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Your Jasper Guided Meditation for Holiday Calm

female meditating with two red jasper crystal ballsJolly Jasper is the stone that keeps you calm and peaceful through the holidays. Find the bright, shining star that each moment has to offer by letting go of stress and pressure.

The turn of each year brings a bustle of holiday activity. A concentration of celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Years, and Valentine's Day makes for fun festivities.

Although festive, it is easy to rile up your nerves with the obligations to shop, cook, plan, and conversate. For some of us, this sounds fun. For others, it's a lot to take in.

Holidays happen all year round. Zap the Grinch and maximize your joy; Use Jolly Jasper crystals to keep up your cheer through the mayhem. This meditation can be used any time you need to get pumped up and ready to party. 

Jasper guided meditation video

Do you prefer your meditations in video form? Here is a video of the Jasper Guided Meditation

There are singing bowl interludes throughout the video so you can take time to visualize and personalize your journey. Listen and follow along...

How do you prepare for the Jasper meditation?

This meditation is meant to be fun and get you in a celebratory mood. You can do it in a calm, tranquil space or you can follow along in a festive setting, like near the Christmas tree, or in your recreational room.

As with every crystal meditation, you will want to prepare by having your Jasper stones and jewelry with you. If you need to find some new and original pieces, check out the Satin Crystals Jolly Jasper Collection.

Once you've gotten your treasures, you should clean, charge, and program them. When you are ready to start the meditation, make sure you have a glass of water and a set of Moqui Marbles (or your favorite grounding stones) within reach. You will use them directly after the meditation.

jasper stones, water, moqui marbles, christmas tree for jasper meditation preparationsGuided meditation script with Jasper crystals 

The holidays are here. You are ready for fun. You are ready to let go of the stressful parts of the holiday celebrations. You are ready to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of festivity and joy.

Hold your Jasper stones in your hand. Feel them buzzing with life. Jasper is the center of the party- the stone that knows how to have fun. It is ready to teach you how to remain calm and grounded to maximize your holidays like the rock star you are.

Begin by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, feel it go in and out. With each inhale, imagine a cool, peppermint breeze entering your body and flowing through your veins. Feel fresh, calm, and content.

With each exhale, release the cumbersome train of thoughts running relentlessly through your mind. If your mental engine is racing at 100 miles per hour, envision it slowing down by 50% with each breath out. Eventually, the train moves so far out into the distance that it disappears into the horizon.

Continue to breathe in this calm and cool feeling, relaxing your muscles and releasing your brain.


You live in a world of duality. It is hot and cold. Dark and light. Happy and sad. Similarly, there are pros and cons to every holiday. Your experience often depends on which parts you are focusing on.

For example, when the New Year arrives, are you stressed about the resolutions you have made for yourself, or are you pumped up about the opportunity for new beginnings? When Valentine's Day is approaching, are you sad and soppy about being single, or are you ready to celebrate all the meaningful people in your life? When your family gathering is coming up, are you dreading having nothing to say to your difficult uncle or are you joyously awaiting to reconnect with your awesome aunt?

Your Jasper stones are here to turn your mind toward the best aspects of the holiday. Sure, the hard parts still exist, but your focus will be on the positive.

Now, think about one holiday or event that is approaching. It can be an official holiday like Easter, or an upcoming birthday, reunion, or anniversary. Once you've picked your holiday, keep breathing and enjoying this state of relaxation with your Jasper stones buzzing in delight.

(short pause)

female with jasper wands

Every experience has its many sides and stories. The holiday you have picked to focus on today may create some sort of anxiety for you. Some common stresses related to holidays are things like shopping expenses, interacting with difficult friends or relatives, or being self-conscious of your looks or status; the list could be endless.

Now imagine a large, colorful, festive hot air balloon landing in front of you. It is made of real Jasper gemstones. There is a large passenger basket attached to the giant balloon. You are going to extract every negative thought you have about your upcoming holiday and remove it from your brain. Place these unwanted thoughts in the hot air balloon basket.

Take this time to reflect on any stress you feel about your holiday; it may be obvious or it may be something that is hidden deep within. Imagine extracting each negative thought from your mind and placing it in the hot air balloon.  


