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Grandparents Day, Have a Heart!

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Do your grandparents walk the earth or have they ascended to the heavens? How do you celebrate your loved ones on Grandparents Day?

Discover a crystal heart ritual that you can do for your grandparents: one for the living and one for the dead. You can also share this process with your children so that they too can benefit from the loving feeling of Grandparents Day.

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Honoring grandparents at Satin Crystals

All four of my grandparents have left this realm but their legacy and cherished memories stay behind. I was closest to my maternal grandmother, she was my friend and hero.

Although my grandparents have transcended to a better place, I still honor them with crystal hearts on Grandparents Day. I also teach my son to celebrate his grandparents- two are earthbound and two have journeyed beyond.

Do you have a special ritual or tradition for Grandparents Day? In America, Grandparents Day isn't as big a deal as it is in other countries, so I did not grow up with a tradition. That doesn't mean I don't honor them with crystal rituals!

Crystal hearts ritual for grandparents

If you’re fortunate enough to have living grandparents, cherish every moment. Grandparents Day isn’t celebrated enough like it is in other countries. It should be! Loving grandmas and grandpas everywhere are meant to be revered.

If you’re lucky enough to have grandparents, show them your love with crystal hearts. A crystal heart is more than just a gift, it’s a token of your love and a symbol of your gratitude and remembrance for all they’ve done.

You're busy, and so am I! That's why I have created this easy ritual for honoring grandparents who are alive on Earth. I will do this with my young son, year after year, for as long as we can:

How to gift a crystal heart on Grandparents Day

1. Pick a crystal heart that matches the energy of your grandparent. There are many different types of hearts, all with various meanings. In the section below, we cover some of the top picks. You can check out your local rock shop or buy with confidence in the Satin Crystals Hearts Collection.

2. Cleanse, charge, and program the crystal heart. Think carefully about what kind of intention you want to infuse in the heart when you program it. Some ideas could be "a growing relationship with grandma" or "strength and good health for grandpa."

3. Gift the heart to your grandparent on Grandparents Day. Include a loving handwritten note that explains the crystal meaning of the heart and why you are giving it. Enjoy the day with your beloved kin.

Smart Alternative: If your grandparents live a distance away and you cannot meet them on Grandparents Day, you can purchase a heart from Satin Crystals. Send us an email about what intention you wish to infuse and what note you want to add to your gift. We will ship it right to their door!

Crystal hearts ritual for ascended grandparents

Aging and death are a natural part of life, and it's nothing to fear. Just because your grandparents are no longer with you, doesn’t mean they have left you. Grandparents live on in memory and spirit.

When I think of my grandparents, I immediately feel their warmth and presence. The love we have is timeless; we are interconnected.

I honor my deceased grandparents through a crystal heart ritual. You can too.

How to celebrate Grandparents Day with crystal hearts

1. Select one crystal heart per grandparent. Use your intuition to lead you to the stone that matches their energy and legacy.

2. Cleanse and charge your crystal heart. Program it with the intention of eternal love and honor.

3. Place your crystal hearts near a lit candle. Add a photo of the grandparents and other mementos if you have them available.

4. Recite a prayer of love silently or aloud, telling your grandparents whatever you feel in your heart.

5. After the ritual is complete, you can keep the hearts in a special place, such as in a basket on the living room mantel.

Top crystal hearts for Grandparents Day

Do you have crystal hearts on hand for Grandparent's Day? To purchase genuine stones, you can see a medley of meaningful minerals in the Satin Crystals Heart Shop.

Meanwhile, here are the Top 9 Recommendations for Grandparents:

#1 Dumortierite Heart

Express honor, love, and loyalty with this blue Dumortierite heart. This regal crystal embodies the virtues that flow through your bloodline.

#2 Amethyst Heart

This Amethyst heart evokes profound emotions and spiritual affection. The purple gemstone is rich with distinct qualities. Your new crystal heart is a splendid gift for  loved ones.

#3 Sunstone Heart

Express your love with the vibrant energy of this Sunstone heart. The stunning crystal beautifully symbolizes your pure love.

#4 Serpentine Heart

Discover the countless paths that lead to love. Set your heart alight with this breathtaking green Asterite Serpentine gemstone. 

#5 Chakra Heart

Experience the transformative power of this Chakra heart that unlocks a world of total love. Let the vibrant gemstone bring healing from above, below, and all around.

#6 Lepidolite Heart

Experience divine healing with this purple Lepidolite heart. Embrace the power of spiritual omnipotence and believe in the miracles that await you.

#7 Selenite Hearts

Experience the joy of love and family with these radiant Selenite crystal keepsake hearts. Glistening with light and elegance, they serve as a beautiful reminder that the true treasures in life are the people who bring us happiness.

More Crystal Hearts

What kind of heart would your grandparents love? What about for yourself and other loved ones? We have many more options in the Satin Crystals Heart Collection. You can also shop right here, right now:

Crystal Resources for you

Additional crystal healing resources for you:

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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