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Mother Daughter Crystal Necklaces

mother and daughter wearing matching crystal healing necklaces

Align your mother-daughter energies with the matching crystal healing necklace sets. Wear these gemstone necklaces and show the world your transcendent connection.

Embrace metaphysical vibrations and strengthen your bond no matter how far your physical distance. Mother and daughters are together forever in heart, spirit, and aura. 

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#1 Moon Eternity Necklaces

You want to give her the moon and the stars. Capture lunar spirit with sparkling moon gemstone necklaces. Know that you are always together, shining under the moonbeams.

Offered in Moonstone, Labradorite, and Aquamarine, these can be matched among mothers, daughters, and even sisters, grandmothers, and granddaughters.

#2 Chakra Tree of Life Necklaces

When one is balanced, so is the other. Mothers and daughters feed off of each other's love. Put your well-being at the forefront by wearing chakra healing necklaces. Available on strands of Amethyst and Fluorite, this pristine pair points you both to spiritual serenity.

#3 Charming Cosmic Animal Necklaces

This adorable duo is for mothers and daughters who love animals. Receive spiritual guidance while you fly high with Moldavite energy that radiates from these charming necklaces. 

Offered in Emotional Support Hedgehog and Protector Alligator designs that catch the eye and win the heart.

#4 Tektite Twin-Soul Necklaces

If you are a mother-daughter pair who are best of friends, you may be twin souls. These tektite necklaces will get you vibrating with extraordinary energy. Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass are sister gemstones that bring Star and Sun energy to your orbit. 

mother daughter in aquamarine carnelian necklaces

#5 Fire and Water Necklaces

Is one of you Fire and the other Water? Balance each other's elements with cooling Aquamarine and fiery Carnelian. These necklaces boast complimentary energies while garnishing you compliments for your unique style.

#6 Earth and Spirit Necklaces

Who has her head in the clouds and who has her feet on the ground? Mothers and daughters who embrace their earth and spirit energies choose Pyrite and Charoite necklaces. Wear Charoite to fast-track your spiritual flight and wear Pyrite to extract Earth's natural healing vibes. Layer them up to experience both.

#7 Double Donut Infinity Necklaces

The circle represents infinite perfection, the perfect symbol for your mother and daughter relationship. Plus, these circles look like donuts...yum! Choose from Brown Jasper and Pink Jasper and wear them proudly as a symbol of your bond.

#8 Day & Night Selenite Necklaces

Encompass day and night with sunny Orange Selenite and lunar White Selenite necklaces. Mother-daughter pairs who adore astrology will love wearing these necklaces during every sun and moon ritual. You compliment each other perfectly in this big and beautiful Universe. 

#9 Arrowhead Necklaces

Mothers and daughters who brave the world together choose gemstone arrowhead necklaces. These heroic pendants have provided strength and protection through the ages. 

Available in Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Green Aventurine, there's something for everyone. These can be matched among mothers, daughters, and even sisters, grandmothers, and granddaughters.

mother daughter in goddess necklaces

#10 Goddess Necklaces

All mothers and daughters are goddesses. Embrace your feminine divine with crystal goddess necklaces

Do you prefer your necklace strung with Bloodstone, Pearl, Labradorite, Selenite, or Selenite/Sodalite? The widely beloved design can be matched among mothers, daughters, and even sisters, grandmothers, and granddaughters.

#11 Wolf Power Pack Necklaces

Strengthen your loyalty with these crystal wolf necklaces. If you are a mother and daughter who cherishes teamwork, these protective animals are for you. They show off your strong nature and your wild side. These necklaces are offered on Labradorite and Selenite strands.

#12 Black and White Necklaces

Just because you are a mother and daughter duo doesn't mean you are a replica of the other. Some mothers and daughters have vastly different personalities. Celebrate your unique strengths with matching Black and White Necklaces. One of you vibes with White Howlite while the other loves Black Jet.

#13 Bear My Heart Necklaces

Your mother bears your heart and your daughter does the same. These bear necklaces lie close to the heart so signify your deep and loyal bond. Keep protected while looking fashionable in these Bear Necklaces offered in Obsidian Tigers Eye combination and Obsidian Howlite combination.

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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