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Ilyinets Crater: Urgent from Ukraine!

ilyinets crater meteoritesWhat do you know about Ilyinets Crater? Unless you are an avid Meteorite, Tektite, or Impactite collector, you are probably in the dark. Thankfully, you are a growing soul who likes to learn new things. You love to benefit from the secret stones of this world and beyond.

Today, we are spotlighting this rare, valuable Impactite because it is super special and hard to obtain. With Ukraine in the midst of a brutal war, their resources have been cut short from the world market. Satin Crystals has acquired a few real Ilyinets Craters for healers like you. These pieces are fit for meteorite lovers and crystal healers who cherish exclusive and exquisite items. 

But hurry! When these Ilyinets Craters are gone, we don't know when you can get more. Sure, I live just 200 miles from the Ukrainian border in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, but with the rocky situation next door, we never know if a shipment will arrive or fall.

First, I'm going to tell you a little bit about Ilyinets Crater. Then, you can decide for yourself if this powerful meteoric mineral is meant to be yours.

Are you going to be one of the only people in this galaxy who owns Ilyinets Crater?

Join us as we embark on a scientific and spiritual journey with Tektites and  Impactites. Enroll in the Satin Crystals VIP club to keep updated on the latest crystal healing news.

What is Ilyinets Crater?

445 million years ago, a meteorite came zooming across the galaxy like a ball of fire. Boom! It hit the vast lands of ancient Ukraine and formed the Ilyinets Crater. History was made. The impact explosion created a variety of unique Impactite bombs, fragments, shock-melt rocks, and breccia.

A crater is the large impact that is left on Earth when a meteorite strikes. Ilyinets Crater is located in the Lypovets and Ilyinets districts of the Vinnytsia region. It has an 8.5-kilometer diameter and is about 700 meters deep. It was first thought that the crater was 385 million years old but further studies show it is even older.

In December 2020, it was published by the Journal of Geology, Geography, and Geoecology that the crater is accessible and that "Undoubtedly, it is a promising unique geological object that can attract attention of tourists around the world, as well as geoscientists interested in studying unique natural sites and phenomena in Europe and on the Earth in general."

Although the publishers were certain that Ilyinets Crater could rise to fame, mankind had another agenda. A few months later, Russia waged war against its neighbor and Ukraine was deemed a dangerous country. This killed the dream of Ilyinets Crater as a tourist destination for generations to come. But hope lives on for the future.

What does Ilyinets Crater do for me?

Whether you are a meteorite collector or a crystal healer, you are probably fascinated by rare natural minerals. IIlyinets Crater provides you with the ancient secrets of Earth. It was born far before mankind ever existed. Ilyinets Crater is rich in energy, ancestral healing, and historical significance.

When you become an owner of Ilyinets Crater, you become one of the only people in the world...or galaxy...who benefits from its unique metaphysical properties.

Ilyinets Crater is meant for those who endure. Through hardship and challenge, it stays by your side until you come out the victor. If you wish to be a master of manifestation, this longstanding Impactite pushes you toward the win. Never give up on your goals. Whenever you feel self-doubt, Ilyinets Crater fills the void with magical confidence.

Unique specimens of Ilyinets Crater hold the power of Earth and space. Its star-born origin makes it ideal for your astral travel and meditation sessions. This hybrid Impactite can take you far beyond the planet, more so than any earth mineral. When you're ready to expand your horizons and rocket forward in your spiritual journey, pick Ilyinets Crater.

With Ilyinets Crater in the palm of your hand, your world is shaken. You feel something so deep in your soul that you'll never be the same again. The experience is too vast to be written in words. Try it for yourself and travel to the stars above.

Why should I get Ilyinets Crater now?

Now is the time to secure your Ilyinets Crater. We have just 9 pieces at the time of this publication: 3 spheres and 6 specimens.

When you get Ilyinets Crater from Satin Crystals, you know that you are getting the real deal. I live just a short ride away from Ukraine, yet the country is inaccessible to me. Thankfully, I have connections with Ukranian collectors who are based in the heart of their homeland.

Each time I ask for Ilyinets, I take a chance. I understand the instability of a country at war, and that my specimens may or may not reach me. And that's okay either way. Because I am supporting real human beings through a difficult time in history. Meanwhile, I am providing my Satin Crystals customer with the rare and genuine meteorites they deserve. 

Want in on Ilyinets Crater? Check out our spheres and specimens now. Once they're gone, they're gone.

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