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Kyanite Crystal Meaning

Explore the diverse Kyanite crystal meanings, ranging from its geological facts to its crystal healing properties. This unique stone is a valuable addition to any collection.

Kyanite soothes the soul, guiding you to clarity and serenity. This celestial gem elevates your perspective, offering a tranquil escape from chaos. 

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kyanite stonesWatch the Kyanite Video

Click to watch the Kyanite YouTube video. In this video, we will also go over Kyanite meanings and show you examples of this crystal.

This is a part of our A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings video playlist, where we answer your top 5 questions on  all of the most popular crystals. Feel free to comment directly on the video with your questions and experiences. 

What are the benefits of Kyanite?

You may benefit from Kyanite crystals if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You seek a peaceful stone for relaxation

  • You want to have direct access to your intuition

  • You want good communication skills

  • You want to balance all of your chakras

  • You seek a partner in meditation

  • You want to infuse harmony into a room

  • You want to see the truth behind the deceit

  • You are ready for self-realization

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kyanite stones

What is Kyanite?

Kyanite is an aluminum silicate found in aluminum-rich metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. In its pure form, Kyanite is colorless or white, but when other minerals are included in its formation, you will find the stone in green, black, blue, gray, yellow, and orange colors. Some Kyanite also has pleochroism, meaning the crystal shows different colors when viewed from different angles. 

The most common Kyanite you will find in the gemstone market is elongated and blue in its raw form or chatoyant blue in its polished form.

What is the spiritual energy of Kyanite?

Spiritually, Kyanite is about clearing blockages and getting to the truth. It is your direct line to your subconscious mind, where all your answers lie. It is the gateway to your intuition, clear communication, and unobstructed expression. 

Here are some other spiritual properties that Kyanite is known for: 

  • Deep meditation and trance states

  • Bringing resolutions in tense situations

  • Expressing your true self

  • Developing trust and loyalty
kyanite stones

How do I use Kyanite in healing?

There are many ways you can use Kyanite in crystal healing. Here are a few ways to get you started. Know more? Share them with the Satin Crystals community!

  • Wear Kyanite bracelets on your dominant hand to express yourself clearly

  • Create a crystal layout with Kyanite raw and tumbled stones to calm your chaotic energy

  • Meditate with Kyanite spheres to enter a deep hypnotic state

  • Drink Kyanite gem elixir (created through the indirect method) 

  • Decorate your space with Kyanite stones to create a harmonious energy

  • Wear Blue Kyanite pendant over the Throat chakra before public speaking, singing, or social settings

    • Hold Kyanite eggs while chanting your positive affirmation mantras to manifest your true desires

    • Rub Kyanite polished stones when you are feeling anxious

    • Place Green Kyanite over your heart during sound baths or sound healing sessions

    • Program Kyanite stones for your peaceful intention and place them somewhere visible, like a computer desk, throughout the day to focus on your goals

    • Wear Kyanite earrings to balance the left and right sides of your brain

    • Gift a Kyanite heart to someone you feel unconditional loyalty and love

    • Place the different colors of Kyanite over the corresponding chakras to balance your energy centers

    • Hold Black Kyanite to ground back to reality after a meditation or healing session

    • Work with Titanium Kyanite to feel uplifted with inner strength

    • Wear Kyanite rings as a reminder to be in the present moment and complete your daily rituals

    • Create a crystal mandala grid with Kyanite stones to melt your tension and practice mindfulness

    • Release physical tension with Kyanite massage wands

    How to tell if Kyanite is real or fake???

    To determine if your Kyanite is real or fake, make your purchase from a knowledgeable and trusted vendor. 

    Fortunately, most of the rough Kyanite you will find on the market has been untreated. However, because Kyanite is relatively hard to carve, the polished versions may be stabilized, dyed, or faked.

      Most of the polished Kyanite you will find on the market has been stabilized with resin to give it durability. It may also be dyed to enhance its attractiveness. Dyed Kyanite will show pools of colors that may leak when soaked in acetone. 

      Dark blue Kyanites can be sold deceptively as Blue Sapphire. 

      Here are some tips you can employ at home to tell Real vs Fake Kyanite.

      models holding kyanite stones

      How do you care for your Kyanite?

      Kyanite should be handled with care. In its raw form, it can easily flake, dissolve, and rust. It should be kept out of water. Wash your hands thoroughly if the stone flakes. 

      In its polished form, Kyanite is usually stabilized with the help of resins, so it is more durable and can usually be cleaned under brief running water. If using soap, make sure it is thoroughly rinsed to avoid build-up. If unsure, just use a damp cloth and make sure it is completely dry before wearing or storing. 

      Kyanite may change colors or fade with prolonged, direct light exposure. It may also rust with prolonged humidity. Remove Kyanite jewelry when doing the dishes, swimming, or sweating. 

      Store Kyanite away from items harder than a 4.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness to avoid scratches. Avoid harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners so you don't break your stones.

