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Feel the Earth with Anklets

aventurine anklet on footDon't just live on the earth, feel the earth! Tap into the grounding forces of this world when you wear crystal anklets.

It's easy to take this big blue planet for granted. The truth is, Earth is sacred and has a lot of healing powers to offer. 

Who could benefit from crystal anklets? Oh, so many souls! Do one or more of these statements apply to you?

  • You want to ground your Root chakra

  • You want to gain physical strength

  • You are an anxious person needing an anchor

  • You are a nature lover

  • You enjoy meaningful fashion 

  • You appreciate an accessory that can be hidden

  • You appreciate an accessory that can stand out 

  • You love to dance and be merry

If you can relate to any of those traits, then follow your intuition and give crystal anklets a try. They'll brighten your outlook, outfit, and aura.

You're about to learn a lot more about these less-known jewelry accessories that are bursting with planetary powers. First, we invite you to sign up for the Satin Crystals VIP club. Open your energy to crystal jewelry and natural healing stones.

Anklets for Earth Grounding

Why do we adorn our upper body with jewelry and leave our lower self so bare? While we treat the higher chakras to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, our lower chakras go neglected.

Now's your chance to remedy this injustice! Get in balance, get in gear, and feel the earth with crystal anklets.

Anklets are unique accessories that anchor you to nature. When you wear a gemstone anklet, you feel a special connection to the planet. In this busy digital age, it's easy to forget that you're a "human being" and not a "human doing."

Anklets allow you to step back from the rat race and feel your intrinsic value. Follow your instincts and your intuition. This is the holistic approach to success.

Is your mind drifting, floating, or crowded with thoughts? Are you constantly daydreaming? Out of touch with reality? Or maybe you're steeped in everyday stress and have forgotten how to walk forward.

That's when you turn to crystal anklets. They infuse your Root chakra with the balance you need to succeed. They ground you with the healing power of nature. They encourage you to dance through life with happiness in your heart and fun flowing through your feet.

Anklets for Holistic Healing

While it's true that anklets are your direct connection to Root chakra healing, the benefits don't stop there. That's because Satin Crystals' handmade anklets come in a variety of colorful stones. Each crystal boasts natural healing properties and meanings.

When you want to go about your days and nights feeling protected, our bestselling Triple Obsidian Set is your best bet. These three superhero stones secure you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Looking for something more colorful? The Aventurine abundance anklet brings a pop to your fashion and pep to your finances. Attract wealth while looking  attractive in your peppy new jewel.

Do you want to be healed under the New Moon? Lunar Labradorite anklets enhance your psychic abilities. You feel connected to the earth, spirit, and sky. Dance under the moonlight wearing your shining, shimmering beaded anklet.

No matter what kind of energy you desire, you'll find it in crystal anklets.

Anklets for Meaningful Fashion

You have an eye for fashion but you're not into faux. Drop the gaudy plastic pieces and mass-manufactured metals. All Satin Crystals anklets are created with real gemstone beads and are handmade by Sheila Satin. With Satin Crystals' anklets, you embrace fashion with a purpose and passion.

While everyone and their mothers are sporting bracelets and necklaces, you have a style that stands on its own. Crystal anklets are the lesser known treasures of the jewelry kingdom. Your bold originality is highlighted when you wear them.

Do you love the limelight? Try the lime green Chrysoprase anklet. This bright piece catches everyone's eye. Chrysoprase is a refreshing Heart chakra stone that wins your love and ushers positive people into your realm. 

If you're a shorts and sandals type of person, this treasure goes swimmingly with your summer style.

Do you prefer to be discreet? Slip a black Jet anklet between your business slacks and work shoes. Secretly tuck it into your sock to gain superpowers that no one at the workplace needs to know about.

Jet keeps away dark forces and negative people so that you step into success without dealing with that stress. And when you're ready to let loose, this accessory goes great with a little black dress on a Friday night out.

What's your style? Wear the crystal anklet that's uniquely you. The way you want it.

Crystal Anklets for You

What else can crystal anklets do for you? Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club and find out.

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Buy Stone Anklets

Are you an anklet lover? Then you'll go wild over these natural Satin Crystals jewels. Are you new to the world of anklets? Follow your intuition and find your favorites in the Satin Crystals Anklet Collection or buy them right here on the blog:

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Have any questions about crystals? Comment below! Sheila, Ann, and Lisa Satin would love to hear from you. We'll reply soon.

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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