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How to Use Moonstone for New Beginnings

Satin Crystals jewelry designer with 3 strands of white Rainbow Moonstone necklaces in front of her face.Why is Moonstone the crystal of New Beginnings? It syncs with the moon above, which is constantly bringing about fresh energy and opportunity.

That is great news for you! At this very moment, there may be people and circumstances holding you back from your full potential. Get ready to release burdens with the help of Moonstone. Usher in the new beginnings that set you on a better way.

Every night the moon rises. You release the day while you sleep. When you awaken, your soul has reset. It's an opportunity to start over. Each morning turns a fresh page on the calendar of life. 

Moonstone healing crystals align you with the energy of renewal. Discover how to use various Moonstone shapes to help you through the hurdles and walk the path of light. You will first learn how to use Moonstone jewelry for positive change. Then, you will learn how different Moonstone crystal shapes can be used to transform your life.

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Stacking white, black, peach Moonstone stretch bracelets on an outstretched hand.
How to Use Moonstone Jewelry for New Beginnings

You can count on the moon to rise each night. Similarly, you can count on Moonstone jewelry to help you clear your life's canvas. When you wear Moonstone jewelry, you attract new energy and opportunity. It's easier to let go of bad habits and embrace positive vibes.

Each type of Moonstone jewelry has its special use:

Moonstone Necklaces for Calm Protection

Wear Moonstone necklaces for fashion and crystal healing energy. Whether you prefer a chunky statement necklace or a delicate chain necklace, Moonstone keeps you calm and collected throughout your day.

Wear Moonstone necklaces during your times of transition to activate feminine yin energies and counteract aggressive yang energies. When you wear Moonstone necklaces, your aura radiates serenity. Combat the violence in this world with peaceful jewelry.

Turn a new corner and incorporate Moonstone necklaces into your everyday jewelry collection. You release bad vibrations and replace them with good- on a personal and universal level. 


Moonstone Earrings for Transformational Thoughts

Moonstone earrings channel universal ideas to your mind. The first step toward positive change is to have the right thoughts. If you do not even realize that your current life situation is troublesome, you won't know that it needs to change. By wearing Moonstone earrings, you become aware of the negative energy in your life. You can then make plans to release that negativity and work toward the positive.


Moonstone Bracelets for Positive Action

Moonstone bracelets sit near your hands, inspiring you to take real actions instead of just dreaming about a better life. As Moonstone is calm and intentional, wear these bracelets to guide you to the right action- not brash ones that lead to trouble.

Moonstone bracelets are a visual cue to take a deep breath. If you are changing a job, relationship, or habits, you might be feeling anxious. Looking at the Moonstone bracelets that rest perfectly within your vision reminds you to remain calm.  

Stack up Moonstone bracelets to form crystal armor that protects you through times of change. There will be obstacles when you embark on productive change but Moonstone bracelets help you overcome them.

Another plus of Moonstone bracelets is that they are fascinating to see. You are sure to gain loving compliments. People admire you for your style choices and for the new positive energy that vibrates off you.


new beginnings with moonstone blog

How to Use Moonstone Crystals for New Beginnings

When you want to manifest great new beginnings, work with Moonstone crystals. Moonstone comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Each one can help you in special ways.

What kind of change are you ready for?

See which type of transformation sounds right to you:

Moonstone Eggs for New Life

A Moonstone egg represents the epitome of change. Not only is Moonstone the Stone of New Beginnings, but crystal eggs symbolize New Beginnings as well. This makes the Moonstone egg the most powerful crystal for major change.

Are you undergoing a huge life transformation? Did you get laid off? Are you in the middle of a nasty breakup? Experience a mid-life crisis? Maybe the status quo has been yanked from under your feet. Your very foundation of existence is being shaken. 

That's when you should meditate with a Moonstone egg. Moonstone eggs calm you through turbulent times. They allow you to undergo big changes without losing yourself to panic. Keep that crystal egg in the center of your home for positive Feng Shui.

Or is it the exact opposite for you? Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut and want to manifest major changes. You are dreaming of something better yet you don't know how to achieve it. You can work with Moonstone eggs by doing visualization meditations that will give you ideas of how to bring about change. You can do positive affirmations and crystal healing with Moonstone eggs.

Finally, Moonstone eggs are the premier choice for those wishing to create new life literally! Use Moonstone eggs on your fertility journey. They inspire positive energy during conception and pregnancy. Place Moonstone eggs in your bedroom and on your body to celebrate good vibrations and the miracle of life.


Moonstone Tumbled Stones for Gentle Change

What would it feel like to touch a moonbeam? Moonstone tumbled stones gently shower you in lunar energy day and night. Tumbled into small smooth stones, these gems are easy to transport in your pocket. They can also be used  to grid your body and your home.

Although exciting, new beginnings can be a scary time. With smooth Moonstone crystals, you can get through the changes with confidence and peace. 