      If you are looking for more tips on how to cleanse, charge, and program your stones metaphysically, check out the Crystal Care page.

      woman holding kyanite peacock pendant

      Sheila's personal experience with Kyanite

      When I first started learning about crystals, Kyanite was one I lumped in the blue stone category. Being a lover of the raw formations, I was always drawn to the blue Kyanites growing in their host matrix.

      Over the years more Kyanite was showing up as jewelry and beads. I inherited a batch of Blue Kyanite beads and was immediately suspicious. A test in an acetone bath revealed the deceptive dye. This seems to be a common practice to lure the unsuspecting buyer to the sapphire-blue colors of the dye, and I always caution our community to be vigilant! 

      It was not until I started learning more did I realized Kyanite comes in different colors. I am especially mesmerized by the orange version that is coming out of Tanzania. It alters my perception of this stone. Now that I know it's multi-colored, I recategorize it in my mind to stand proudly with the other colorful crystal families like Calcite, Tourmaline, and Fluorite, providing all kinds of chakra healing energies!

      models stacked with kyanite bracelets

      Lisa's personal experience with Kyanite

      One of my most beloved and worn bracelets is made of Kyanite! And guess what? It is beaded from the color-enhanced batch that Sheila is referring to above, haha! Although I do prefer natural stones, I don't mind treated crystals as long as I know what I'm getting.

      While Sheila is a lover of raw Kyanite, I am a huge fan of the polished stones. I like the way polished Kyanite becomes smooth and shimmery, often with a silver sheen. Most of my Kyanite experiences are with the blue-colored variation.

      I enjoy Kyanite for its calm and uplifting energy. Light blue Kyanite makes me feel like I'm flying in the sky. It also energizes my Throat chakra and reminds me to communicate nicely. As for stones shaped from Kyanite, there are not too many to choose from. So I do appreciate a good sphere or egg when it comes along to bless my presence.

      Where does Kyanite get its name?

      Kyanite gets its name from the Greek word cyanos meaning blue. It has also been called Cyanite and Disthene, meaning two strengths, because of its variable hardness depending on which axis of the crystal you are testing. 

      blue kyanite stick

      What are Kyanite's mineral facts?

      • Chemical Formula: Al₂SiO₅ 

      • Mohs Scale of Hardness: 4.5-7

      • Surface Color: Blue, White, Gray, Orange, Green, Black

      • Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

      • Group: Nesosilicate

      • Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystal's structure): Perfect in two directions

      • Fracture (where the crystal breaks randomly not on a cleavage): Splintery like wood chips

      • Luster: Vitreous (glassy), Pearly

      • Transparency: Transparent to translucent

      • Crystal System: Triclinic

      • Crystal Habit: Blades, Radiating Masses, Fibrous, Columnar

      • Specific Gravity: 3.5 - 3.7

      How does Kyanite form?

      Kyanite forms with high pressure and temperature. It is found in mountainous areas where intense tectonic activity takes place. 

      You will often find Kyanite alongside Garnet, Andalusite, Pyrite, Ruby, and Staurolite because they form in the same conditions. 

      Where is Kyanite found?

      Kyanite is found worldwide. Most notable deposits come from Switzerland, Nepal, Brazil, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Myanmar, and the United States.

      kyanite stones

      What colors are rare Kyanite?

      Kyanite comes in many colors, white in its pure form and blue in its most common form. A deep sapphire-like blue is the most coveted. The blue is colored by iron, chromium, or titanium inclusions. 

      Rare Kyanite colors include:

      • Black Kyanite is colored by Graphite, Magnetite, or Ilmenite inclusions.

      • Green Kyanite is colored by Chromium or Vanadium inclusions.

      • Orange Kyanite which is colored by Manganese inclusions.

      Is Kyanite found with Ruby?

      Kyanite can be found with Ruby inclusions. Do beware that Ruby Kyanite is sometimes stabilized with resin for stability. 

      What is the use of Kyanite in everyday life?

      Besides jewelry and crystal healing, Kyanite can be seen used in everyday life. It is highly heat resistant and is found in ceramics, porcelains like bathroom fixtures, kiln linings, fiberglass, and metal molds. A form of Kyanite is used in vehicle brakes and clutches, grinding and cutting wheels, and porcelain insulators of spark plugs. 

      Where should you put Kyanite?

      You should place Kyanite anywhere you want to calm the energies and bring in a harmonious vibration. Whether it's a meeting room or a living room, Kyanite is up for the job.

      For Feng Shui energy, place Kyanite in your "Travel & Spirituality" bottom right corner of your space. Kyanite helps to access your intuition and the higher realms, preparing you to travel toward enlightenment. 

      For more on placing crystals, visit How to Clear & Fill the Home with Crystals

      kyanite pendants

      Can Kyanite be worn every day?

      Kyanite jewelry can be worn every day as long as you handle it with care. Most Kyanite beads are stabilized with resin for durability and long-term wear, but you will still want to make sure it's not constantly hitting a surface like a bracelet on a computer desk. Be aware that all natural gemstone beads will wear down over time with daily wear. 

