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New Moon Arrival Crystals for November 2023

moss agate crescent moonThe New Moon of November casts a spell
What changes await you? Only time will tell
I take this as a good omen
Destiny is in the hands of each man and woman
Your fate is looking up as the sacred moon rises
We have 13 new gems that are delightful surprises
Third Eye Agates have made their way back to Satin Crystals
It was 22 years ago I first saw 'em and I sure have missed those
What treasures will win your love today?
Take a look and then listen to what your heart has to say.
Your friend,
Lisa Satin 

13 Mystical New Moon Arrivals

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Sacred Stones of the Mystic Moon

#1 Moss Agate Moon Rising Thoughts

As the Moon of Moss Agate ascends, your mind is drawn to the celestial sphere. Existence, meaning, maturation: these are the enigmas unraveled by the Moon of Moss Agate. Fix your gaze upon the resplendent facade of this captivating gemstone and attain tranquility.

#2 Third Eye Agate Set 3 Spiritual Seers

Discover the spiritual power of your Third Eye Agate stone set, found along the sacred river of India. Unlock your Third Eye chakra and tap into psychic visions, intuition, and cosmic awareness with three exquisite Sardonyx Agate stones.

#3 Lepidolite Angel of Music

Experience the calming melody of spirit with your Lepidolite Angel crystal. This divine gemstone relieves everyday worries and brings you to a tranquil mental state. Follow your bliss with your guardian angel leading the way.

Eggs are Extraordinary!

#4 Spinel Egg Blessed with Success

This Spinel egg enhances your journey towards success. Beautiful gemstones rotating in a blend of minerals boost your self-assurance and awaken your innate abilities. You possess the same brilliance and audacity as the Spinel stone you possess.

#5 Sodalite Egg Crack of Dawn

Recharge your energy with this inspiring Sodalite egg. It helps to relieve stress and promotes relaxation. Begin your day with a refreshed mind. The beautiful blue and white stone resembles the dawn. A sense of tranquility surrounds you.

#6 Lapis Egg Innovation is Hatching

This blue Lapis Lazuli egg fosters innovation and intuitive ideas. Whether overcoming writer's block, seeking the right words, or generating bright ideas, trust this Third Eye chakra stone. Unleash creativity with your stunning Lapis egg.

Ready, Set, Tumble!

#7 Citrine Tumble Stone Aura Rainbow of Riches

Dance under a rainbow of riches with Aura Citrine tumbled stones. Glistening with a powerful Titanium coat, these gems inspire true joy. They are candy for the eye and satisfying for the soul. When you want to feel bountiful and abundant, manifest these shimmering stones into your life. 

#8 Bronzite Tumbled Stone Big Brown Brilliant

These magnificent Bronzite tumbled stones are bold, stunning, and mesmerizing brown. Powerful and potent for swift and impactful outcomes, your captivating gems are brimming with earthy energy and safeguarding abilities. Obtain one for positive vibes or a collection for mind-blowing adventures that ignite your spirit.

#9 Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone Grid of Protection

Create a protective grid with Black Obsidian tumbled stones. Obsidian shields your mind and spirit from negative influences, allowing you to be your authentic self without any unwanted disruptions. These beautiful gems are essential for healers and those who value holistic practices.

#10 Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled Stones VIP Boss

Need protection? These Mahogany Obsidian stones are for the bosses and VIPs. Are you a significant soul seeking safe and peaceful energy? Get your fill of Mahogany Obsidian crystals and stride forward confidently, with class and charisma.

Chargers & A Chunk

#11 Selenite Charger Light Worker's True White 

Choose Selenite to charge energy and stones. These charger stations are made of rare 'True Selenite' for the purest powers. Use as layout plates or for charging stones and jewelry.

#12 Blue Agate Charger Power Plate

Recharge stones and jewelry on this beautiful Blue Agate charging plate. The stone slice, ranging from light blue to teal, can also be used on higher chakras during layout sessions. Versatile and potent, this Agate plate is essential for crystal healers.

#13 Black Tourmaline Raw Crystal Giant Chunk

When you want protective energy to the max, this giant chunk of Black Tourmaline crystal is not messing around. Keep the boogeyman and other evil forces away from your world with the safeguarding powers of Black Tourmaline. You want a life of happiness and harmony. This stone is for you! 

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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