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Bracelet Sizing Guide

how to determine bracelet sizeDo you know your true bracelet size? 

If you are used to buying bracelets blindly online, you are probably getting an average size 7 in the mail. However, this sizing may be too tight or too loose compared to your true size. For example, most women and even some men that I know in real life have wrist sizes that hover around a size 6. 

Don't make a haphazard guess. Measure your actual wrist size once and for all and you can continue to buy bracelets online with confidence!

Check out the video on sizing or read the instructions below on how to find your perfect bracelet size for both your wrists and your ankles.

Bracelet & Anklet Sizing Video

Prefer to get a visual presentation? Click to watch our bracelet and anklet video tutorial. 

How can I measure my wrist without a Measuring Tape?

An alternative method for finding for bracelet size if you don't have a measuring tape handy is to use a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist.

Make a note of where the string meets around your wrist. Use this length to measure against a ruler. The string's length will determine your wrist size.

Bracelet Size Chart

Please note that your bracelet size is not determined exclusively by your height nor weight. Your body frame determines your wrist size. Make sure to measure your wrist as instructed above for an accurate fit.

Bracelet Sizes

Wrist Length


4-5 inches


5-6 inches


6-7 inches


7-8 inches


8 - 9 inches


9-10 inches

How to determine your bracelet size

  • For stretch and clasp bracelets, use a measuring tape to measure your wrist exactly where you want the bracelet to lie. 
  • Make sure the measuring tape is firm around the base of your hand (aka: your wrist). It may be easier to have a friend measure for you. 
  • If you do not have a measuring tape, use a string or strip of paper. Wrap it around your wrist and use this length to measure against a ruler.
  • Use the length of your wrist's circumference (in inches) to buy your new bracelet.

How to determine your anklet size

  • For stretch and clasp anklets, use a measuring tape to measure your ankle exactly where you want the ankle bracelet to lie. 
  • If you do not have a measuring tape, use a string or strip of paper. Wrap it around your ankle and use this length to measure against a ruler.
  • Use the length of your ankle's circumference (in inches) to buy your new anklet.

How to determine your bangle size

  • If you are buying a solid bangle with no clasp nor flexibility, loosely measure around your knuckles rather than your wrist to make sure that the bangle will fit.
  • Join your fingers together as though you are going to slip your hand into a bangle.
  • Wrap the measuring tape around the largest part of your hand. 
  • Use the length of your wrist's circumference to buy your new bangle.

How should the bracelet fit on my wrist?

Depending on your preference, your bracelet will either fit snugly around your wrist or it will be a little loose. If you like a secure fit, choose bracelets that are your exact wrist measurements. If you like your bracelets a little loose, add 1/4 inches to your wrist measurement. Don't add too much to your actual wrist length or the bracelet will slip off of your hand completely. 

This does not apply to bangles which will always be a little loose at the wrist. Bangles are measured for your knuckle size rather than wrist size. 

How much does my bracelet stretch?

If you're considering a stretch bracelet, you may not be concerned with sizing. However, like stretchy pants, stretchy bracelets can only stretch so much before they will snap. 

Stretch bracelets must be slipped on and off with care. Unfortunately, no one has invented unbreakable stretch cord yet, so for now you will have to be very careful when stretching your bracelet. It is best to order your perfect size and avoid a surprise breakage. 

Shop Bracelets & Anklets with Confidence

When shopping for your new bracelet or anklet at Satin Crystals, we offer a wide range of sizes. Unlike other shops, we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all rule. 

Our stretch bracelet range from 5.5 inches to 8.25 inches. Our anklets range from 8.5 inches to 12 inches. And, if you need additional sizes or your size is temporarily out of stock, we are happy to put you on the priority list for your perfect fit, just contact us

Here is a screenshot of a bracelet page on Satin Crystals. As you can see in the circled area with an arrow, the default size is 5.5 inches. However, you can click on any of the size buttons before adding them to your cart. 

shop for the perfect bracelet size

Continue on with your new knowledge

Now that you have your perfect bracelet and anklet size, you can go shopping in confidence.  Still have questions? We are standing by. Feel free to contact us anytime.