving the sins of man.

gemstone eggs for easter meanings

What is the meaning of the crystal egg?

In all Easter traditions, life and rebirth are central themes. It is therefore appropriate that the egg is the main symbol of Easter. The egg symbolizes spring and the hatching of new life.

Many kinds of eggs have been traded during Easter. Chocolate eggs are common among kids, and so are real chicken eggs that have been colored. Adults collect different types of eggs made from metal and porcelain.

For people who want natural eggs that have healing qualities, there are crystal gemstone eggs. Egg-shaped crystals facilitate new beginnings, fertility, virility, and life. They also provide you with individual healing properties according to the stone you choose. 

What are crystal eggs for Easter?

Crystal eggs for Easter come in a variety of different gemstone types. Each stone has unique meanings and benefits:

amazonite stone eggAmazonite is the perfect pastel green that shines Easter energy. Green is the color of life, and the stone's silver surface sheen brings hope to new prospects. Pick Amazonite eggs for a calm and flourishing Easter.

angelite stone eggAngelite has a soothing blue color that reminds you of a candied chocolate egg. It connects you with Cupid and the youthful angels and helps you to remember the spiritual significance of Easter. Pick Angelite eggs to celebrate your blessings and enhance your prayers.

blue calcite stone eggCalcite can be found in spring tones like baby blue and soft dreamy pink. When the world is heavy upon your shoulders, let Calcite bring you light, happiness, and positive vibes. Pick Calcite eggs to relieve your worries and appreciate the present moment.

carnelian stone eggCarnelian is full of fire with its orange and red tones. Spring is the time to awaken your energy after a sleepy winter. Get charged up and ready to go, accomplishing your goals in work and material gains. Pick Carnelian eggs to achieve things this season.

chrysocolla gemstone eggChrysocolla is the ultimate embodiment of Mother Earth, as the gemstone itself looks like our blue and green planet. This crystal celebrates all life: humans, animals, plants, and spiritual. Pick Chrysocolla eggs to be in touch with nature.

jasper stone eggJasper is the steady grounding stone you need this Easter. If you desire a salt of the earth pagan stone for celebrating Spring Equinox, choose Jasper. This crystal encourages robust and healthy sexuality, fertility, and virility. Enjoy a physically gratifying season.

lapis lazuli gemstone eggLapis is an ideal gemstone for channeling Jesus Christ's consciousness during Easter. It is a teacher of the spiritual way and gives you awareness of the bigger picture. Pick Lapis eggs to open your eyes to a new dimension this spring.

green malachite gemstone eggMalachite is a thriving and abundant spring stone. If you want to see your physical and metaphysical garden bloom, choose lucky Malachite. Nothing is richer than the emerald green clovers and ring patterns. Your world blossoms and abundance flows.

rainbow obsidian stone eggObsidian is here to protect you through the year's turbulence. Stay safe and protected with Obsidian to shield you from all kinds of negative forces. This crystal also shows you rainbows and shine even through dark times. Pick Obsidian eggs for a safe spring.

pyrite stone eggPyrite eggs are the true celebration of life. They remind you to indulge in your surroundings, no matter where you are. Pyrite shows you the flashing beauty in every scenario. It encourages happiness at all times. Pick Pyrite eggs to enjoy an optimistic Easter.

quartz stone eggQuartz helps you gain clarity this Easter season. It shows you your spiritual path and your life purpose. When chaos abounds on the outside, Quartz invites you to find meaning internally. Pick Quartz eggs if you're ready to do some soul-searching and growth.

rhodonite stone eggRhodonite is for those who enjoy Easter with love. The pink stone helps you bond with family members and your circle of friends. It unites person to person, being to being. Pick Rhodonite eggs for a family-oriented spring, even if you are only together in spirit.

ruby zoisite stone eggRuby Fuchsite gemstones look like green fields of mineral highlighted by pink and red flowers. A true springtime treasure, this crystal fills the air with love and playful frolicking energy. Pick Ruby Fuchsite eggs to bring out your inner youthfulness this season.

serpentine stone eggSerpentine is the spring green crystal that connects you with the wisdom of animals. To celebrate and heal the plants and animals of the earth, meditate upon this stone. Pick Serpentine eggs if you are a true nature lover.

How do I use crystal eggs for Easter?

