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Lepidolite Stone Showcase

lepidolite spheres cubes angelsLepidolite is the stone that sparks your spirit. Below are 10 featured crystals that are perfect for your holistic practice. They calm and lift you during dark moments and carry you higher through the light. Dazzling with minerals, it's easy to fall in love with this stone born from heaven above.

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10 Lepidolite Stones that Spark Your Spirit

Do you desire a spiritual stone that stirs your soul with beauty and beneficial healing energy? If so, you are in the right place.

Lepidolite brings spiritual inspiration, peace of mind, and beautiful vibes. Which ones call your name?

#1 Lepidolite Quartz Crystal Ball Blossoming Spirit 

Invite positivity into your life with this Lepidolite crystal ball. Hold it in your hand to experience a surge of uplifting energy. The combination of Lepidolite, Feldspar, and Quartz promotes spiritual growth and opens your Crown chakra to enlightenment and inner peace.

#2 Lepidolite Orgonite Crystal Ball Prana Chi Aether

Stimulate your vital life forces with this Super Orgonite Lepidolite sphere. Use this purple crystal ball to awaken physical, mental, and emotional possibilities within yourself. Discover a world of hidden potential.

#3 Lepidolite Pendulum Sterling Silver Spirit

Ignite your spiritual fire with this Lepidolite pendulum. Swinging on genuine sterling silver, this elegant crystal becomes your ultimate companion for healing, dowsing, and feng shui. Bestow divine energy upon your Crown chakra with the mystical power of Lepidolite.

#4 Lepidolite Worry Stones Calm My Mind

Experience calm with this soothing pair of Lepidolite Worry Stones. Feel the serenity flow through your body and up your Crown chakra. Rub the dips for extra peace.

#5 Lepidolite Angel of Music

Experience the soothing melody of the spirit with your Lepidolite Angel crystal. This celestial gemstone eases your mind from everyday worries and guides you toward inner peace. Embrace joy with your guardian angel by your side.

#6 Lepidolite Heart Miracles and Meditations

When you need divine healing, meditate upon this purple Lepidolite heart. Open your energy to spiritual omnipotence and believe in miracles. The lush and gorgeous gemstone cradles you through difficult times. 

#7 Lepidolite Cube Spiritual Superpowers

Invoke spiritual superpowers with this Lepidolite cube. This beautiful crystal block aids in meditation and Crown chakra healing. Treat your soul to the energy of enlightenment with this lovely purple gemstone.

#8 Lepidolite Wand Set Embracing Enlightenment

Embrace enlightenment. These Lepidolite faceted wands transport you to nirvana. Use the purple healing crystal pair for ecstatic meditations. Awaken the Crown chakra in your sessions. Meant for believers and achievers.

#9 Lepidolite Raw Crystal Set Glitter in the Rough

Discover the hidden sparkle in the rough with this Lepidolite raw crystal set. No matter the challenges you face, these stones unveil the spiritual essence of any situation. Purple Lepidolite joins forces with White Quartz to shower you with boundless blessings and divine healing.

#10 Lepidolite Tumbled Stone Hello Healing

Look into the glimmering Lepidolite tumbled stones and declare 'Farewell anxiety, hello healing.' These purple gems calm your thoughts, bringing you back to the here and now where you belong. Leave worries behind.

Manifesting More...

Have you used any of these crystals? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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