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Should I buy a Meteorite, Meteor, Meteoroid, Asteroid or Comet?

moldavite meteorite with trailing yellow tails to look like a meteor falling to earth

You're in the market for a space stone, but you don't know where to begin? If you're looking for space wisdom and knowledge, you're on the right path. You're about to learn some simple astrology basics that will push you ahead in the galaxy game.

The Story of the Stars

There are millions of stars out there and millions of astronomical terms to describe outer space. But, you want to know how it all works using simple terms. Get your easy answers here. 

What is an Asteroid?

An Asteroid is a big rock that floats in space and orbits the sun. Most Asteroids are located in the Asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter.  Asteroids have been part of our solar system for a very long time.

Can I buy an Asteroid? No. It is too big and too far away in outer space. Humans don't own them yet. 

What is a Comet?

Comets are similar to Asteroids except they travel farther away from the sun on an elliptical orbit. When they move farther from the sun, they gather ice and are observed to have an icy tail. Like Asteroids, they are very old.

Can I buy a Comet? No. It is too big and too far away in outer space- even further than an Asteroid. Humans don't own comets yet. 

What is a Meteoroid?

Sometimes Asteroids or Comets crash into each other and small pieces break off. These smaller rocks flying around in space are called Meteoroids.

Can I buy a Meteoroid? No. Humans have yet to put sale stickers on moving space boulders. Like Asteroids and Comets, they are too far away in outer space to own.

What is a Meteor?

When a Meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere, it begins to burn. This burning light, which is also called a Shooting Star, is a Meteor. A Meteor is a light phenomenon and not a solid substance.

Can I buy a Meteor? No. A Meteor is a light and a burning phenomenon, so you'd essentially be buying smoke.

What is a Meteorite?

Meteor pieces that are not burned become Meteorites. A Meteor burns off in the Earth's atmosphere, but some pieces may survive and land on Earth. These pieces that made it to the Earth's surface without vaporizing are called Meteorites.

Can I buy a Meteorite? Yes, yes, and yes! Meteorites have landed on Earth in various countries throughout our history. They have been around way before the dinosaurs. Some Meteorites are billions of years old and some are just a few days old. We earthlings find Meteorites and place them for sale or collect them. It is an amazing experience to hold a Meteorite and know you are touching a piece of space and history.

Where can I buy Real Meteorites?

You can find real Meteorites for sale all around the world. Just be careful because the planet is full of fake knock-offs and full of humans trying to make a quick buck. 

Here at Satin Crystals, we cater to people like you who are looking for real Meteorites. We know that you're not interested in the knock-offs nor the factory-made synthetics that are saturating the market today. We understand that a real Meteorite has an amazing story behind it and we want you to be part of that.

Visit our expansive Meteorite Collection to see all the star-studded space stones we have to offer you. 

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Have Meteorite Questions?

If you have questions about any of the Meteorites we offer or if you have any Meteorite stories to share, comment on the blog below and we'll get back to you. 

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Lisa Satin - April 20, 2022

Hello Yapo,

Great to hear you have Tektite. We only purchase from our long-standing reliable vendors. You might consider listing it on eBay as there are many buyers there.

Best of luck,

Lisa Satin

Yapo - April 20, 2022

Writing you all with a high vibrational energy. I have a 58g Tektite
from Ivory Coast and I am looking for a buyer for my very rare 58g piece of beauty. Please let me know if interested,

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