After you get your crystal eggs of choice, you are ready to use them for celebrating life. There are several ways to use the stones. Below are 6 activities and rituals you can do with your Crystal eggs. Some activities can be enjoyed with family and friends, others can be done alone.

6 Crystal Egg Activities and Rituals for Easter

The very first thing to do is to cleanse, charge, and program your gemstone eggs. Once you have completed this task, they are ready to use in your healing rituals.

#1 Decorating with Crystal Eggs

An easy and fun way to use crystal eggs is to include them in your home decor. Whether you are an interior designer or just looking to brighten up your space with the energy of spring, you can decorate with crystal eggs.

Gemstone eggs can be placed on stands on any desk, table, cabinet, or curio in any room. However, to give off a festive Easter vibe try the following:

  • Place a basket full of crystal eggs in the center of your coffee table and dining table. Stones like Rose Quartz and Rhodonite encourage group harmony.

  • Incorporate crystal eggs in your kitchen decoration for a farmhouse feel. Tigers Eye and Mahogany Obsidian make interesting rustic choices, amongst many.

  • Place crystal eggs in a hanging net and place them in the kids' room so they feel alive and excited for Easter. Bright colors of Calcite and Amethysts are pleasing to the eye.

  • Line up crystal eggs by color to form a rainbow of stones along the windowsill. You can display 7 chakra-colored stones or make your own fun formation.

  • Place stone eggs in the garden, in the soil of potted plants, or near a fountain to encourage growth, new life, and an abundant spring. Green Jasper and Serpentine eggs specialize in aiding natural growth.

  • Make a centerpiece of crystal eggs by placing them in egg cups for your Easter brunch. Pick stones that match each guest's personality.

#2 Easter Egg Hunt with Crystal Eggs

Children like to Easter egg hunt. Spending time together to dye and design chicken eggs helps family members bond. These days, plastic eggs have replaced real eggs because they are more convenient and less time-consuming for busy parents.

How about using crystal eggs instead of plastic? They do not pollute the environment because they are natural minerals. You can also avoid the egg shortage crisis when you choose everlasting gemstone eggs.

Thankfully, crystal eggs are abundant. Pick colorful stone eggs and hide them around the house and yard. Have kids find them on Easter morning. Your kids are sure to be excited about the new and attractive replacement this year. Just don't forget where you hid them!

#3 Family Time with Crystal Eggs

Kids are very attracted to crystals. You can use their curiosity as an educational opportunity.

After the Easter egg hunt, take the time to learn about crystals. You may choose to teach them about the scientific qualities of each mineral. You might tell them about the energetic benefits of specific gemstone eggs. Or both.

gemstone eggs uses with septarian and malachite stones

#4 Giving Crystal Eggs

The spirit of Easter is about celebrating life through love and generosity. Feel good by gifting crystal eggs to special people. Purchase a crystal egg that you think will be well received by your loved one.

If they need protection, pick an Obsidian or Black Tourmaline egg. If they are starting a new business, try a Jade or Aventurine egg. Did they recently go through a break-up or loss? Select a Chrysocolla egg for heartbreak healing.

Wrap up your egg and watch them smile as they open the Easter surprise. You can even send crystal eggs to people with a simple click of your mouse.

#5 Feng Shui with Crystal Eggs

Practicing Feng Shui with crystal eggs is similar to decorating your home but with more intention. Visit the Feng Shui map in the crystal placement article to chart out where you will place your stones. Meanwhile, here is a short sheet of ideas:

  • Protecting the Home and Family: Choose protection stone eggs made from Black Agate, Chalcopyrite, Gabbro, Obsidian, Pyrite, and Smoky Quartz. Place them near doorways.

  • Family Love and/or Fertility: Choose eggs in love stones like Pink Calcite, Chrysocolla, Moonstone, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Ruby Fuchsite, and Pink Tourmaline. For romantic love, partnership, and/or fertility, place them in the bedroom. For general family unity, place them in a central gathering point like the living room or dining room.

  • Calming energy: When the world is in chaos, calming stones keep you peaceful. Choose Amazonite, Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Scolecite, and Sodalite eggs. Keep them in a central place to quiet eager minds in the household, like the living room or dining room. Alternatively, decorate the bathroom with calming eggs and enjoy the vibe with a long bubble bath.

  • Abundance and Prosperity: Spring is about thriving, and egg-shaped crystals bring you the prosperity you desire. For abundance in your life, pick Aventurine, Chalcopyrite, Iolite, Jade, Malachite, Pyrite, and Ruby Fuchsite Eggs. These stones can be placed in your home office and financial areas.

