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New Moon Gemstones for October 2023

chrysocolla stones and new moonGreetings, Pal!

October's New Moon is such a thrill

The most marvelous time of the year.

It's my birthday month so I'm partial, but still!

I shall share 20 new gems for you to hold dear.

What will you manifest during the magical New Moon?

Write back to me, my friend, I'd love to hear from you soon.

With gems and joy,

Lisa Satin

20 New Arrival Gems & Jewelry

What kind of fresh minerals will you infuse into your collection this month? See our sparkling new October offerings.

Brand-New Moon Crystal Chargers...

The New Moon is such an awesome time to charge your crystals! When you're looking to manifest fresh new starts, energize your gemstones under the next New Moon. You can use these crystal plates as chargers any time of day, in fact. Or place them on your chakras as you do a layout.


Luna's Jewelry Offerings...

Wearing crystal jewelry helps you feel better metaphysically and also feel better about yourself! Moon Goddess Luna shines light upon the most beautiful aspects of your personality. Celebrate your soul's unique place on this planet by adoring your look with real gemstones. Your ancestors did it time and again. What would it feel like to follow the sacred path? These styles are brand new for the fresh you. Put your own twist on tradition!

Carvings you'll Crave...

few figurines make their debut this month. Get your glitz on with the Goldstone skull which welcomes you with a toothy smile from the Great Beyond or bless your space with the lovely Rose Quartz guardian turtle. Leap forward in your relationships with this crystal companion cheering you on. Speaking about matters of the heart, these Lapis worry stones are perfect for love-doves.


Skull Beads??? What!???

For the first time ever, we offer you adorable crystal skull beads. They are just like our awesome crystal skulls but with holes for beading. You can string your funny little friend into fashionable crystal healing jewelry. Or keep it as a healing stone that helps you channel across dimensions. 

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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