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Fake vs Real Kyanite

Are you unsure if your Kyanite is real? Is it a fake being passed off as the real deal? Is it dyed glass? Is it another stone altogether? Let's learn to pick out real Kyanite crystals for your collection.

Watch the video on Real vs Fake Kyanite to see examples and read below for even more tips and tricks. 

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How can you tell if your Kyanite is real?

To determine if your Kyanite is real or fake, make your purchase from a knowledgeable and trusted vendor. 

Fortunately most of the rough Kyanite you will find on the market has been untreated. However, because Kyanite is relatively hard to carve, the polished versions may be stabilized, dyed, or faked.

If you do not have access to a reputable seller, here are some tips to follow to tell if your Kyanite is real: 

  • Real Kyanite is anisotropic. It will have different hardness depending on the direction of the crystal you are testing. In one direction it will be easily scratched by a steel nail at a 4.5-5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness while in the other direction it will not be scratched by the nail at a 6.5-7.

  • Real Kyanite will never have air bubbles. Air bubbles are an indication of glass. Use a magnifying jeweler's loupe to help you see into the stone.

  • Real Kyanite will have inclusions. Notice the mineral inclusions, veins, craters, dips, and imperfections in your stone. You may not find these in a fake. 

  • Real Kyanite will not have bands. While it will have inclusions, Kyanite will not have banding like other stones. 

  • Real Kyanite will splinter like wood chips when fractured. Glass will shatter into sharp shards. 

  • Real Kyanite will show patches of colors. It will have different shades and zones within the same stone. Rarely will Real Kyanite have one single shade.

  • Real Kyanite has a specific gravity between 3.5 and 3.7. Here is a video on how to measure your stone's density at home. 

  • Real Kyanite is highly heat resistant. It has a high melting point for stones at 2012°F (1100°C) but lower than glass's melting point. 

  • Real Kyanite will always have a white streak. Despite its outwardly color, Real Kyanite will always have a white powder in the crystal streak test

  • Real Kyanite has a degree of transparency. It is rarely solid. Look at the edges and you'll see some light shine through. 

  • Real Kyanite is glassy or pearly, reflecting light like glass or pearls. More dull pieces may be oiled by vendors. Fakes may have a dull luster and may not reflect light. 

  • Real Kyanite will sometimes fluoresce under UV light. You will need a powerful longwave UV to see this weak fluorescence. The glow could be white, blue, or red from the crystal's chromium content. The red glow could also be the chromium in the Rubies fluorescing in your specimen. 

  • Real Kyanite may show pleochroism. This means it shows different color depending on the angle of light. 

  • Real Kyanite may show chatoyancy. This is a cats eye like iridescent dancing upon the surface of the stone. 

  • Real Kyanite comes in multi-colors. Your Kyanite is most likely blue but also comes naturally in black, green, orange, white, and gray. 
kyanite bracelet and acetone

Is my Kyanite treated?

Being a softer stone, your Kyanite may be treated for stability and enhanced in color. Most of the polished Kyanite you will find on the market has been stabilized with resin to give it durability. It may also be dyed to enhance its attractiveness. Dyed Kyanite will show pools of colors that may leak when soaked in acetone. 

Beware that dark blue Kyanites can be sold deceptively as Blue Sapphire. 

Shop Kyanite Stones

The power of real Kyanite can never be replaced by fakes. Go ahead, try it for yourself. Here are a few real stones from the Satin Crystals' Kyanite Collection to add to your treasures.

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