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Fun Crystal Bracelet Facts

Sheila of Satin Crystals holding up a Mica oval beaded braceletSure, you love to wear them, but what're the meanings behind crystal bracelets? 

Did you know...?

  • Most bracelet designers think you are one-size-fits-all, but you're not

  • You should wear your bracelet on the non-dominant hand to receive the crystal healing energies

  • There are real reasons for you to wear matching bracelets on each wrist

  • You can benefit from the 7 most popular crystal bracelets since 2001

  • Bracelets form a circle, the most perfect symbol for unity in the Universe

  • Wide bracelets were used in battle as protective armor

  • You can place custom bracelet orders with Satin Crystals

Learn fun facts, perfect sizing techniques, which wrist to wear your bracelets, and more in your Ultimate Guide to Crystal Bracelets.

Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club and keep updated on the latest in the crystal bracelet world. 

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Sheila Satin - July 11, 2020

Hi Invictus, thank you for your email.

We leave it entirely up to you as the wearer of the bracelets to charge, activate, reiki, and mantra infuse the stones. Because each stone has so many different healing properties, you have complete control over how you want to program your crystal. If you do need guidance, we have a lot of crystal healing resources for you.

A-Z List of Crystals and their Meanings:

Crystal Healing Tutorials

Crystal Cleansing

If you haven’t done so yet, we also invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP club and we will send out metaphysical emails every single week:

If you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you,
Sheila Satin

Invictus - July 11, 2020

Are these bracelets Charged and Activated, Reiki and Mantra Infused?

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Hi Daphne, we don’t have any course sessions or trainings, but we do have a lot of videos, blogs and articles on crystal healing topics.

You may want to start at:

Sheila Satin

Daphne - May 11, 2020

Do you offer sessions or trainings for newbies?

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