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Larimar Stone of Tropical Tranquility

mother daughter holding larimar spheresLarimar is special for several reasons. Found only in the Dominican Republic, the sea blue tones of Larimar match its Caribbean origin. This rare Dolphin stone brings you the calm energy of the tropics, served with a slice of heavenly paradise.

Should you trade stress for serenity?

What does your dream vacation look like?

How will it feel to leave your worries behind?

With beautiful Larimar crystals, tropical tranquility is yours. Baby blue Larimar is your gemstone of world vacations, mental relaxation, and friendly conversations. Everyone needs a retreat, especially you.

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Larimar for World Vacations

Hailing only from the Dominican Republic, rare Larimar radiates carefree vibes. It is nicknamed the Caribbean Gemstone thanks to the blue colors that mimic the tropical sea. When you look into Larimar, you are inspired to discover the sights and cultures of the world. Live and learn a lot with Larimar. A change of pace and place reset your mind, body, and soul. 

What places would you like to visit on this big blue planet? Do you prefer local camping grounds or luxury resorts along the Bahamas? Whatever trip you wish to manifest, Larimar is your stone.

When you're dreaming about your next destination, dream with this calming blue crystal under your pillow. When you're awake, practice vacation visualizations while holding Larimar. Then sit back and relax as you manifest a first-class journey that fits your style.

Larimar for Mental Relaxation

Have you ever taken a vacation that was less than enjoyable? Maybe you were too stressed with the logistics or annoyed with a travel buddy. On your next adventure, wear a Larimar pendant throughout the trip, or carry a small gemstone right in your suitcase. Larimar ensures your holiday is exactly as it should be: relaxing, not taxing! Whether you're sailing the seven seas, hiking through the Himalayans, or simply driving to see a friend one town over, take Larimar for complete enjoyment. 

Don't have the time or energy for a vacation this year? No problem. Larimar healing stones take you on the mental retreat that you desperately need. Larimar whisks you to your favorite destination of the mind. Find calm stillness while you meditate with this spiritual blue stone. When travel isn't on the agenda, you can bring the tranquility of the tropics right into your home through Larimar.

Larimar is a serene cleansing stone. It thrives on Water element energy and is called the New Age Stone. It purifies your mental state by sending a river of fresh vibrations through. Wash away doubts and worries that have clogged your thinking. No matter where you are, feel anew with the healing power of Larimar.

Larimar for Friendly Conversations

Its stunning sky-blue tones make Larimar a lifting stone of conversation. Are you interested in high-quality communication? Larimar helps you express yourself within this world and beyond. Wear a Larimar necklace at your Throat chakra and hear the words flow out. Do manifestation with stones to connect with your highest guardian angels.

Larimar is a favorite amongst singers and speakers. It aligns beautifully with the Throat chakra, facilitating a strong speech. What do you want to achieve? If you have a big presentation coming up, place Larimar at your workstation while you write your speech. If you're having misunderstandings with your mate, a nice Larimar heart in the home can untangle you from trouble.

Communication is not about what you think you said but rather the receiver's interpretation of your words. With Larimar, your intuition expands and you can better understand the people around you.

For connecting with the highest spiritual souls, do channeling with Larimar stones in hand. Its heavenly vibration opens an easy portal between your world and the one above. Gain access to knowledge that once seemed inaccessible.

Larimar is named the Dolphin Stone, connecting you with your friendly animal guardian. The magnificent dolphin brings out your strong communication skills, carefree nature, and psychic powers. You become a better-balanced soul. Larimar is your key to wisdom and serenity. 

Larimar Stones for You

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Relax a little and gain a lot with Larimar crystals. They help you enjoy the best of this big blue world and the spiritual realm beyond. 

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