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Mother-Daughter Crystal Bracelets

mother daughter wearing crystal braceletsSpotlight your special mother-daughter bond with complementary crystal healing bracelets. Keep each other front and center in heart, spirit, and aura. Crystal healing bracelets transcend time and space so you remain forever connected no matter how far the physical distance is between you two.

We have 7 unique bracelet recommendations that make the perfect gift for mothers and daughters who want to connect through gemstone vibrations.

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#1 Pink Opal Heart Chakra Bracelets

The energetic bond between mother and daughter can never be replicated. The love that connects you two by the Heart chakra is forever lasting. Strengthen the loving cord with the healing energy of Pink Opal. These matte pink bracelets symbolize the heartwarming feelings you have for one another. They help dissolve any discords of the past so your relationship remains unbreakable.

Hailing from ancient Peru, this natural gemstone is a gift f
rom Mother Earth to you, her lovely daughters. 

#2 Designer Pyrite Protection Bracelets

Look good while deflecting bad energy with designer Pyrite bracelets. Coil one on each arm and become a mother-daughter crime-fighting duo. Public enemy number one? Your nemesis, Negativity!

Keep your minds clear of toxic thoughts and your auras free from stagnant energy with the help of Pyrite's protective qualities. After all, when one of you is feeling positive and confident, the other is uplifted too. 

#3 You are my Sunshine Bracelets

Sparkle with happiness wearing sunny Sunstone bracelets. Harnessing the energy of the sun, these uplifting gemstones put smiles on your faces. Remember one another whenever you gaze upon the cheerful bracelets on your wrists.

Near or far, you both live under the same glowing sun. And having each others' support makes the sun shine ever brighter. 

#4 Unique Crystal Combo Bracelets 

Spirituality and Protection. Amethyst and Tourmaline combine the vibrations mothers and daughters need the most right now. Lift your minds from troubled times with the high vibrations of Amethyst and keep your auras protected with the defensive forces of Tourmaline. Together you can get through this obstacle and any others that come along in the future.

#5 Lapis Meditation Distance Bracelets

Mothers and daughters can stay connected through your Third Eye chakras when you each wear insightful Lapis Lazuli bracelets. This peaceful gemstone calms your mind and connects you to the telepathic world. Go deep into meditation and contemplation. Whenever you are far away, remember that the other is still nearby in spirit.

Bonus Recommendations

#6 Agate Bracelet Trio for Mom & 2 Daughters 

This Agate trio set fits a mother and two daughters. Give Crazy Lace Agate to the gal with a wild streak, Botswana Agate for the cool, level-headed one, and Moss Agate to the natural hippie amongst you.

Can't decide? Get three sets so each of you can enjoy all three gemstones! This set also works great for grandmother, mother, and daughter- three generations of powerful, unstoppable women. 

#7 Chakra Bracelet Set for Mom & 3 Daughters 

Is your family blessed with feminine divinity? For moms and three daughters (or any loved ones, for that matter!) we have this set of 4 Upper Chakra bracelets. Who matches which? There's spiritual Amethyst, intuitive Lapis, expressive Angelite, and loving Rose Quartz.

When the four of you hold hands wearing these bracelets, you'll glow like a powerful force of nature. These beautiful ladies form their own team of superheroines


mother and daughter wearing lapis bracelets

Like Mother Like Daughter

The special connection between mothers and daughters is often taken for granted. Giving tribute to the relationship with these gemstone bracelets keeps the gratitude and respect flowing. Satin Crystals' healing bracelets are easy for everyone to wear and come in all lengths for different wrist sizes. 

At Satin Crystals, we have hundreds of bracelets that fit everyone's style. Take a look and find your match:

Bracelet Guides

Have you worn matching bracelets as a mother and daughter? Do you have a common crystal that you like to wear with each other? We would love to hear your stories. Feel free to comment below! 

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Here are some additional links on bracelets and gifts for mothers:

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Lisa Satin - February 10, 2022

Hello Jodi,

Thanks for your email.

We suggest you intuitively select a mother and daughter bracelet pair. It sounds like you are thinking of an Amethyst bracelet for your daughter. We have several to choose from. As you will see, you might decide to get two Amethyst (one for each of you), or one Amethyst for your daughter and another bracelet for yourself. Here is the Amethyst selection:

You might even look into your own birthstone and get one Amethyst for her and something else for yourself. Here is our full selection of bracelets:

If you need help finding your birthstone, check out this chart. You can select by month OR by zodiac sign. Check out these two resources:

Make sure you order the correct size for yourself and hers, which might not be the same. Read our Ultimate bracelet guide to learn how:

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Lisa Satin

Jodi - February 10, 2022

Hi, I came across your website as I am looking for a mother daughter bracelet that represents us. My daughters birthstone is Amecis and she is also into crystals. I was actually looking for a crystal mother daughter birthstone bracelet however when I came across this it caught my attention. Is this a bracelet that can be split between mother and daughter and still represent the power of crystals when not combined or do you have any suggestions? I look forward to hearing back from you. Take care and stay safe

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