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Is your Selenite Real or Fake?

sheila of satin crystals looking at true selenite and satin spar massage wandIs your Selenite fake or real? How can you be sure?

Is Satin Spar actually Selenite? Which one is better for crystal healing?

What's the difference between Selenite and lookalike Calcite, Quartz, Ulexite, and Moonstone?

Let's find out!

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Watch the video on fake vs real Selenite

Watch the video on Real vs Fake Selenite to see examples and hear the explanation. 

What is Selenite? 

Selenite is a crystallized version of an abundant stone called Gypsum. Whereas Gypsum is used in all kinds of everyday industries, from plaster of paris in walls to the ingredients in your toothpaste, Selenite is used mainly for crystal healing and decorating. 

To learn in-depth about Selenite, visit Selenite Crystal Meaning.

How can you tell if Selenite is real?

Luckily for us, Selenite is rarely faked because it is such an easily accessible and affordable crystal. With other stones, we usually advise you to send in questionable specimens to a certified gemological laboratory for testing. However, this is not necessary with Selenite. Selenite stone is very easy to distinguish even for beginners. 

If you do come across suspicious material claiming to be Selenite, you can test it: 

  • Real Selenite will scratch very easily with your fingernails

  • Real Selenite will easily flake, powder, and chip in your hands even if coated with a sealant

  • Real Selenite will not melt when touched with a heated pin-like; plastic will

  • Real Selenite will dissolve in water over a long period

  • Real Selenite will show inclusions but no air bubbles like glass

    How can you tell Selenite from Satin Spar?

    The bigger question here is whether you have True Selenite or Satin Spar Selenite. As we mentioned, Selenite is a crystallized version of Gypsum. However, it can crystallize in different ways. True Selenite and Satin Spar have the same composition but crystallize in slightly different ways.

    Here are some tips on how you can tell True Selenite from Satin Spar Selenite:

    • True Selenite is clear and colorless while Satin Spar Selenite is translucent and can come in white or orange. Keep in mind if other minerals are included in True Selenite, it can look a different color. 

    • True Selenite forms in thin sheets resembling flat crystal plates while Satin Spar Selenite forms in fibrous crystals resembling thin threads. 

    • True Selenite shows clarity while Satin Spar Selenite shows a silky iridescence or a dancing "cats-eye" effect on its surface. 

    • True Selenite will be more expensive than Satin Spar Selenite. 

    Is True Selenite or Satin Spar better for healing?

    In terms of crystal healing, both forms of Selenite hold the same metaphysical properties. You can use either True Selenite or Satin Spar Selenite for healing. If You can even pick up Desert Rose Selenite to complete the whole Gypsum family collection.

    Nothing is better or worse in terms of healing. It all comes down to what your healing goals are.

    Satin Spar is easier to find in a lot of different shapes. If you are searching for crystal balls, eggs, bowls, or jewelry, Satin Spar Selenite will fit the bill. If you are looking for raw slabs to use in your practice, True Selenite may call out to you more. 

    If you are looking for a Selenite to use as a crystal charging station, both come in flat forms. Because of its fragility, you may want to consider a polished and coated version of Selenite for stability. 

    For metaphysical uses of Selenite, visit Selenite Crystal Meaning.

    How can you tell Selenite from Lookalikes?

    If you are confused by lookalike stones, here are a few tips on how to distinguish Selenite from the others.

    Selenite is a 2 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and can be easily scratched with your fingernail. Ulexite is a 2.5, Calcite is a 3, Moonstone is a 6.5, and Quartz is a 7. The first two stones may trip you up, but there's no way you will mistake Moonstone or Quartz with Selenite once you try to scratch it with your fingernails. 

    All of the other stones will be a higher price than Selenite. 

    An interesting way to tell Selenite, Calcite, and Ulexite apart is to place slabs over text. For True Selenite, the text will remain on the bottom of the stone, like looking through a piece of glass. For Calcite, the double refraction of the stone will have you seeing two sets of words. For Ulexite, also known as the TV stone for its fiber optic qualities, the words will jump to the top of the stone.

    Keep in mind that Satin Spar Selenite can also have some fiber optic qualities if cut in a certain way, but the image will not be as clear as it is with Ulexite. With Ulexite you can see the image clearly when looking at the stone at an angle whereas the image blurs with Satin Spar. 

    Here are ways to tell Ulexite vs Selenite through specific gravity and inclusions. 

    satin spar, ulexite, satin spar, clear quartz over text

    Where can I buy real Selenite?

    As always, we recommend that you purchase your crystals from a reputable source. If they don't know the difference between True Selenite and Satin Spar, that is a red flag!

    We have your True Selenites, Satin Spars, and Desert Rose Gypsums at Satin Crystals. Check out the Selenite Collection or shop right here on the blog:

    Your Selenite Journeys

    Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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    Lisa Satin - August 8, 2023

    Hello John, all of our product listings have the treatment within the description. If there is one missing, let us know. Carnelian necklace stones are natural, but heated and/or dyed. Here is a link to the Carnelian collection:

    John B. - August 8, 2023

    I am looking to buy a carnelian necklace! Are the carnelian stones real?

    Lisa Satin - August 7, 2023

    Hello John, The vast majority of our stones are naturally occurring, though we do offer a couple of manmade gems like Goldstone and Opalite as well. If you open up the listing of the items of interest, there is a section that tells you if the stone is natural, treated, colored, etc.

    John B. - August 7, 2023

    Hi! Are your crystals stones genuine stones? Or are made in a lab?

    Sheila Satin - March 2, 2023

    Hi Elvira, thanks for your question.

    We are unfamiliar with Sibin stone (aka: Bianstone), but I did find this online:

    Yes, you’re right, it sounds like there are a lot of fakes of Si Bin out there just like Jade.

    I am sorry that we can not be more helpful as we have not had the privilege of working on sourcing this stone ourselves.

    Elvira B. - March 2, 2023

    Si bin.

    I have been reading a few articles of this stone. Are you knowledgeable? I’m wanting to know more and perhaps buy a piece. I’m afraid of being directed to a false imitation. What I purchased from you so far is wonderful. Hoping you can guide me here

    Lisa Satin - January 16, 2023

    Hi Barry! We buy our crystals from many sources around the world. We’ve been in business since the 90’s so we are well-connected in the crystal world. There is no one place to buy all crystals as they come from different localities.

    Here’s another article about real vs fake crystals or you to read:

    We do not certify crystals and for good reason. People often ask that question about Moldavite so the answer is in this Meteorite article but applies to all stones:

    Barry J. - January 16, 2023

    Are all your crystals certified or go through any testing. Can I ask where you buy your crystals from? Thank you for being so understanding and answering my questions.

    Lisa Satin - April 20, 2022

    Hi David, thank you for your reply. We are glad you found us on Youtube and got REAL gems delivered.

    David C. - April 20, 2022

    Wow cool. Thanks for the personal video. Love your website . i bought a few fakes on etsy and decided it was time to search for crystals somewhere else. I randomly stumbled upon a youtube video and found your site.

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