      If your Kyanite pieces are well set in metal frames, they will be more protected to be worn every day. If you have raw Kyanite in jewelry, you will want to keep it out of humid or sweaty conditions. 

      Learn more about How to care for your Crystal Jewelry.

      women wearing kyanite jewelry

      Should you wear Kyanite on your left or right hand?

      At Satin Crystals, we believe that as long as the crystal is in your aura, it will be providing you with positive benefits. That being said, some people like to wear jewelry according to their dominant vs non-dominant hands. Read more about the different energies this provides in the Ultimate Bracelet Guide

      What pairs well with Kyanite?

      If you are looking to pair your Kyanite with other crystals in healing, here are some good crystal combinations: 

      Amethyst and Kyanite are like the dynamic duo of spiritual stones, boosting meditation speed like a turbo button!

      Arfvedsonite and Kyanite walk you down the right path in life. Arfvedsonite keeps you organized and Kyanite keeps you calm. Stay on track towards positivity with a clear mind with this crystal combination. 

      Garnet and Kyanite together provide harmony, security, and purging in one go. Rock Kyanite and Garnet for a wild journey through the here and now.

      Quartz and Kyanite together boost the healing vibes of your Kyanite. Whether you are programming it for communication, calmness, or group harmony, Quartz enhances the energy of your Kyanite stone.

      Moonstone and Kyanite harness the yin energies of the moon to bring you a sense of peace. Let this crystal pair guide you with whispers from the lunar realm. 

      Rose Quartz and Kyanite together provide a loving and compassionate energy. This pairing helps you stay focused on positivity, not pesky obstacles.

      Ruby and Kyanite are found forming together in nature. Working with the fiery powers of Ruby and the calming energy of Kyanite helps balance your energy field and focus on discovering your true self.

      Selenite and Kyanite are like snuggling under a cozy blanket on a snowy day. This crystal pairing is all about sealing your aura in comfort and good vibes.

      What to know more about which crystal combinations? Visit What Crystals Work Well Together.

      What does broken Kyanite mean?

      If you want to know the meaning of broken stones, visit Broken Crystal Meanings

      How do you meditate with Kyanite?

      To meditate with your Kyanite crystals, program them for your intention. Hold, wear, and surround yourself with the stones during your meditation. 

      Need help meditating? We have recorded a Guided Kyanite Meditation for you to follow along. 

      Magical Incantation of Kyanite

      This is a message from Kyanite from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski's book "Crystal Therapy":

      "I provide a sense of gentle love with the strength to speak your personal truth. I help you step out of the way and allow information to flow by eliminating blockages in the Throat chakra and removing your fears. By opening the door to the exploration of higher understanding and cosmic consciousness, I provide new perspectives of channeled clarity that inspire pioneering solutions in the area of discord on this plane. My gift is the ability to discern truth when we act as partners in self-realization and self-actualization, so work with me in these experiences. Ask yourself: Is this the present or the past resurfacing? Call upon me to resolve conflict, both within the self and with others."

      colorful kyanite raw

      What chakra is Kyanite for?

      You can use Kyanite for different chakra depending on the color of your stone. Unlike other  multi-colored stones like Tourmaline or Fluorite, Kyanite's rarer colors may be nearly impossible to find: 

      • White Kyanite for the Crown Chakra

      • Dark Blue Kyanite for the Third Eye chakra

      • Light Blue Kyanite for the Throat chakra

      • Green Kyanite for the Heart chakra

      • Yellow Kyanite for the Solar Plexus chakra

      • Orange Kyanite for the Sacral chakra

      • Black or Gray Kyanite for the Root chakra

      To learn more about crystals and your chakras, visit the Chakra Guide

      kyanite and steel

      Is Kyanite soft or hard?

      Kyanite hardness varies depending on which axis of the crystal you are testing. It can be as weak as a 4.5 on the parallel axis and as tough as a 7 on the horizontal axis. This variable hardness is referred to as anisotropic.

      Think of it as slicing into anisotropic foods like asparagus, rhubarb, or bamboo. They are easier to slice lengthwise with the fibers rather than across the fibers. 

      Does Kyanite glow under black light?

      Some Kyanite will glow under black light. Not all Kyanites will glow. 

      You will need a powerful longwave UV to see this weak fluorescence. The glow could be white, blue, or red from the crystal's chromium content. The red glow could also be the chromium in the Rubies fluorescing in your specimen. orange and blue kyanite raw

      Can Kyanite rust?

      Your Kyanite can rust depending on what elements are coloring the stone. Blue kyanite contains iron and chromium as inclusions, both elements can oxidize and rust your stone, especially in humid and wet conditions.

      Green Kyanite also contains chromium, but its vanadium has rust-resistant properties. Although it does not rust, the manganese in Orange Kyanite can oxidize and turn a darker layer on top of your stone. 

      Is Kyanite toxic to touch?

      Kyanite is not toxic. There is no concern when touching Kyanite gemstones. The only time to be concerned is if you are handling the stone extensively in lapidary work. In this case, make sure you are wearing protective gear and your area is well-ventilated. 

      people holding kyanite

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