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How to Create Crystal Mandalas

three examples of crystal mandalasLearn how to create crystal mandalas. These beautiful creations help you slip into a meditative state, focus on your intentions, and manifest your desires. It is easy and inspirational. 

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What do mandalas symbolize?

Mandals symbolize the Universe. They are circular in design to represent the cycle of life and the connectedness of everything. 

Mandalas have been created since the 4th century, especially popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. The word comes from India to mean wheel or circle, although other geometric patterns and sacred shapes can also be considered a mandala as long as there is harmony around a central point. 

Why create crystal mandalas?

  • When you create mandalas with crystals, you combine the power of the healing crystal with the power of the spiritual mandala pattern.

  • Creating mandalas is easy. You don't have to be an artist; no one is judging your work. 

  • You can use every single crystal in your collection to create magnificent mandalas.

How do crystal mandalas heal?

  • Because it is a soothing and meditative process, crystal mandalas help to relieve anxiety. They create a comfortable and safe space for the mind.

  • Mandalas are like miniature labyrinths. You start from the center and wind your way out, slowing your mind and reflecting upon your thoughts. 
three mandalas being activated with a clear quartz wand

How do I create crystal mandalas?

To create a crystal mandala, work with a predesigned mandala grid or go with your intuition. You can find predesigned mandalas on wooden boards, fabrics, canvas, or you can even print them out from your computer. 

Like everything in the healing realm, creating mandalas with crystals is all about trusting your Higher Self. There is no right or wrong way to create, as long as it makes you feel good. 

  1. Before you begin, energetically cleanse and charge your crystals. Then, program your crystals for what you want to manifest. For example, if you want to create a mandala to calm your mind, you can choose the appropriate calming crystals and program them accordingly. 

  2. Clear your space with sage, incense, or a singing bowl. Light a candle or dim the lights if it suits your mood. 

  3. Remind yourself of your intention out loud as you place your first crystal in the center of your grid. 

  4. Relax your body and mind, breathe deeply, and let go of your controlling ego. Let your subconscious mind take over the creative process. 

  5. Let your Higher Self guide you as you grid the rest of your crystals around your centerpiece stone. Radiate the crystals from the center of your mandala, keeping in mind your intention every time you place a new stone down. 

  6. To activate your mandala, use a Clear Quartz wand or point and draw an invisible line connecting all of your crystals to each other. 

If you have any objects other than crystals that fit the theme of your mandala, you can incorporate them into the design. For example, if you are creating a grid to heal the earth, you can use leaves or plants in your mandala. 

Where should mandalas be placed in the house?

Mandalas can be placed anywhere in your house. If you have a healing space or altar, place your mandala there. If you are creating a crystal mandala that corresponds with a specific area of your Feng Shui chart, make sure to place it in the appropriate area of your house. 

Think of your intention and where best to activate your crystal mandala. For example, if you are creating a mandala for love energy, you may want to place it in the bedroom. If you are activating a protection mandala, you may want to place it near your front door. If you are creating a mandala for healthy friendships, you may want to place it in your living room. 

If you want to move your mandala around, create it on a hard and easily portable surface like a piece of wood or cardboard. 

How long should I leave my crystal mandala up?

You can leave your crystal mandala in place for as long as you wish. As long as it is reminding you of your intention and relaxing your mind to gaze upon your creation, you can leave it indefinitely.

However, the benefit of dismantling your mandala is that you can move on to focus on other intentions. You could also focus on the same intention with a different crystal mandala pattern. You can repeat your intention and end up with a different mandala design every time.

Photograph your crystal mandalas and keep them in a journal. Write down your thoughts with each session.  

In spiritual practice, mandalas are destroyed to symbolize the brevity of life. For, although we are eternal, energy ebbs and flows, and we come and go...

What are some examples of crystal mandalas?

Here are some examples of what your mandalas may look like. The print-out templates are courtesy of Monday Mandala

abundance and money mandala with aventurine, quartz, citrine crystals

Love of Abundance Crystal Mandala

This mandala begins with an Aventurine Ganesha figurine, the Hindu elephant god of Abundance. He is surrounded by Green Aventurine tumbled stones and Clear Quartz hearts to add love into the equation. The mandala is lined with Citrine raw points for the energy of cash flow. 

