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Left or Right Hand for Crystal Bracelets?

Which hand should you wear your crystal bracelets? This is one of the most common questions we receive at Satin Crystals. Watch the Left vs Right Bracelet Video and let's discover your options below.  

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How should I wear my crystal bracelets?

  1. If you are not concerned with particular energy flow, you can wear your bracelets on either hand. Stack them up in any formation you like. 

  2. If you are constantly on the computer or a writer, you will want to keep in mind which wrist you use most. You want to be mindful that the bracelet is not constantly hitting a hard surface. 

  3. As long as the stones are in your aura (your personal space which extends more or less 3 feet around your physical body), they are effective in your healing endeavors.

  4. For those who want to direct energy in a certain way, you can wear the stones according to the flow of your dominant vs non-dominant hands. 

sheila of satin crystals wearing obsidian bracelet

Should I wear my crystal bracelets on my right or left hand?

As far as crystal healing goes, you can wear your bracelets both on the right or left hands depending on your intentions. Your dominant hand is your giving hand and the non-dominant hand is your receiving hand.

If you are right-handed, this is your dominant hand, yang, or your giving hand. Here you'll want to wear crystal bracelets to project the energy out of your body. It is great for outward communication like expressing yourself and releasing energy like unwanted thoughts. 

Here are some examples: 

  • You are doing crystal healing on a client, you want the energy from your dominant hand to flow to their aura. 

  • You want to create a protective shield around your body, you want to wear your Obsidian bracelet on your dominant wrist.

  • You want to signal to the universe that your heart is open to new relationships, you want to wear your love crystals on your dominant wrist. 

If you are right-handed, your left hand is your non-dominant hand, yin, or your receiving hand. This is where you will absorb energy through your crystals. It is great for internal work like healing the inner child or self-confidence. 

Here are some examples: 

  • You are receiving a healing session from a healer, wear your bracelet on the non-dominant hand to easily receive the energy. 

  • You want to harness the lunar energy of the moon cycles, wear your Moonstone bracelet on your non-dominant wrist. 

  • You want to boost your immune system, wear your health bracelet on your non-dominant wrist. 

bracelets on left and right hands

Should I wear healing bracelets on both wrists?

In terms of crystal healing, there are good reasons to wear one bracelet on each wrist. As we mentioned above, the energies are giving and receiving depending on your hand dominance. But, sometimes you want to give and receive the energies of the crystals simultaneously.

Here are some examples: 

  • You want to balance your grounding energy with one bracelet on each wrist.

  • You want to reduce stress with two Calming Bracelets with the giving hand releasing the tension and the receiving hand infusing you with relaxation. 

  • You want to clear out your Heart chakra with two bracelets, one clearing out the emotional baggage and the receiving wrist filling the void with loving self-esteem. 

crystal bracelet stacked on two arms

Where can I buy real crystal bracelets?

No matter how you like to wear your bracelets, we have a whole selection of real crystal bracelets to shop from: 

Continue your crystal journey

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