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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Never Heard of Chalcocite? Now you Have!

female model holding two chalcocite spheres

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. For example, you may never have heard of Chalcocite. Enrich your life and your mind by taking a moment to discover the meanings and benefits of Chalcocite.

In this crystal ball showcase, you can collect new spheres that have made their way to Satin Crystals. Learn about their benefits and see which stones sync with your vibe.

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7 New Crystal Balls for you

These special crystal balls connect you with important energies, each with their own healing traits to share.

#1 Chalcocite Sphere

  • Story: You’re done with the same old-same old. You’re ready for something fresh in life like this Chalcocite sphere. Never heard of Chalcocite? That’s what makes it so exciting. Silvery black Chalcocite caucuses with green Chrysocolla, red Feldspar, and shiny Mica to form a true work of art. When you want new energy, take hold of this rare orb and blast your soul to another dimension. You deserve something astounding right now; you deserve a Chalcocite crystal ball.

  • Powers: Chalcocite is a copper ore, benefitting you by strengthening your resolve. It gives you the courage to go after your will, to be true to your soul. Chalcocite is a conductor of change. It walks beside you as you break down barriers and explore new frontiers. This sphere also showers you with the healing energies of Chrysocolla, Feldspar, and Mica. You get a beautiful blend of loving vibes, astrological forces, and material abundance all in one. 

    #2 Iolite Sphere

    • Story: Just when you thought you've seen it all, you lay eyes on this rare and beautiful blue Iolite ball. Fall in love with this stunning Abundance Crystal that teaches you how to live debt-free. Find the freedom of Spirit when you free your financial burdens. Transform your burdens into the pinnacle of prosperity by holding tight to your Iolite sphere. Along with the deep blue Iolite you will find occasional glimpses of clear Quartz, metallic Hematite, and other minerals in your unique sphere. 

    • Powers: Iolite is a visionary Third Eye stone that clears your thoughts and opens your mind. Iolite taps into the power of your intuition and brings to surface psychic and spiritual abilities you didn't know you had. In worldly matters, Iolite is your financial advisor crystal; it helps you clear out of debt energy.  

    # 3 Pink Aventurine Sphere

    • Story: Your Pink Aventurine sphere is dripping with sweet happiness. Brush away stress and anxiety with the healing vibes of this rare Aventurine crystal ball. It reminds you that life is peachy- there's always something to celebrate and something to look forward to. Light up your room, your mood, and the mood of everyone around you when you showcase this cheery orb.

    • Powers: Aventurine is all about abundance, bringing you a rush of results in whatever you are hoping to achieve. Pink Aventurine stirs up a good mood, reminding you to enjoy each moment of life.  

    #4 Basalt Sphere

    • Story: Bring a blast of Lava to your life with this black Basalt ball. When you want a protection stone that works as strong and forcefully as a volcano, Basalt is your best bet. It is erupting with energy to blow away the winds of negativity and usher in an era of good vibrations. This ruggedly handsome sphere is the perfect fit for you.

    • Powers: Basalt is an exclusive and elite type of Lava stone. Lava lets you feel the power and wrath of a volcano at your fingertips. This is a stone of decisiveness and strength. Don't mess with Lava because this protective element scorches negativity swiftly and immediately. Basalt Lava provides grounding energy that gives you a stronger sense of connection to Mother Earth. Use it to stabilize the Root chakra.  

      #5 Lavender Quartz Sphere

      • Story: The angels have come down from heaven to paint you this masterpiece Lavender Quartz sphere. Brushstrokes of purple-hued minerals sweep across the clear quartz crystal to form a spiritually inspiring stone. When your Crown chakra craves a crystal that is truly different and divine, reward yourself with this Lavender Quartz ball.

      • Powers: Quartz is a must-have crystal for everyone seeking good health, fortune, and clarity of mind. It is the most popular and powerful crystal out there, as it activates and stimulates all seven chakras equally. Quartz is prized as the Master Healer, bringing you strength and spiritual growth during times of trouble. 

        #6 Sardonyx Sphere

        • Story: If you’re looking for suped-up Onyx, you’ll love this Sardonyx crystal ball. Glossy black Onyx caresses creamy layers of Chalcedony Sard within this captivating orb. It wins your attention while creating a protective barrier around your aura. The spellbinding sphere makes for a sophisticated interior decoration gemstone. Be the talk of the town when you showcase the shiny Sardonyx sphere. 

        • Powers: In crystal healing, Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. It finds you the stability you have been craving. This crystal is all about finding your two feet and taking you to a place where they are firmly planted into the earth. 

          #7 Lepidolite Orgonite Sphere

          • Story: Get your Chi, your Prana, and your Aether moving with this incredible Super Orgonite Lepidolite sphere. You can use this sparkling purple crystal ball to stimulate those vital life forces that otherwise lay hidden within your kundalini. Awaken to a world of physical, mental, and emotional possibilities that you didn't even know existed. Your soul will thank you.

          • Powers: Lepidolite relieves stress that is brought on by over-analyzing. It soothes your Crown Chakra, Third Eye, and entire head area. Lepidolite helps you smoothly transition between various chapters in your life, filling in the potholes on this otherwise bumpy ride. It encourages you to experience earthly pleasures and mishaps but eventually leads you back to spirituality, soul growth, and the quest to nirvana.

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                Sheila Satin - December 24, 2020

                That’s praise for Lisa! She writes most of our copy. Thanks for reading it!


                Mags - December 24, 2020

                Such beautiful writing! Your English teacher would be proud.

                Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

                Hi Sandra. You are welcome for the message. We do not have Thunder Agate eggs at this time, but our stock is always being added to, so watch out for them in the future.

                Meanwhile, you may enjoy this similar Smoky Quartz geode:

                Sheila Satin

                Sandra - November 22, 2020

                You have nice items in your store. I didnt see Thunder Stones….. do you sell them at all? Sandra

                Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

                Hi Jenna, we do not have a physical store anymore, we are exclusively here online. Let me know if we can help you find anything online. We offer a 100% crystal happiness guarantee so you can shop with confidence.

                Sheila Satin

                Jenna - November 22, 2020


                My name is Jenna , and I would like to come to your store to see beautiful stones. I live in Garden Grove, CA 92841. Please let me know if I need to make an appointment to come in.
                Thank you 😊

                Lisa Satin - November 21, 2020

                Hi Dequan,

                Thanks for the message. You can find our collection of Quartz ball here:

                If you need help determining what size sphere might work best, please check out our sphere comparison size video, which is about half way down on this page:

                If you have any questions, I’d be happy to assist further!

                Lisa Satin

                Dequan - November 21, 2020

                Can you help me im trying buy me a good quartz crystal ball a lot of energy and big enough readings and chakra healing

                Sheila Satin - November 21, 2020

                We are in the USA. Thanks for your interest.


                Pardeep Kumar - November 21, 2020

                Are you based in India !

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