Mandala Affirmation: My love for abundance flows free

crystal mandala with meteoritesConnecting with the Cosmos Crystal Mandala

At the center of this cosmic mandala is a Muonionalusta meteorite sphere. The galactic treasure puts you in the frame of mind to connect with the cosmos. The iron meteorite is surrounded by yellow Libyan Desert Glass and green Moldavite, which are both tektites resulting from a meteorite impact on the earth. The space stones are ringed with sacred merkaba stars carved out of Red Jasper, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Blue Aventurine, Red Aventurine, and Purple Amethyst. Three Sericho meteorite cubes complete the intergalactic mandala. 

Mandala affirmation: I am a cosmic being living an earthy life

mandala with amethyst, quartz, and moqui stones

Grounding the Ego Crystal Mandala

At the center of this mandala is a clear Quartz sphere glammed up in a rainbow aura flash. This represents your ego. It is surrounded by rough Amethyst points directing the energy of the ego outward. Tumbled Amethyst stones soothe the raging ego. Finally, Moqui Marbles ground the energy and balance your ego with your subconscious mind for harmonious living. 

Mandala affirmation: I ground my ego to live in harmony

mandala with lapis, amethyst, fluorite, moqui ball crystals

Crystal Mandala for Calming Anxiety

Once you are done with a mandala, you can reuse the crystals to create a new pattern. This mandala incorporates the Moqui Stones and tumbled Amethyst from the previous example, but starts with a Lapis Lazuli pyramid. This blue gemstone connects with your Third Eye chakra. It is surrounded by Fluorite tumbled stones, excellent for calming anxiety. 

Mandala affirmation: My mind is calm and stress-free

Is a crystal mandala the same as a crystal layout?

A crystal mandala is different from a crystal layout. A crystal layout involves the human body. Learn about crystal layouts. 

Is a crystal mandala the same as a crystal grid?

Crystal mandalas and crystal grids differ slightly. Crystal mandalas can also be referred to as crystal mandala grids. However, crystal grids are not necessarily crystal mandalas. 

A crystal mandala is created symmetrically, on a flat surface, radiation outwards from a central point.

A crystal grid can be created to "web" any area. For example, you can create a crystal grid around your room, placing crystals at the four corners of the floor and hanging crystals at the four corners of your ceiling. 

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Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Gian,

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

It sounds like you have a great gift of connecting with the spiritual realm and you seem to be covering all the grounds! It also sounds like you know how to incorporate crystals and crystal balls into your practice.

Indigo Gabbro is a mystical and magical choice, perfect for metaphysics. As you may know, Lapis Lazuli is a powerful pick for those who work with the Third Eye Chakra and psychic visions. They sound like good matches for you. Here is an article about Lapis you may enjoy:

If you have any questions or more stories to share, we’re here for you!

Gian - November 25, 2021


I just wanted to share a bit about myself and my favorite crystal- since I don’t really have anyone else to share it with. 😅

I am still developing my spiritual and psychic gifts but I’ve found I have quite a few. I accidentally went on a Shamanic journey to the spirit realm to perform a Shamanic Extraction on myself a while ago. I have increadibly vivid dreams where I speak to aliens and guides. I also have a sense and intimate connection with animals and elementals. They breathe with me and speak to me. It’s been such an amazing unfolding of the different subtle reality. I am also incredibly close to the angelic realm. In the waking world, the most obvious gift I have is clairsentience and I easily communicate and recieve communication telepathically, when I leave self doubt behind. My strongest connection is with the sea. I go to the beach and swim almost every day. When I leave the water, my heart chakra expands and is filled with loving energy. It’s like when a husky runs in snow for the first time- an intuitive connection.

I’d love more crystal spheres I can meditate with that can improve one or most of these gifts. I love the way each crystal plays with my energy. I feel it is like a snowflake that has an individual shape created by sound; each crystal holds a different tone that changes the shape of my energy (my snowflake). *

I am especially interested in crystal spheres connected to the ocean.

Currently, I am loving Indigo Gabbro (mystic merlinite). I also appreciate the calm and peace I receive from my moonstone sphere. I meditate with two crystals on each hand – one is almost always my clear quartz.

However my most prized stone is by far Lapis Lazuli. It has allowed me to open up my throat chakra and third eye and it’s made such a profound difference to me. I have an eye on your Afghan Lapis Lazuli sphere. I would want it at least 4 inches or larger. But I am saving up for it first and then a few other stones down the line.

Thank you for reading and doing what you do!

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