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New Moon Arrival Crystals for August 2023

zhamanshin impactite sphere with new moon imageDear Friends,

What's new? It's the August New Moon! Join us at Satin Crystals and celebrate with new arrivals.

This month, we have gems from the Earth, Sun, Stars, and Heavens. 

See 10 of our best below.

Wait! There's more exciting news! We now offer tumbled stones in singles, not just sets. As of this New Moon, you can mix and match gems to your heart's desire.

With love and joy,

Lisa Satin

10 New Arrivals for the New Moon

Check out these brand new gems and jewelry that accentuate your shiny personality during the New Moon and beyond.

From the Earth!

Boiling lava erupts from the core of the planet. Shooting up the volcano and onto Earth's surface, Obsidian is born. This protective stone has a volatile origin but we created you a sterling silver necklace that is just darling! 

Meanwhile, six Jasper arrowheads shot their way into the Satin Crystals studio. Those desiring a dose of nature's healing energy are attracted to this set. Jewelry lovers, these make great crystals for wrapping! 

#1 Black Obsidian Necklace Athena's Protection Crystal

When you wear this real sterling silver Black Obsidian necklace, you channel the protective powers of Goddess Athena. The strength of the revered Greek goddess shines through your glassy, glossy gem. Tucked safely in a sparkling silver cage, this Obsidian crystal gives you a refined look and outlook. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am protected by Goddess Athena"

#2 Jasper Raw Crystal Arrowhead Set 6 Straight Shooters

When it comes to your success, you want to be a straight shooter. These 6 colorful Jasper arrowheads point the way to the top. Whether you have goals in your career or personal life, don't waste time. Cut through the obstacles and to the chase with Jasper. Ready, aim, fire!  

Positive Affirmation: "I'm a straight shooter"

From the Sky!

Sunshine and smiles go hand in hand. Highlight your summer attitude with Sun crystals, any season of the year. The Red Jasper sun pendant is a sparkling treasure that lightens up your aura. These yummy gemmy Yellow Calcite crystals illuminate your Solar Plexus chakra for all-day happiness.

#3 Red Jasper Pendant Smiling Sun Eternal Fire

This Red Jasper Pendant is an eternal source of warmth and energy. Its Smiling Sun crystal and Fire energy provide inspirational healing that keeps you motivated and inspired. What a beautiful way to access the power of the universe anytime you need it. You're glowing!

Positive Affirmation: "I glow like the smiling sun"

#4 Yellow Calcite Raw Crystal Slice of Sunshine

Your Yellow Calcite crystal is like a wonderful slice of sunshine. This sweet and cheery crystal activates your Solar Plexus chakra, zapping away dark moods and encouraging your natural happiness. When you need a dose of beautiful inspiration, Yellow Calcite is your go-to. 

Positive Affirmation: "I enjoy a wonderful slice of sunshine"

From the Stars! 

Ancient and astral, these Craters made quite an impact when they landed in our store. This is the debut of the amazing Zhamanshin from Kazakhstan in rare sphere form, nonetheless. The Nordlinger Ries Crater originated from the same meteor crash as Moldavite. You must experience the cosmic power of craters! Meteor loves and collectors of rare crystals, take heed indeed!

#5 Zhamanshin Crater Meteorite Sphere Nuclear Impact

Who would have known that you could own a sacred sphere from the Zhamanshin crater of exotic Kazakhstan? The 900,000-year-old meteorite could have caused the last nuclear winter in this world. When you need to blast away bad vibes and clear room for something better, the rare crystal ball is a fine choice for you. What a collector's dream come true! 

Positive Affirmation: "I go nuclear on bad vibes"

#6 Nordlinger Ries Crater Meteorite Window to Worlds

This rare Nordlinger Ries Crater is your spiritual window through worlds. Born of Earth and space, the Impactite was created millions of years ago at the exact same time as Moldavite. The super rare meteoric mineral will change your perspective of life as you know it. For a spiritual experience, try Nordlinger. 

Positive Affirmation: "I gaze into the window of worlds"

From the Heavens!

I have some exciting news! Our tumbled stones are now also sold in singles. You can mix and match the gemstones your want at an affordable price. Create custom sets for layouts, gridding, gifting, and more.

Here we feature 4 divine crystals from Heaven. You can find a ton of additional options in the Satin Crystals Tumbled Stone Collection.

#7 Ametrine Tumbled Stones Divine Money Citrine Amethyst

When you want the best of all worlds, turn to shiny royal Ametrine tumbled stones. Spiritual Amethyst and rich Citrine form a combination crystal that tops the hierarchy of nobility. You want divinity and you want wealth- why should you choose just one? 

Positive Affirmation: "I am divine and rich nobility"

#8 Lapis Tumbled Stones Third Eye Awakening

Let your Third Eye awaken like a flower in bloom. These Lapis Lazuli tumbled stones open you to a world of visions and spiritual insight. Place the gemstones on your chakras or carry them around for continual psychic power. Your Lapis Lazuli breaks the barrier.

Positive Affirmation: "My Third Eye awakens"

#9 Turquoise Tumbled Stones Spirit of the West

Your Turquoise tumbled stones embody the spirit of the West. Full of ancestral powers and natural healing energy, these beauties are perfect for all your crystal healing rituals. Open up your higher chakras and your world to phenomenal Turquoise.

Positive Affirmation: "The spirit of the West calls me"

#10 Citrine Tumbled Stones Shiny Abundance

Get pumped with an abundance mindset. These Citrine tumbled stones cheer you on the path to positive thinking. When you're thinking optimistically, your aura attracts bounty and rewards. The glorious Citrine crystals are perfect for carrying in your pocket, grids, and money manifestations.  

Positive Affirmation: "I envision stacks of cash"

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - September 12, 2023

Thanks for opening up to us about this difficult circumstance, Mira.

Obsidian is one of the top protection stones that works well in these cases. You can learn more about this crystal in our extensive Obsidian Meanings article:

We also have a popular page with the Top 15 Protection Stones. Check it out:

I hope this is a helpful start and please reach out if you need more assistance.

Mira K. - September 12, 2023

Good Afternoon,

Could you please give me some suggestions for the best crystal(s) to wear for protection? My 41 year old sister is living back home with my mom. My sister is an emotional bully and her constant negativity and confrontations are affecting my mom so much that it is making her physically ill. I just want to get her something that she can wear that will maybe protect her enough so she can at least breathe when my sister is around.

Suggestions? Thank you!

Lisa Satin - August 29, 2022

Hello Charles,

When, where, and how often you recharge crystal is a personal choice. If you feel the energy has shifted and you have new goals then it doesn’t hurt to recharge the stones immediately or wait until the full moon.

Here is an article that answers your questions:

We wish you a successful manifestation journey.

Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Charles - August 29, 2022

I have a rainforest jasper/rhyolite crystal that I purchased and charged in Hawaii while on vacation. We are now back in New Mexico and I was wondering if I needed to cleanse and recharge this crystal for its new location.?
Should I wait for the next full moon or what can I do in the meantime to cleanse it? I wear it as jewelry as a necklace pendant.

Thanks for any insight, Charles

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