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Moldavite Gemstone Gift Guide

raw moldavite stones in holiday settingYou love Moldavite and you want others to experience its cosmic powers. Perhaps you need some guidance on how to pick the right gem when you're shopping for Moldavite gifts.

In this guide, you will learn about Moldavite gifts by themed collections. These are real Moldavite specimens that come in attractive display cases. 

You know your friends and family best. What do they love?

Pick their passion and personality type. Then look below to find their matching Moldavite collection:

Animal Lovers
Destiny Seekers
Space Warriors
Forever Paired
Eccentric Souls

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5 Moldavite Gemstone Collections

Read about the various passions and personalities. Who will enjoy each collection? Which one is meant for you?

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# 1 Animal Lovers Collection

Do they love animals? Then they will love Moldavite alien animal gems. These pieces are excellent choices for those who enjoy specialty shapes. The authentic Moldavites come in attractive zero-gravity display cases. What a sight to see!

Pick the Giraffe pair for those who desire long relationships

Pick the Wormhole for those who love to astral travel

Pick the Porcupine for those who seek spiritual wisdom

Pick the Shark for those who need strength and protection

# 2 Destiny Seekers Collection

Do they believe in destiny? This Moldavite collection is for spiritual souls who have trust in the Universe. They enjoy astrology, meditation, healing, and all the alien arts. A special Moldavite gemstone is selected for the person receiving the gift. Which Moldavite calls their name?

Choose Cosmic Pick for a big, plump, impressive gem

Choose My Mini Martian for a small gem with big-bang powers

Choose 7 Sacred Stars for a set of tiny healing-ritual gems

Choose Call of Karma for a slim and sophisticated gem

#3 Space Warriors Collection

Strong spirits love Moldavite. The Space Warrior collection is for go-getters who pave their own paths. These interesting shapes inspire them to travel through time and space, reaching for the stars. The tough Tektites are for big dreamers who manifest the best.

Pick the Saw for those who must cut through many obstacles

Pick the Saber Wand for those who need protection on the path

Pick the Cosmic Castle for those who love being top of the class

# 4 Eternally Bonded Collection

The Moldavite Forever Bonded collection is for friends and lovers. Do they desire long and meaningful relationships? Or perhaps you wish to strengthen your bond with the person who will receive this gift? Whatever the desire, these pairs deliver positive energy and results.

Choose Cosmic Lovers for soulmate seekers

Choose Two Friends for social superstars

# 5 Eccentric Souls Collection

If they're drawn to the supernatural, they'll love the Eccentric Souls collection. Hard-to-find Moldavite gems that will win their heart. You'll be remembered forever.

Pick the Bubble Wrap for those who enjoy fun and fantasy

Pick the Soul Star Chakra for those who cherish beauty and health

More Moldavite for you 

Can't get enough of magical, mystical Moldavite? See your entire Moldavite collection to find unique jewelry and specimens or shop right here, right now:

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - April 3, 2023

Thanks for writing to us about your experiences and concerns, Jesse.

I think you will enjoy the positive energy of Moldavite and find many ways to use them for enriching your life. I have never dealt with cursed crystals in the 20+ years in business, as they are meant to be for healing and happiness. There will always be negative people out there who try to turn a good thing bad.

We have sold thousands of REAL Moldavites and we haven’t had any complaints about bad energy yet. We usually get rave 5 star reviews on them and people share positive things that have happened with Moldavite. Here is an article that summarizes some of the reviews, although you can actually check on each listing and see the live reviews people have written there too:

There’s also an article that can help you understand how positive energy stones work and how some people might think that they don’t work. About mid-way down is a section titled What experience will I have with my crystal? and a statement saying “The important thing is that you have a positive mindset. If you are trying to do crystal healing with doubtful and cynical thoughts, you are harming yourself instead.” Here is the link to that article:

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way as you embark on the crystal and Moldavite journey.

Jesse M. - April 3, 2023

I ordered the Moldavite yesterday morning, so last night before went to sleep I was reading an article about the “cursed” of it, I don’t want to believe it but it concerns me…Please give me a clarification of this theory I wish it’s not true. Thank you.

Lisa Satin - March 14, 2023

Hi Jin! Moldavite is a popular crystal for major transformations, bringing about better things in your life. You can find our current offerings here:

Learn more about this green Tektite in the Moldavite article:

How else can we help?

Jin W. - March 14, 2023

Hi I’m looking for something that will bring me luck and abundance especially with moldavite I’m very interested in this crystal

Lisa Satin - March 6, 2023

Thanks for your inquiry, Cindy. We sell only 100% real Moldavite. In fact, I live just a short commute from the only source of real Moldavite: Czech Republic.

The Moldavite is not lab tested and you will have a very hard time finding any that has been. Even if sellers claim they are tested, they likely are not. You can learn more in the Real vs Fake Moldavite article:

Please let me know if you have any other questions and how we can assist you on the quest for real Moldavite.

Cindy S. - March 6, 2023

Hey there. was wondering if your moldavite was laboratory tested I am looking to purchase a stand alone piece and a necklace

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