Model full of purple Amethyst stretch bracelets

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in the world for its natural purple colors and its spiritual healing properties. Perhaps its one of your favorite stones?

Did you know that Amethyst comes in a range of purple hues? You will find pale Lavender Amethyst all the way to deep purple Black Amethyst. How do you decide which color is right for you?

Here are the current Amethyst bracelets in the Satin Crystals collection: 

Ametrine Stretch Bracelet

Ametrine Bracelets

Along with a translucent purple Amethyst, Ametrine shows spots of yellowish Citrine. The surprising stone mixes the crystal properties of both Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine bracelets are coveted for their double potential in healing energies. With Ametrine you get a lighter purple bracelet with an uplifting yellow undertone. 

Pile of dark purple Amethyst bracelets

Dark Amethyst Bracelets

For a rocking good time, dark Amethyst bracelets are the way to go. These deluxe purple stones are striking in their obvious good looks. Dark Amethyst bracelets are great to wear when you  need that extra push for spiritual confidence. 

Lavender Amethyst stretch bracelet

Lavender Amethyst Bracelets

For those who skew to a more pinkish tone, Lavender Amethyst is a perfect fit. With a very pale purple color, Lavender Amethyst is a stone invoking love energies, mystical minds and dream magic. This ghostly purple bracelet is perfect to wear for meditation, healing and calm times. 

Rough Amethyst and Polished green Malachite stretch bracelet

Rough Amethyst Bracelets

Naturally, Amethyst is a form of Quartz crystal. In its rough formation, you will likely see the crystal's clear to white Quartz base growing into a purple Amethyst point. This bracelet features a rough Amethyst stone with green Malachite beads for a fresh and royal look. 

The Colors of Amethyst

Amethyst is always purple, but the shades of purple will vary. A lighter tone may be suited for your subdued days and a darker tone may be perfect for those bold days.

Don't despair, the decision is easy when you don't have to decide between light and dark Amethyst. Collect and wear them all!

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Author: Sheila Satin

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