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How I Opened my Throat Chakra with Blue Stones

Satin Crystals owner holding rough blue calcite stone in the foreground

How's your Throat chakra doing? Are you flowing with eloquent confidence? If you were like me, you may need some help in your communication center.

Read on to find out which blue crystals helped me open my Throat chakra and how they can help you too. 

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Watch the Throat chakra video

Join me in this Throat chakra video where I go over the four stones I used for my communication center. It's a story you'll want to hear spoken from my own throat.

Is your Throat chakra blocked?

I don’t know about you, but for me, my Throat chakra was the one energy area that I have had to work on the most. As a child, I was painfully shy in public. The kids at school were always surprised to find out that I was bossy and loud at home. Whenever the outside air hit my aura, I withdrew like a withering flower.

Over the years, I have gained confidence and control over my self-expression. It helped that I was able to move across the country for university. In this brand-new setting, no one knew of my quiet temperament. I could transform into someone more social and bold. 

To this day I still get stuck for words, especially in unknown circumstances. I am constantly working on my Throat chakra. Both with mental resolve and blue healing stones, I can open this energy center for clear communication and independence.

As you may know, blue is one of the rarest colors found naturally on Earth. These organic crystals are coveted for their specific Throat chakra vibrations.

Top 4 Throat chakra crystals 

Here are the healing stones that helped me in my journey toward an open Throat Chakra. Check them out and see if they will work for you too! 

#1 Graceful Angelite

A baby blue stone, Angelite is a heavenly gem meant for opening the Throat chakra. The Throat chakra corresponds with the vibrations of solid blue colors like Angelite.

Connecting with the sweet harmony of the angelic realm, this healing stone melts the blockages in your vocal cords. Its soothing energies help gather your thoughts and express yourself calmly during difficult times.

Angelite reminds you that there are worlds beyond your immediate physical realities. What we have to say today should be said in grace because the words that we choose right now will affect our future realities.

#2 Melodic Aquamarine

Like honey for your vocal cords, Aquamarine lubricates your Throat Chakra and prepares you for the world stage. These healing stones range from a soft green to a brilliant blue. To open the energies of the Throat chakra, use the blue versions of this gemstone.

Blue Aquamarine dissolves your icy anxieties, melts your fears, and prepares you for confident expression. As you don’t want to get too aggressive in your expression, Aquamarine is a nice cooling stone. It is soft in color and energy.

#3 Peaceful Lapis Lazuli 

Ranging from light denim to dark navy blue, Lapis Lazuli is a powerful healing stone that balances your Throat chakra. It is the stone that jolts open your airways and aligns your senses to focus on the Big Picture of any small circumstance.

With Lapis Lazuli, you realize that you are in charge of your life and that you should not submit to pressure from others. Instead, surrender to the freedom of self-expression and speak your mind with this mighty healing stone.

Lapis Lazuli aids you in finding deep peace. After all, when you feel comfortable with your inner self, your outer expressions are more effective. You can communicate with the whole world.

#4 Cool, Calm, Collected Calcite

Blue Calcite resembles water elements and is often found growing with White Calcite. This waxy healing stone is great to use in its raw formation. It tackles and cleanses the blockages at your Throat chakra.

Blue Calcite oozes competence and infuses your communication center with a can-do attitude. Whenever you are feeling discouraged, Blue Calcite uplifts your thoughts. 

With a positive mindset, your words and vibrations rise higher. Flow with the energies of this healing blue stone. Little by little, the floodgates of your obstructed Throat chakra will be free. 

Special Larimar Crystals

As we get to know Larimar crystals better, I have begun to incorporate these blue gemstones and jewelry into my Throat chakra opening routine as well. Larimar speaks to me in a special way. It is a stone that assists travelers in achieving relaxation and starting interesting conversations during their vacations.

I have been an avid traveler since birth. International travel pulses through my bloodline. Now that I've learned about Larimar's benefits, I have started to wear Larimar jewelry on my trips around the world. 

I am the one who plans out the itinerary for myself, my family, and my friends as we embark on these adventures. That usually includes meeting locals and immersing in the culture. With a little Larimar heart stone in my pocket or a Larimar pendant on my Throat chakra, I can easily start up a conversation with people of any culture or background.

I've come a long way since my childhood years. My Throat chakra adventures continue through blue crystals, travels, and dedication.

Gratitude to Healing Blue Stones 

As I am a jewelry person, I like to wear Angelite, Aquamarine, Lapis, and Calcite. I have a variety of designer necklaces, pendants, and long earrings that correspond with my throat area.

You may prefer to carry tumbled stones or place the healing crystals directly on the Throat chakra during meditation, manifestation, or even during your nap!

These are a few of the healing stones that helped me in my journey to open and balance the Throat chakra. You can have a more extensive look at the 5th chakra in the Throat Chakra Crystal Healing article. There you will learn techniques to open your communication center with the best blue crystals in the world.

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Lisa Satin - February 14, 2022

Hello Zak, Congrats on your long-lasting marriage!

Check out this Ring and Finger guide to determine which way you’d like to wear the Larimar:


Lisa Satin

Zak - February 14, 2022

Dear friends we are a twin soul couple married for 41+ years . Our 42 marriage anniversary is on 2/15/2022. We are presenting each other silver Larimar rings, on which hand and finger should each one wear the rings for maximum benefits.Appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks a lot!

Sheila Satin - April 22, 2020

Hi Izza, thank you for your email.

Here are our current Throat chakra necklaces:

You may also want to consider Throat chakra pendants:

If you do choose a pendant and don’t have your own chain or cord, here is our current selection of necklace chains:

Please let me know if you have any other questions! You can also use the “filter” buttons on our website to shop and select items by chakra and other filters like color and size. Don’t hesistate to email again if you need help.

Sheila Satin

Izza - April 22, 2020

Hello, I am looking for a throats chakra necklace.

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