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Hematite Guided Meditation & Affirmations

woman meditating with hematite spheres

In this Hematite guided meditation with positive affirmations, you will tap into your natural charm. Feel attractive and draw positive people to your realm with the power of Hematite crystals.

Hematite is the stone that highlights your charismatic personality so that you shine bright. When you need a confidence boost, put your doubts to rest and hold on tight to Hematite. This grounding stone keeps you upbeat yet humble all the while.

Turn up the charm and fulfill your potential with the Hematite meditation. First, join the free Satin Crystals club. We welcome you to the vast world of healing stones.

Hematite guided meditation video

For the most powerful experience, listen and follow along to this recorded Hematite Guided Meditation. This quick meditation is perfect for even the busiest of souls.

Click the video above when you are ready to begin. The full script can be found in the text below.

7 Hematite Affirmations for Charisma

Lay your fears to rest and focus on your strengths with the power of Hematite. This crystal magnifies your charming personality and natural charisma. Be the type of person others enjoy. Be the type of person you enjoy! 

Select real Hematite stones to hold while you say these positive affirmations. Beware that most Hematite you see on the market is manmade! To ensure you get the real thing, visit the Satin Crystals Hematite shop and discover your favorite genuine gems.

Say these positive affirmations while you hold and wear Hematite. They can also be found embedded in the guided meditation:

  • Hematite heightens my charisma from the ground up
  • I feel confident yet humble with Hematite crystals
  • Handsome Hematite teaches me to look and feel my best

  • Rather than giving in to my doubts, I focus on my natural strengths

  • I am a charming person who has a lot to offer to others
  • My magnetic personality draws positive people to my realm

  • I like who I am

hematite stones, jewelry, water, moqui marbles

Preparing for the Hematite meditation

This empowering meditation can be done anywhere. All you need are Hematite crystals, a few minutes, and a desire to boost your self-esteem.

These upbeat mantras are designed to work with the enchanting power of Hematite gemstones. Discover incredible options in the Satin Crystals Hematite Store.

After you gather your favorite stones, find a comfortable spot in your home or garden. Hold the crystals in your hand while doing this meditation, and wear Hematite jewelry to enhance your experience.

Are you at work? Put on your headphones and power meditate through your break. You decide how to do your ritual! 

Guided meditation script with Hematite

Do you like yourself? Do others like you?

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Sometimes it feels like an inner battle between self-love and self-doubt. In today's Hematite meditation, we are going to focus on your positive traits and enhance your self-love. When you gain a spring of confidence in your step, you feel better. Others notice and become more attracted to you. You are ready to enhance your charm and charismatic personality.

Begin by closing your eyes and relaxing your mind. Sometimes the stressful thoughts that clutter your brain make you act more pessimistic than you are. So by clearing these anxious thoughts, you make space for the real and upbeat you. You extract the diamond from the rough so that your charming personality can shine the way it is meant to shine.

Take three deep breaths as you feel the Hematite stones in your hand. Hematite is a healing crystal that specializes in releasing negative thoughts and encouraging positive thinking. With each exhale, imagine 10 negative thoughts escaping from your mind. With each inhale, imagine 10 positive thoughts entering your mind. Continue to breathe in the positive and release the negative.

(short break)

Your personality is what can make or break you in this world. You are full of positive traits that are charming, magnetic, and handsome like Hematite. Yet negative thoughts and self-doubt can hamper your natural flame, making you appear dull and unattractive to yourself and others. 

You are ready to shed your heavy persona and tap into your light and bright self. Hematite is the perfect crystal that guides you to a place of magical confidence while still keeping you grounded and humbled. You become the person that others enjoy being around. And most importantly, you become the person that YOU want to be around! 

Let's begin by pinpointing three of your strongest character strengths. These could be personality traits that you innately enjoy or things others have told you. Here are 5 examples:

"You are a responsible and organized person"

"You are funny and fun to be around"

"You are an empathetic friend who forms lifelong relationships"

"You are a business-savvy professional who is desired in the workplace"

"You are spiritually wise and others flock to your light"

There are thousands of things that are desirable about your unique persona. Go ahead and pick three now.

(short break)

Once you've decided on your three favorite positive personality traits, repeat them over and over in your mind for two minutes. Feel them become your personal uplifting mantras.

(two minutes break)

meditating with hematite circles

You see? That was easy! Sometimes you are too hard on yourself or hear too many negative things, but your mind is capable of pushing those aside and focusing on the positive.

Your aura now shines brighter and others will immediately notice that you are a more charming, optimistic person. To reinforce the outstanding new you, let's recite these 7 empowering affirmations. After each statement that you hear, you can repeat it aloud or say it quietly yet confidently to yourself. Here they are: 

 #1 Hematite heightens my charisma from the ground up

Now you say it. (short pause)

#2 I feel confident yet humble with Hematite crystals

(short pause)

#3 Handsome Hematite teaches me to look and feel my best

(short pause)

#4 Rather than giving in to doubt, I focus on my natural strengths

(short pause)

#5 I am a charming person who has a lot to offer to others

(short pause)

#6 My magnetic personality draws positive people to my realm

(short pause)

#7 I like who I am

(short pause)

Bravo! You have increased your self-esteem in just a few minutes. You have diligently invested your time in this positive Hematite meditation and you already feel better about yourself. When you awaken, you're going to notice that you feel good and that others are happier to be around you.

Now remember! Life challenges come daily. So anytime you are feeling bombarded by destructive doubts and self-defeating thoughts, grab hold of your Hematite to uplift you back to the state of charming perfection. And take the time to realign your mind by doing this meditation often.

You are ready to live your best life, feeling good! You are about to awaken into a more enjoyable world. Embrace the energy of positive thought. 

Now you will hear a count from 1 to 5. At 5, you will awaken.

1-2-3-4-5. Eyes open, wide awake. 

moqui marble and glass of water

What do I do Post-Meditation?

The guided meditation is fast but effective! You may feel as though you are floating on a cloud. Enjoy this natural high. Then, slowly reintegrate back into the worldly reality. If you need assistance anchoring, use Moqui stones to completely realign with the physical realm. Drink water to ground your energy.

Next, reflect upon your experience. If you did the meditation in a group, share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with others. If you practiced alone, journal your experiences or simply enjoy the sensations. Think about the messages you received and how to use them to benefit your everyday life.

What did you think about this meditation? If you have opinions, stories to share, or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below! 

hematite heart

Shop Hematite Crystals

Hematite healing stones fuel this meditation so you get the results you want. Find your favorites in the Hematite Crystal Collection or right here:

Rise Upward and Onward

Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - April 12, 2024

Hi Chris, thank you for your email and for watching our videos on YouTube. This Tibetan singing bowl was a gift to me many years ago, it is 8" wide.

I believe it was purchased from a metaphysical shop. We do not sell them, but I would check the metaphysical shops, fairs, or conventions near you.

Chris V - April 12, 2024

Just came across your youtube video on how to Cleanse, Charge and Program my crystals. I love your Tibetan Singing Bowl. I would love to get one just like it. Where did you purchase and what size is it? Do you sell these or could you tell me where I might get one? Thank you in advance.

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