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How to wear Memory Wire Bracelets

memory wire slinkyDid you ever play with slinkies as a kid? I may be aging, but I remember these serpentine metal coils providing endless hours of fascination as they slunk their way down carpeted stairs.

Why am I reminiscing about this old school toy, you ask? Because of memory wire bracelets. For those unfamiliar with memory wire bracelets, they are essentially steel slinky rings you can bead and wear as multi-layered jewels.

Learn about memory wire bracelets, how to properly wear them, and how they can enhance your jewelry life. 

Why should you choose memory wire bracelets?

You want to add memory wire bracelets to your collection if you seek one or more of the following traits: 

  • Get a statement jewel in a single bracelet
  • Tap into the nostalgic days of slinkies
  • Wrap healing energies around your wrist

What is Memory Wire?

Memory wire bracelets come in coiled packs ready to string with crystal healing beads. What is so great about this wire is that it conforms to your wrist size like a memory foam bed that remembers where your body lies.

What's so great about memory wire?

I love making adjustable jewelry to fit a wide variety of people. Although the fashion industry loves to advertise their items as one size fits all, there's really no such thing. With memory wire bracelets we can fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

Memory wire bracelets are great when you want to feature just one crystal or a bunch of smaller ones. If you put too many heavy stone beads, the whole bracelet will sag from the weight. When creating memory wire bracelets you have to have the right balance of stones in the center and smaller beads at the ends so the bracelet is secure. Then, just coil the memory wire around your wrist and it will stay secure like a regular bracelet.

The technical part of memory wire bracelets aside, these coiled jewels are great for a multi-layered look. Depending on the beads you can get fancy faceted gemstones for flashy occasions or get average denim Sodalite beads for everyday wear.

How to properly wear Memory Wire Bracelets

Watch the video and learn how to properly wear memory wire bracelets. It's not as easy as it looks! You have to coil and uncoil it a particular way so the wire doesn't get bent out of shape. 

Your Healing Jewelry Journeys

If you are like me, you may have played with slinkies as a kid. Today, you can cherish this childhood nostalgia by wearing your slinky in the adult-appropriate form of a crystal memory wire bracelet. 

If you have any questions, comments, or stories to share about your own memory wire or slinky adventures, we'd love to hear them. Just comment on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

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Lisa Satin - May 28, 2021

Hi Alex! We are happy to hear that you found the article helpful. Reach out to us any time with your questions or crystal stories to share :)

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. I really like the way you present your article.

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