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Hematite Protects from Ground Up

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Every time you step outside the house, you need protection from the ground up. Hematite is the handsome crystal that's up for the job.

Heck! You could even use a protective force within the home, safeguarding you against dark thoughts and energy. It's no wonder that Hematite is an everyday crystal that is popular and beloved.

But oh no! You've been tricked! Can you believe that most of the Hematite on today's market is man-made? No wonder you saw this gorgeous gemstone being flung around for a dime-a-dozen. How can you be sure to get the real thing?

Stick with Satin Crystals as we delve deep into the world of Hematite. Find out what this healing crystal does for you and how to ensure yours is genuine. Subscribe to the free Satin Crystals VIP club and be in the know.

Hematite for Protection 

Hematite is known to be a protective crystal that safeguards you against negative energy and thoughts. This shimmering metallic mineral not only repels bad vibes from the outside, but transforms bad thoughts created in your mind. It is a comprehensive protector and healer.

Are you tired of feeling drained when you walk into public spaces? Armor up with Hematite jewelry.

Are you sick of encountering pessimistic colleagues day in and day out? Place a protective Hematite sphere on your desk and watch the bad vibes roll away.

Are you getting bored of stepping into the house only to face complaining partners and family members? Grid your home with Hematite tumbeld stones and notice an improvement in everyone's attitude.

The battle of good and evil is not just external. There's one person whom you can never escape: yourself. Make it a mission to become a more positive and grateful person, day by day. Hematite is your hero, helping you ward off doubts and destructive thinking. Embrace it and feel the power flow. 

Hematite for Grounding

Handsome Hematite is one of the greatest grounding stones ever! This Root chakra healer fuels you from the earth up and brings about a sense of true purpose. With Hematite, you are humble and healed. 

The best type of Hematite is the one created by the planet itself. You probably didn't know that most of the Hematite on the market is man-made, and that's why it's being sold so cheaply. These phonies should really be labeled Hemalyke and Hematine, but they are disgused as real Hematite. Turn to Satin Crystals Hematite stones and jewelry for the good stuff, made by Mother Earth.

Ground your Root chakra by placing a Hematite cluster at your feet during a layout. Stabilize your energy by using a Hematite wand while crystal healing. Feng Shui your spaces and stones with a sleek Hematite charger.

With Hematite, you become the embodiment of a healthy and humble human.

Hematite for Attraction

There's no denying it, Hematite is attractive! Good news- it helps you become attractive too! This gemstone has magnetic qualities, both metaphysically and scientifically.

When you want a charismatic and attractive personality, wear Hematite. It brings out the best in your natural character. Others are drawn to your positive, magnetic traits. Win over lovers, business partners, and other good people with the help of a Hematite necklace near your heart.

This gemstone can also help you attract in another way: manifestations. Wish upon your Hematite points and pyramids and allow them to make your dreams a reality. Hematite specializes in material manifestation. Its intimate connection with planet Earth helps you factualize your fantasies. Work with a Hematite angel to tranform this world into your personal Heaven.

Hematite Healing for you 

Hematite is an important and interesting stone. Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club to learn more about what this crystal can do for you.

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Feel protected from the grond up when you wear and work with Hematite. This attractive and lustrous mineral is a heavy duty healer. See the Satin Crystals Hematite Collection or buy them right here on the blog:

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