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Jasper Article

Jasper Article

Jasper is formed when silica-rich waters flow through cracks of rocks picking up an assortment of other minerals along the way. Silica is the main component of Quartz. Jasper is a form of Chalcedony, which is formed from microscopic Quartz. Jasper is the opaque variety of Chalcedony and comes in numerous colors because it incorporates other minerals into its structure for color and solidity.

Jasper is found worldwide, wherever microscopic Quartz is found. You will often see white Quartz veins running through your Jasper stones. Because it is related to Quartz, it has similar Mohs Scale of Hardness of 6.5 - 7.5. Because it is relatively hard, Jasper is easily made into a variety of objects, carvings and jewelry.

Jasper Article - Types of Jasper Tumbled Stones

Types of Jasper

Autumn Jasper has an earthy feel with a mix of warm reds and greens reminiscent of the Fall. Autumn Jasper helps us to connect with our present moment, enjoying the cycles of life.

Bamboo Jasper is a brownish gray stone with patterns of brown, yellow and orange. Use Bamboo Jasper to balance the Root Chakra.

Brecciated Jasper, which has the same energy as Red Jasper, is red, black and beige and is formed when the stone becomes fractured by movement in the earth and Chalcedony naturally refills the fractures to form this mottled stone. It gets its red coloring from Hematite.

Brown Jasper may vary from light tan to a deep brown with a variety of patterns and inclusions. It aids the liver and regulates cholesterol levels. It provides the will to survive and the necessary strength and endurance in difficult situations.

Dalmatian Jasper is a creamy white healing crystal with sporadic black spots similar to the famous fire station dogs. It appeals to the child within us, strengthening imagination and encouraging playfulness. Dalmatian Jasper helps us feel comfortable with our eccentricities. This natural spotted stone is found in Mexico.

Fancy Jasper, also known as Rainbow Jasper, shows a whimsical blend of mauve, creams, whites and greens. The stone's colors display the fantastic swirls and patterns of Mother Nature. Like all Jaspers, Fancy Jasper provides nurturing energies through times of stress and illness.

Green Jasper has a strong connection to the Earth. The calming stone is especially beneficial to those who are drawn to its colors, patterns and energies.

Kambaba Jasper is a rich green stone with black orbicular patterns from Madagascar. The calming stone is especially beneficial to those who are drawn to its colors, patterns and energies. Use Kambaba Jasper to ground the Heart and Root Chakras.

Leopard Jasper healing stones help to connect with your spirit animal, providing guidance and protection during your life's journey. The stone brings harmony between the wearer and their environment. Use Leopard Jasper to increase endurance, stimulate imagination and reduce anxieties. Leopard Jasper helps open and balance the Sacral and Root Chakras. Leopard Jasper shows a mottle of warm colors resembling its namesake's fur coat.

Mookaite Jasper has colors ranging in warm earth tones like brick red, cream, brown, mauve and gold. Mookaite is named after its place of discovery in Mooka Station, Western Australia. Mookaite Jasper is a stone to stabilize your mental and physical energies, thus allowing you to focus on your future potential. Use Mookaite Jasper to balance the Root Chakra.

Ocean Jasper, also known as Orbicular Jasper, comes in a multitude of colors and circular patterns. This patterned stone was collected during low tide in the coast lines on the oceans of Madagascar, but known veins have now been mined out. Ocean Jasper is used to relieve chronic stress. It is a relaxing stone known for its energy to release worries. It reminds you to breathe fully and release tensions from your body. Use Ocean Jasper to balance the Root Chakra.

Picture Jasper is formed from mud that dripped into gas pockets in molten lava. The resulting patterns make Picture Jasper resemble landscapes and spotted paintings, like Mother Nature has created an artwork on stone. Picture Jasper crystals help us to visualize and harmonize our goals. Wear Picture Jasper to encourage success in business. 