To make a crystal grid around your body, lie on the floor or bed surrounded by Moonstone tumbled stones. Allow the healing energies to lift you into a new world of possibilities. Place Moonstone tumbled stones on your chakras and visually manifest yourself floating through new beginnings with grace and ease. 

When you are looking for a change that is gentle, natural, and nurturing- Moonstone tumbled stones are the way to go.


Moonstone Hearts for New Love

While some relationships last a long time, others come and go. Moonstone  crystal hearts help you through relationship transitions. Whether you are going through a breakup, having a dispute with a family member, or recently lost a loved one, Moonstone can help you heal and find new love.

If you are mourning a lost relationship, be it platonic or romantic, place a Moonstone heart over your Heart chakra each night while you lie in bed. Imagine the sorrow leaving your body and healing lunar energies replacing it.

If you are looking for new love, meditate with your Moonstone heart. Imagine a cosmic lover coming down through the moonbeams and into your life. Place the Moonstone heart in your bedroom to attract the right person.

If you are looking to repair a broken relationship, recite positive affirmations with your Moonstone heart. This gem can help heal hard feelings. That includes your relationship with yourself too.


Moonstone Pyramids for Spiritual Shift

Do you desire a spiritual revelation? Maybe you feel like you're stuck and don't know how to move forward. Through the apex, Moonstone pyramids channel the energy of your spirit guides, angels, and masters from above. This sacred energy is then transported into your space.

Who couldn't use a little bit of help from the Universe to pull forward on the journey toward enlightenment?

Use your Moonstone pyramid for meditation, healing, layouts, affirmations, grids, Feng Shui, and just about any holistic practice you can dream of. The more you surround yourself with this high vibrating energy, the more likely you are to achieve that spiritual shift you deserve.


Moonstone Crystal Balls for Future Visions

Gazing into a Moonstone ball is like gazing up at the mysterious moon. Gaze long enough and secrets will be revealed.

When you want to know what the future holds, use a Moonstone sphere for gazing. See what changes are coming your way.

Tap into the fabric of time so you can prepare for good fortune. It is written in the stars, the sky, and the Moonstone ball.


Charge your Moonstone for Change

Moonstone is known to wax and wane with the energies of the moon. It is an excellent stone to charge during the New Moon and Full Moon. Before working with healing crystals, it is recommended you clean, charge, and program them energetically.

Whether you seek change on the first of January or in the middle of July, Moonstone can help you through the shift. Every second of you being alive is a brand new moment, a miraculous wonder, and a new beginning.

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More about Moonstone

You are ready to change your life with Moonstone, the crystal of New Beginnings. Expand your wisdom and opportunities by visiting these related links:

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - June 27, 2022

Hi Matthew, thanks for sharing how you will use your crystals. We are always looking for creative crystal healing ideas to share with our audience and I love the bedpost idea.

It’s also interesting about your gypsy roots as Lisa’s husband is from Hungary so we have ties there as well.

I am thrilled that you love your new bracelets! Please let me know if it’s okay to post your comment as a product review so others can learn from your 5-star experience? If you agree, you will gain crystal rewards points for your review.

Meanwhile, here is some information about our crystal rewards program. Learn how to earn points and spend them on crystals:

Matthew - June 27, 2022

Dear Sheila,

Once again I have to thank you for your insight and consideration. I was worried at the time about the size of the pouch, I’m glad you realized what I was going for and upgraded my order. It’s very kind and heavily appreciated. I hopefully shouldn’t have to travel too often with the moonstone, but it’s far better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. I also have to tell you, it wasn’t my intention but I’m finding clever ways already to utilize these wonderful stones collectively. Like I said, originally I was just in the market for a crystal ball. Use it for scrying, spirit communication, meditation, centering. I have Gypsy roots by my great grandfather out of Hungary, so that and tarot comes fairly easy, I’m finding out.

When I looked around though, none of the spheres were really calling out to me. The bracelets were. I had been doing research from both your site and elsewhere, come to an understanding of what I was most drawn to, and figured I’d find a balance and utility for the Garnet and Tourmaline to be worn on my left hand to ground and draw in, and use the Cat’s Eye and Amethyst on my right to reach higher and flow out. With my already owned Rainbow Labradorite Tree of Life amulet I wear to center.

However, just like that the sale for the Peach Moonstone shows up in my mail. I read up on it, and it just clicks in more ways than one. For my purposes I can use it for everything I said, AND I had the realization I could set it at the head of my bed on the desk behind me, while also sleeping with my bracelets placed on the 4 bed posts. Garnet and Tourmaline at the bottom 2, Cat’s Eye and Amethyst at the top 2. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer due to a health issue as a teenager. This should help with frequency and control. Seems I was drawn to you ladies and your shop at just the right time. I love it when that happens.

Thank you all again. I can’t wait to work with these stones. You can already look forward to excellent reviews just from the bracelets so far, which did arrive safely and as described. I wish you all a good weekend and a safe 4th of July coming up.

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