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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Howlite Stone for Healthy Habits

man and woman back to back meditating with howlite spheresOn a cold dark winter's night, a lone wolf howls at the big white moon. As dawn breaks, complete stillness rules the land. A majestic white mountain spans across the horizon, shimmering in a blanket of fresh white snow. It is a scene of nature untouched by man. It is tranquil, timeless, and divine.

Howlite is a stone of vast possibilities. Here you will discover three of its most popular uses. 

In the physical realm, Howlite helps you break unwanted patterns and adopt healthy new habits. In the spiritual realm, this crystal opens your mind to philosophical thought. In the mental-emotional realm, Howlite soothes you into a state of serenity.

As you master one skill, another challenge emerges. So is the nature of life. With Howlite, you break free from the shackles of false programming and fearfulness. 

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Howlite for Healthy Habits

Howlite is a crystal with a very unique mission. It is most famous for its powers of breaking old habits and instilling healthy new ones.

Are you guilty of engaging in negative thoughts? Destructive routines? Toxic relationships? It's time to break that cycle.

When you do meditations and affirmations with Howlite, you set your mind right. Transform your life in small ways and big. Resolutions are a part of the new year experience but with Howlite, every day is a new chance for self-improvement.

When you've made it a goal to change your brainwaves and release yourself from false programming, wear Howlite jewelry daily. Try Howlite earrings to alter your thoughts or a Howlite bracelet to adjust your actions.

Habits can be hard to break. With Howlite, you can kick them out of your life forever. Keep Howlite stones around the home as reminders of your mission. A Howlite turtle tells you to trek forward even when progress feels slow. Every step towards health is a major victory. A Howlite heart gives you self-confidence even on those days when you step back to your old habits.

Keep on investing in yourself and you shall succeed.

Howlite for Philosophical Spirituality

Spirituality is not set in stone. It is fluid, changing according to your shifting beliefs and experiences. Howlite connects you to your philosophical side. It breaks you free from the shackles of absolutism.

If you're married to your opinions you get stuck in your ways. The truly spiritual soul is open and thoughtful. Open to the fact that they could be right or wrong, thoughtful of others' perspectives and ideas, and aware that reality changes according to perspective.

As it frees you from the limits of your mind, Howlite guides you to your spiritual destiny. Gaze into the pristine white Howlite sphere and follow the gray landscape lines- they lead you to your true life path.

When you feel lost or conflicted, hold tight to Howlite tumbled stones and feel them pull you in the right direction. Wear healing jewelry made from Howlite to ensure you don't stray from your spiritual mission.

Howlite is a Crown chakra crystal that lights the way to divinity.

Howlite for Sleep and Soothing

Do you suffer from a stressed mind? Do you suffer from sleeplessness? Perhaps both. Howlite is here to soothe you.

Calm and cooling snowy white Howlite slows your frantic thoughts. It works directly through the Crown chakra to release menial worry. Instead, Howlite showers you with peaceful vibrations from high above.

When you're feeling jittery, rub a Howlite worry stone to quell your fears. Do you have an interview or performance coming up that makes you nervous? Howlite cufflinks adorn your outfit like little full moons.

Don't shiver in fear when you can howl confidently as the wolf.

If your mind is racing at bedtime, try placing a Howlite pyramid on the nightstand. Its calming vibrations will send you straight to the clouds. Have sweet dreams with Howlite. 

Howlite Healing for You

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Are you ready to kick some nasty habits? Open your mind to enlightenment? Enjoy some rest? If so, Howlite stones and jewelry are for you.

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