  • Healing the Soul: Do you need a new beginning, a rejuvenation, the feeling of being born again? Easter is the perfect time to work on the spiritual self. For deep healing and spiritual introspection, choose Amethyst, Angelite, Chrysocolla, Kyanite, Lapis, Quartz, and Serpentine eggs. Place them in your zen spaces, such as meditation rooms or prayer corners. They can be displayed at your bedside for easy access as you relax.

Study the Crystal Meaning of each gemstone and become familiar with the metaphysical properties of your egg. This information can help you with appropriate energy alignment techniques. 

meditation with lapis lazuli stone eggs

#6 Meditations & Affirmations with Eggs

To connect with the spiritual meaning of Easter, meditate and do affirmations with Crystal eggs.

Eggs sit perfectly in the palm of your hands. Hold one at your center, or hold onto one in each hand when you select a balanced pair. The stones help you go deeper into meditation and achieve a higher state of frequency. Spiritual stones like Amethyst and Selenite eggs are a prime pick.

Try reciting positive affirmations. Contribute good vibes to the Universe to counteract the negativity seeded in our mass consciousness. Learn how to write affirmations.

What is the history of Easter?

Want to know more about Easter? Here is some basic information about the longstanding tradition.

Easter in Judaism

The word Easter is not in the Bible aside from the King James Bible. Instead, the word "Pesach" appears, translating to Passover. This indicates that it was drawn from Judaism. 

Constantine wanted Christianity to be separated from Judaism. He did not want Easter to be celebrated on the Jewish Passover hence he aligned it with the Spring Equinox instead. 

Easter in Pagan Tradition

Although we closely associate Easter with Christianity, it was originally a pagan holiday. It is a celebration of spring and the energy of renewal and rebirth. Easter is named after the pagan Saxon goddess Eastre.

When Christian missionaries went to convert the pagans, they blended Easter with the resurrection of Jesus since the timing was similar, and transformed the meaning to fit their purpose.

Easter in Modern Times

In modern times, Easter can be celebrated despite the religious context. Modern families have adopted the traditional Pagan meaning of Easter as a celebration of spring. Spring is a time of new life, revitalization, and awakening. 

Families with children often partake in Easter activities. This includes gifting chocolates and visits from the Easter Bunny. Dying eggs and Easter egg hunts are popular pastimes. 

How do I use crystal eggs for healing?

Crystal eggs are in perfect alignment with Easter and spring energy. However, they play an important role in healing all year round.

To discover the deeper meaning of eggs in crystal healing, visit the How to Use Crystal Eggs article. Find information about crystal eggs and how they help with breaking habits, manifestation lists, massage, yoni eggs, and more.

Instead of just reading about crystal eggs, you can put them to work now. Check out the Satin Crystals Egg Collection to find your perfect piece. Or shop right here:

We Egg You Onward...

Have you had the pleasure of healing with crystal eggs? Do you incorporate eggs into your Easter celebration? Which stones are your favorite?

We'd love to hear your stories, comments, and crystal-related questions. Feel free to post comments below and we'll get back to you. 

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Sheila Satin - March 21, 2021

Hi Kivin, here is a helpful blog post for you for identification:

Sheila Satin

Kivin - March 21, 2021

Hi, I have a blue colour crystal egg with me. But I don’t know from what crystal is it made. Can you please help me? I’m having a hard time figuring it out.

Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi Chintan, it depends on which crystal you are talking about. We offer over 100+ crystals, and they all have their unique characteristics. The majority are all natural and untreated. Some are heated, dyed, stabilized, radiated, etc. And two are synthetic: Opalite and Goldstone. So, it really depends!

Sheila Satin

Chintan - November 22, 2020

is your crystal 100 percent original ??

Lisa Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi there. Check out this link on tips for stone ID:

S.D. - October 5, 2020

Hello I am wanting to take a picture of a couple eggs I have so u can tell me what kind they are…is that ok??

Sheila Satin - June 7, 2020

Hi Sandra,

Yes, definitely, here is a whole post we have about gemstone eggs:

Here are some stands that you could also place them on:
If you already have some rings, you could choose to display the eggs on your rings at home as well!

Sheila Satin

Sandra - June 7, 2020

Can you recommend some thing I could keep the eggs in?

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