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The Real Hematite Stone Showcase

hematite cube, ball, pyramid, heart

It's the moment you've been waiting for! Welcome to the showcase of heavily-loved Hematite stones. Hematite is cherished as a protective crystal and an earth grounding mineral. 

You won't believe this but 99% of the Hematite on the market is fake. Good news! All the pieces you see below are 100% real. Only at Satin Crystals.

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Your Protective Hematite Showcase

Hematite Prime Protectors

You love Hematite because it's a primal protector. This gunmetal gray beauty keeps the bad energy and ill-willed people away. Splendid shapes encourage safety with a smile.

Spheres safeguard from all directions

Cubes block off negativity

Hearts attracts healthy people

Pyramids protect your spiritual sessions

Hematite Heavy Duty Healers

Every true healer loves Hematite in their toolkit. Not only does it protect you during spiritual practices but this gem grounds your Root chakra to planet Earth. You are balanced to the point of brilliance.

Chargers energize your spaces and stones

Wands release dark energy blockages

Anti-Evil kits keep you safe on all levels

Pendulums swing to the tune of truth

Tumbles heal you in a thousand ways

Hematite Gray Guardians

Wise, strong, stable. These are the qualities you want in a guardian. Made from real Hematite, these figurines watch over you and point you to the right path.

Angels protect you from dark forces

Dogs watch over your home

Turtles whisper wisdom when you need it

Hematite Exquisite Earthlings

Hematite is a true-to-the-earth stone. This deeply grounding gem connects you to the planet in a meaningful way. It is asthetic to the eye and powerful to the person. Raw and rough Hematite shines bright.

Pick Points for Earth-to-Heaven healing

Pick Clusters for Raw grounding

Pick the Silver Set for Superpowers

Pick the Iron set for Root Chakra strength

Your Hematite healing journey

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Have you experienced Hematite?

Have you used Hematite stones or wore it in jewelry? What was your experience? We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Post them here on the blog below and we'll reply! 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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