Polychrome Jasper, also called Desert Jasper, was found in 2006 when geologists were mining for the now mined out Ocean Jasper. It is named for its multi color patterns. Polychrome Jasper has an energy of safety and grounding. It is beneficial for those who are feeling overwhelmed by life. Use Polychrome Jasper to ground the Root Chakra.

Red Jasper is an opaque form of Chalcedony containing Hematite minerals. This Jasper may vary from a light to dark red in color. Red Jasper activates the Root Chakra for increased physical energy, solidity and grounding.

Sesame Jasper shows mint green colors with spotted black minerals and semi-translucent veins. Sesame Jasper grounds the Heart Chakra energy and helps us to achieve attainable goals. 

Sunset Jasper shows striking patterns in the stone's dark tones. Sunset Jasper helps to balance the Root Chakra for grounding. 

Yellow Jasper gets is color from Goethite minerals. In healing, Yellow Jasper protects you from feelings of self-consciousness, giving you the courage to do the things you want to do without having to worry about what others are thinking.

Jasper Article - Mookaite Jasper Heart

Metaphysics of Jasper

  • Astrological Associations: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio

  • Month Associations: October

  • Chakras: Root

Energetic nature of all Jaspers

  • Jasper is the Supreme Nurturer, it supports you during times of stress & illness

  • Place it under your pillow for better Dream Recall

  • Hold or place at your feet for Grounding (reconnecting with the physical world)

  • Take as a gem elixir to balance circulation and digestion

  • Use at the Sacral chakra to increase sexual pleasure

  • Jasper works over a long period of time, so dedicate a few pieces as your own and over time they will correspond to your unique vibrations.

"As a nurturer with gentle, nudging guidance that's as familiar as parental love, I offer respite from the chaos of daily events. I facilitate clear thinking, organization and completion of projects by working with you to focus through your open energy centers. Combinations of my colors align naturally for chakra meditations and clearing" - Jasper's message in Crystal Therapy, by Doreen Virtue

Jasper Article - Satin Crystals Boutique - Male Model with Red & Sesame Jewelry

Energetic nature of Red Jasper

  • Red Jasper is the Stone of Health

  • Take as a gem elixir to detoxify the organs

  • Wear or hold to increase your physical energy, especially when feeling weak

  • Work with Red Jasper over a period of time to tune into your survival instincts

  • Meditate with Red Jasper to contact your animal spirit guides.

Mineral Facts

  • Surface Color: Red

  • Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

  • Group: Silicate

  • Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): None

  • Fracture (where the crystal breaks randomly, not on cleavage): Conchoidal (concave clam-like glassy break) to splintery

  • Luster: Vitreous (glassy)

  • Transparency: Opaque (light does not go through)

  • Crystal System: Cryptocrystalline (very tiny crystals only seen through special crystal microscope)

  • Crystal Habit: Massive microgranular Quartz

Jasper Article - Picture Jasper Ring

Personal Experience

I use Red Jasper tumbled stones in my car for grounding energy. I also used a Red Jasper pendulum in the car as a parking crystal to help me find good parking spots. However, I removed that when it was swinging around too much! Next, I will try it for Dream Recall. I have been using Ulexite under the pillow for Dream Clarity, now I need some recall so the dream doesn’t fade away with the waking minutes!

Jasper Article - Handmade Picture Jasper Ring

Jasper Jewelry

Jasper has been used for jewelry and ornaments sine the Paleolithic times. Jasper lends itself to a wide array of crystal healing jewelry and healing tools. Jasper is easily found in many different colors and patterns. Its hardness makes it a sturdy stone for crafting into beads, pendants and wands. It can be gently cleaned with a little soap and water and although durable, it can be scratched by anything harder like Diamonds or Sapphires, so handle all Jasper jewelry with care.

The list of Types of Jasper above is actually just a small list of Jasper's variations, therefore, you can see, there is an endless possibility of colors and designs for jewelry pieces created with this stone! 

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