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New Moon Arrival Gems for February 2024

ball and bracelet bundles under new moonHello, Lovely!

The New Moon of 2/9 is a blessing for sure

It's the month of love and beauty galore

We have some new treasures to rejuvenate you

At Satin Crystals and Ball & Bracelet, too!

With lots of love and gratitude,

Lisa Satin

Breathtaking Beauties at Satin Crystals

I can't wait to show you what's new! Sign up for the free Satin Crystals VIP club to keep alert on crystal healing news and deals. Here we go:

Aquamarine Ring Cinderella's Blue Gem

Just imagine what you can do with this breathtaking beautiful blue Aquamarine ring! The gorgeous jewel inspires you to keep hope alive and most importantly, take the actions that align with your dreams. 

Lepidolite Skull Master Spirit

This incredible purple Lepidolite skull is for the Master Healer here on Earth. When you want to channel the spirit realm in a powerful way, this crystal skull becomes your friend from the Other realm. It is a one-of-a-kind centerpiece and healing stone for someone special who is wise beyond their years.

Garnet Black Matrix Reality Sphere

This Garnet crystal ball welcomes you to the Black Matrix. Embedded in dark minerals, these burgundy red gemstones inspire you to think deep and expand your perspective. Do you love your reality? With the Garnet sphere, you control your path to happiness.

Brand New at Ball & Bracelet!

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Dalmatian Jasper Bundle Good Spot

Find your good spot with the Dalmatian Jasper bundle. Your charming personality and attractive nature make you easy to spot from a crowd.

dalmatian jasper ball and bracelet

Aura Rose Quartz Bundle Pink Palace

The Aura Rose Quartz ball and bracelet bundle is what dreams are made of. Ascend the pink palace of pleasures and extract your shiniest treasures.

aura rose quartz ball and bracelet

African Turquoise Ball Exotic Earth

Enjoy the adventures of Earth through your exotic African Turquoise crystal ball. You were born to bask in this beautiful planet. 

african turquoise sphere

Garnet Ball Magnificent Mica

You are as magnificent as this Garnet Mica ball. Get out there and show the world what shiny things you're made of. 

garnet mica sphere

Larvikite Ball Brewing Storm

The Larvikite ball resembles a brewing storm with gray clouds and flickering lights. Brew your brilliant ideas with this crystal as your muse. 

larvikite sphere

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Lisa Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi Art,

Check out our Protection crystals page, it has the top 15 recommended stones.

In your case, Obsidian and Black Tourmaline may be helpful.

Art - December 9, 2021

I do ghost investigations and what would be a good crystal for dark or negative energy protection

Sheila Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi Natalia, we often hear about crystals that disappear. Hopefully your actual cat is still there! Here is a helpful article:

Nat - December 9, 2021

i bought a cat shaped onyx crystal a while back and it was on my night stand and then it totally disappeared. i was wondering if it ment anything. i also have a black cat if that means anything haha.

Sheila Satin - December 24, 2020

Hi Lorato, thank you for your email. Here are some helpful links to get your started:

Crystal Meanings:

Rose Quartz meanings: (we will be expanding on this topic in February, so stay tuned on the email list)

Tigers Eye Meanings:

Aquamarine Meanings:

Citrine Meanings: (we will also be expanding on this stone some time next year).

Sheila Satin

Lorato - December 24, 2020

I have never been so serious about using Crystal stones until I see what they doing to my brother. Pliz help me on using them. I have rose quartz, tiger eye, aquamarine, Citrine

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