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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Moldavite Gemstone Showcase

sheila of satin crystals holding up two moldavite gemstonesMoldavite - it's all the rage these days. After spending over 14.7 million years on earth, this fine green gemstone Tektite is finally getting the love it deserves. Do you want to be a part of Moldavite power?

If you want a phenomenal cosmic Moldavite stone, you've come to the right place. Don't fall for phonies, we're about to show you some real-deal Moldavite.

Act fast because this gem only comes from the Czech Republic and new harsh regulations make it harder and harder to get each day.

Learn all about how Moldavite Tektite stones benefit your life when you join the Satin Crystals VIP Club today. It's free and easy. 

Watch the Moldavite Stone Video

Watch the video showcase of the best Moldavite jewelry pieces. Then, shop for your gemstone treasures below. 

Shop Moldavite Gemstones

Here are 7 out-of-this-world Moldavite gemstones to get your soul soaring through space and your aura singing with joy:

#1 Moldavite Wormhole

Your Moldavite "Worm" has wiggled its way through space to bring you a touch of cosmic magic. When you embrace the stunning green Tektite, you feel as though time stops. Let Earthly worries fade and prepare for a journey of your mind. This Moldavite creates the perfect wormhole for dimensional travel, astral meditation, and astrological healing. The zero-gravity display case adds extra intrigue and charm to your treasure.


Learn more about Moldavite Wormhole

    #2 Moldavite Akashic Record Keeper

    Gain access to infinite knowledge and universal wisdom with your incredible Moldavite Akashic Record Scroll. This green tektite space treasure helps you map out your destiny- no more fumbling around and wasting time in this precious life. It gives you information on your cosmic lover, life purpose, and spiritual clan. Display the sacred scroll of Moldavite proudly in the zero-gravity case, to be preserved forever.


    Learn more about Moldavite Record Keeper

    #3 Moldavite Saw through Space

    Your Moldavite "Saw" has cut through time and space to be with you. This Green Tektite gemstone is radiating with protective vibrations, letting no evil forces through the gateway of your aura. It displays proudly in the zero-gravity case and can be featured in any room to perfect the energy and ambiance. Don't settle for any random shape when you can own the powerful Moldavite Saw.


    Learn more about Moldavite Saw

      #4 Moldavite Astral Arrowhead

      Your Moldavite "Arrowhead" shot across the galaxy to accentuate your life. Arrowhead leads you to your perfect path, slaying destructive forces that try to stifle your success. Shoot for the stars because your Moldavite delivers results. Not only is this Arrowhead gemstone an energetic treasure, but it is also beautiful to admire in its zero-gravity display case.


      Learn more about Moldavite Arrowhead

        #5 Moldavite Space Saber Wand

        If you think space adventures are fascinating, wait until you get a hold of this real Moldavite Saber Wand. The natural Green Tektite keeps you protected on your daily jaunts and spiritual journeys. It funnels the power of the solar system right into the palms of your hands. Get your Moldavite Saber Wand and feel like the winner of many worlds.


        Learn more about Moldavite Wand

          #6 Moldavite Cosmic Lovers

          If you love Love, wait until you experience Cosmic Love with the energy of this real Moldavite duo. Your Green Tektite set landed on earth 14.7 million years ago specifically to help you find and keep your cosmic soulmates. The bonded pair works wonders in attracting positive people to you, enhancing relationships, and taking your love to the next level and beyond.


          Learn more about Moldavite Cosmic Lovers

            #7 Moldavite Two Alien Friends

            This precious pair of alien Moldavite gems are two friends bonded for eternity. Friendship transcends time and space; true friends remain connected no matter what nor where. The Green Tektites are complementary- they look different on the outside but when placed side by side they thrive. Enrich your social circle and life purpose with the admirable energy of these two alien Moldavite Friends.


            Learn more about Moldavite Friends

              Your Moldavite Astral Journey

              How do you feel using Moldavite gemstones? Do you have any of these powerful pieces in your collection? Which ones are you missing?

              We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing stones and meteorites. You can comment on the blog below. 

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              Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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              Lisa Satin - February 26, 2024

              Hi Jake!

              Thank you for your interest in our 100% real Moldavite. Yes, it is genuine. The only way to do a real test is to send it to a science lab, some of which you can find at this link:

              There are other tests you can do as well but they are not 100% accurate like a lab would be. Read about them here:

              We offer a 30-day return or exchange window if you are not satisfied with your genuine Moldavite. Just note that if you decide to self-test the Moldavite and it incurs any damage or scratching, we will be unable to accept the return.

              Jake - February 26, 2024

              Hello, The Moldavite stones you have are 100% genuine because I’ll test it when I recieve one of them?

              Sheila Satin - August 12, 2022

              Hi William, thank you for your reply. I am happy to hear back from you! Here’s a link to our Moldavite collection:

              Thanks for watching our youtube videos also!
              Have a great one,

              Sheila Satin

              William - August 12, 2022

              I found your company on YouTube, if I remember correctly, looking for info on a reputable seller of moldavite. I’m so glad that you sent this email. It reminded me to go check out your total website. Thanks again and I’ll be in touch soon!

              Lisa Satin - June 14, 2022

              Thank you for writing to us about the Moldavite, Andi.

              There is currently one arrowhead available in 22mm, and two sharks available in 22 and 26mm. Each piece is thin and fragile (Moldavite is a natural meteoric glass, after all).

              The larger piece may be easier to wrap. However, the shape of the shark may be hard to distinguish after it undergoes wrapping. Whereas an arrowhead would be easier to keep form. Therefore, the choice is really yours!

              Let us know if you need further information or assistance with placing the order.


              Lisa Satin

              Andi - June 14, 2022

              Dear Satin Crystals, I am looking to purchase Moldavite from you. I’m looking at the shark fin and arrowhead shaped moldavites. . I would like to make it into a pendant, which piece would be easier to wire wrap into a pendant?

              Lisa Satin - May 5, 2022

              Hello Destany,

              We hope that the Moldavite you purchased from another vendor was real. The best thing you can do is ask them for more information about it.

              Check out this article and video about Real vs Fake Moldavite, there’s even links to meteorite labs you can contact to have it tested.


              Best regards,

              Lisa Satin

              Destany H. - May 5, 2022

              Hello! I was watching one of your videos on YouTube about genuine moldavite. I’m just beginning working with reiki, light work and energies and I purchased a moldavite before I knew it could be faked so I was looking around to make sure it was real. It seems to meet all the criteria of real moldavite, but I wanted to make sure and reach out to someone, or maybe send it to someone that could verify it’s real.

              Sheila Satin - May 5, 2022

              Hi Dawn, We only sell real Moldavite at Satin Crystals. Learn more here


              Dawn C - May 5, 2022

              I want to know if this is Honestly Real Moldavite? I got scammed buying a piece already, and I found out it isn’t real, and the person who sold it to me won’t refund my money. I’m out $250.00 because I forgot to use PayPal with my order.

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