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Elephant Crystal and Jewelry Showcase

elephant crystal figurinesThe majestic elephant is exactly the type of guardian you need in today's world. Being one of the strongest animals in the kingdom, the elephant spirit guardian keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Here we feature 13 lucky elephant crystals and jewelry. You can see even more friendly figurines in the Satin Crystals Elephant Collection.

When you incorporate elephant crystals and jewelry into your everyday life, you gain the lucky nature of this good-fortuned friend! An elephant with its trunk up symbolized good luck while an elephant with its trunk down specializes in channeling your strengths.

Don't forget about sacred Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant God. He is the remover of obstacles that paves the way for business and spiritual success.

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elephant gemstone figurines

Your Mighty Elephant Showcase

Feel large and in charge with the smart elephant animal guide. You always have a friend with elephant crystal figurines beside you.

#1 Tigers Eye Ganesh Strength of an Elephant Success 

You have the strength of an elephant. This Tigers Eye Ganesh statue reminds you of your inner and outer powers. Don't get lost in a world of doubt. Ganesh guides you to success, prosperity, and spirituality. 

Positive Affirmation: "I have the strength of an elephant"

#2 Golden Aventurine Elephant Prize of the Jungle 

When you come across this Golden Aventurine elephant, you've come across the prize of the jungle. With its trunk up to the sky representing luck, the crystal animal figurine ushers in an era of good vibes. The Golden Aventurine elephant guardian is full of surprises that will enrich your life forever.

Positive Affirmation: "I've come across the prize"

#3 Clear Quartz Elephant Spiritual Path Guardian

This divine Clear Quartz elephant leads you down the spiritual path. It clears the way so you can focus on enlightenment rather than worldly stress. Strong, wise, and majestic, the Quartz elephant is an uplifting force in your crystal collection.

Positive Affirmation: "I clear the way for spirituality"

#4 Hematite Elephant Protector of Earth 

Your shiny new Hematite elephant is the protector of the earth and your realm. Feel safe, grounded, and joyous with this crystal friend guarding your space. The elephant stands on all fours with the trunk up, signifying luck and good fortune. The Hematite elephant is an all-around winner.

Positive Affirmation: "I protect the earth and my realm"

#5 Green Aventurine Elephant Look I'm Lucky! 

"Look at me, I'm lucky!," exclaims this adorable Green Aventurine elephant. With its trunk up high symbolizing luck, the majestic animal figurine draws wealth and abundance to your life. The Green Aventurine elephant stands ready to share its good fortune and loyal friendship with you.

Positive Affirmation: "Look at me, I'm lucky!"

#6 Selenite Elephant 1" Mini Animal Satin Spar

Your lucky little elephant is carved from silky Satin Spar Selenite. This tiny mini 1-inch statue is radiating with good blessings. Elephants with their trunks up are known to be lucky. Your misfortunes turn to prosperity with this white crystal elephant charm. Pick one for good energy or pick a pair for double the delight.

Positive Affirmation: "I cherish my lucky blessings"

#7 Sardonyx Earrings Mighty Elephant Stone

You're big, you're mighty! These Sardonyx elephant earrings showcase your strength. No matter what your physical size, remember that your soul is large and in charge of any situation that comes your way. These antiqued elephant charm earrings symbolize your power. Let the world know that you're on the way! 

Positive Affirmation: "My inner strength radiates outward"

#8 Unakite Pendant Lucky in Love Elephant 

When you need nature's blessing, this Unakite elephant pendant brings good luck your way. The adorable spirit animal has its trunk high in the sky,  summoning good vibrations in love and creation. Feel good wearing your Unakite pendant and knowing that you're always cared for by Mother Earth. 

Positive Affirmation: "Nature blesses me with luck and love"

#9 Lapis Pendant High as the Sky Meditation Elephant

Reach as high as the sky with your Lapis elephant pendant to lift you up. The Animal gemstone guides you in spiritual meditations and mindful living. When you wear the blue Lapis pendant, you gain the wisdom of the Elephant. Don't settle for anything less. 

Positive Affirmation: "I reach as high as the sky"

#10 Amethyst Ganesh Master of Spirituality Elephant

This Amethyst Ganesh is the master of spirituality. Attain a higher level of consciousness when you channel the energy and wisdom of Amethyst Ganesh. What a premier piece to feature on your meditation altar or in the center of your space. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am the master of spirituality"

#11 Carnelian Ganesh Creative Creator Elephant God 

This gorgeous Carnelian Ganesh statue inspires you to be a creative creator. You have the internal inspiration and talent to make your life a masterpiece. The hand-carved Carnelian Ganesh figurine stands by you as you paint the pictures of manifestation. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am a creative creator"

#12 Aventurine Ganesh Elephant God Mini 1" Green or Red

Ganesh is on the go. This mini Ganesh crystal statue is your perfect companion from the holy realm. The Hindu "Remover of Obstacles" clears energy and bulldozes hurdles that try to block your path. The pint-sized deity packs a mighty punch. Display Ganesh on your altar, on your desktop, or carry him with you on daily adventures. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am on the go".  

#13 Jade Elephant Majestic Protection

This majestic Jade elephant is the protector of your spirit. The grand elephant walks with power and poise- trunk down to symbolize strength. Feel nature on your side when you keep this Jadeite elephant figurine nearby. The green Burmese beauty is a genuine relic of art and crystal healing.

Positive Affirmation: "My majestic spirit is protected"


Tell us your Elephant Tales

Which elephant attracted you the most? Have you tried to contact your animal guardians? What would you ask them the next time you do?

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories or questions about crystal healing, you can comment on the blog below. 

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