All your fears and worries have now been unloaded from your body and packed into the Jasper hot air balloon. Jasper doesn't want you to be bogged down by these negative thoughts, so it is about to launch off the ground and deliver these destructive ideas into a black hole far above the earth.

Watch as your hot air balloon begins to ignite, fire spouting out the sides as bright as Red Jasper. It slowly lifts off the ground and drifts higher and higher up into the sky. The farther away the hot air balloon is, the lighter and lighter you feel. Your dread and worry are being taken far away. 

What sweet relief to be rid of those frantic thoughts. You are ready to focus on the fun and festive parts of your upcoming holiday. That's the way it was always meant to be.

Now, imagine yourself turning around. Behind you is the place that you will be celebrating the holiday. Is it a home, restaurant, venue, park, or some other place? Let your Third Eye envision your party space. As the details become clearer, your enthusiasm begins to build.

Now you are ready to focus on the positive aspects of this holiday. You are going to make a mental list of all the wonderful experiences you are going to have. Some common good feelings that revolve around holidays include time with loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, and eating delicious food... the list is limitless.

You are going to think of one thing at a time. Not only are you going to think of it, but you are going to feel the joy that is associated with each positive element of the holiday. And for every positive thing you can think of, one colorful Jasper party balloon will appear before you.

Go ahead and think of the joyous things associated with your holiday now. Think it, feel it, and gather up as many Jasper party balloons as you can.


female playng tibetan singing bowl

Wow! Look at you! You are the star of the party. Not only are you excited about the jolly experiences, but you are leading others to a good time as well.

Take the Jolly Jasper balloons that you've generated and imagine decorating your party space to feel bright, festive, and inviting. When you're done decorating, envision the holiday taking place. Imagine how happy everyone is thanks to the mood you have created.


You live in a world of dualities, but you choose which side to live in. You've chosen to be a holiday superstar, and it's turned out to be a success.

You are no longer one of those Grinches or downers raining on everyone's parade. You recognize the stressful parts of the holiday but you don't focus on them. You focus on the fun, meaningful memories you are about to create.

You are now ready to return to the real world and put your party skills into play. You're feeling excited about the upcoming holiday, and all holidays for that matter.

Your Jasper stones are infused with the jolly spirit of joy. Any time you need a pick-me-up, grab or gaze upon your crystal and feel your optimism expanding like a Jasper balloon. It elevates your mood to new levels.

Give thanks to your Jasper stones for setting your mind on the right course. Whenever you see your Jasper crystals, you will be reminded that the holidays were meant to be easy and stress-free. 


You are about to be counted up from 1 to 5, and at 5 you will be wide awake, pumped up with the holiday spirit.

Begin with number one, the root of all life. Feel your feet grounding back to the floor as you wiggle your toes.

With number two, you recognize and accept the duality of the Universe. Feel your male and female energies come to balance as you adjust your hips and feel the blood flows back to your body.

With number three, you appreciate the company in life. Feel a flow of love energy rush to your heart, and get in touch with your pulsing breath.

With number four, you give thanks to all four seasons of the year. Start to think about all the wonderful things you're about to celebrate when you awaken.

And finally, with number five, all of your five physical senses come back to you. Open your eyes, and conquer the world.

female holding moqui marbles and a glass of water

What do I do after the Meditation?

When the meditation is over, you may feel a wonderful sense of elation. Your physical body might be buzzing, and your mental state in a happy place. Allow yourself to ease back down to reality- but enjoy this pleasing transition as long as you can.

Place your Moqui stones in your hands to anchor your energy back to earth, Drink water to ground your physical vibrations.

Once you are ready, share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with other members of your guided meditation group. If you did this meditation on your own, you can self-reflect on the experience or write it down in a journal. Keep your experiences and happy feelings with you even after the process.

If you liked participating in this Jasper crystal meditation, or if you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we want to hear from you. Post them below or message us! 

hand wearing jasper bracelets waving a red jasper wand over a kambaba jasper sphere on a table with red jasper merkaba, christmas tree, satin crystals gift boxes

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Keep Shining...

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