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Occult Crystal Balls

man with eyes closed holding two ruby kyanite spheres

Back in the 3rd century BCE, the Druids were using crystal balls in their healing practices in the British Isles. These pagan healers believed in divining the future through reflective surfaces like crystal balls.

Today the crystal ball is most strongly associated with the occult. Learn about their place in history, culture, and your metaphysical healing sessions. 

Do gypsies use crystal balls?

When the Roma people, known as gypsies, migrated to Europe from India, they saw a great opportunity. Europeans were already familiar with the crystal ball being used to divine the future thanks to the Druids.

The gypsies donned exotic turbans, scarves, and jewels and used crystal balls as their source of income. Because crystal balls are easy to travel with, the gypsies used them to set up a fortune-telling stands on the go. 

Can crystal balls tell the future?

While the crystal ball does not tell the future itself, it does open up the mind of the healer to see beyond the physical world. Like the pendulum, the crystal is a tool to help the Seer connect with their Higher Self and Spirit Guides, which is where all the answers lie. 

How do you use black crystal balls?

Although a clear crystal ball is the most popularly recognized in the mainstream, the black crystal ball is just as powerful. For example, the surface of Black Obsidian is reflective like a mirror and helps to relax your mind. Gazing into the dark stone puts you into a hypnotic state, allowing you to access the metaphysical realm. 

Use black crystal balls for gazing, divination, and meditation. These spheres are also popular protection stones, vital energy when opening your aura to the spiritual world. 

Which black crystal balls are best?

Black has always been the color associated with mystery and occult. They align with the magic of the night and put you in touch with your Wiccan abilities.

Here are three popular and powerful black crystal balls for your crystal gazing, healing, and divination:


What is a crystal ball divination?

Crystal ball divination is another name for crystal ball gazing, scrying, crystallomancy, or fortune-telling. Divination works on the fact that all energy on earth and beyond is connected by Oneness. Using your crystal ball to divine allow you to tap into this portal and access the answers provided by the Universe. 

Learn how to use crystal balls for divination

What are Wicca crystal balls?

Wicca is the modern-day equivalent of paganism. Modern souls like you can tap into the ancient magical ways with gemstone spheres.

Here are 7 crystal balls that aid your Wiccan pursuits:

Mystic MerliniteGain access to the magical secrets of Merlin with your new Indigo Gabbro sphere. Nicknamed Mystic Merlinite, the sphere's enchanted powers awaken your inner witch or wizard. Go beyond the ordinary by stirring up mysteries and miracles. Delve deep into life's adventures when you pick this mystical Merlinite ball to be your own.

Stormy Aventurine: Gaze deep into this rare Stormy Aventurine sphere to connect with the magic of the midnight sky. Brewing in the dark clouds of this crystal ball are secrets revealed only to those who believe in magic. Nourish your inner witch or wizard with knowledge of things that go beyond the human eye. Stormy grey Aventurine gemstones are for those who believe.

Chalcedony Magic: This Chalcedony ball feels alive. Gaze into its purple and red Jasper minerals brewing in motion through the milky gemstone interior. Feel the magic floating from your crystal ball, entering deep into your soul, and empowering you to achieve the impossible. Life is enchanting once again with this unusual Chalcedony sphere. 

Black Moonstone: This suave Black Moonstone ball tingles your senses with its flashy silver-sheen surface and fire minerals. Get in touch with your midnight god. Holding it releases a constant flow of calming lunar energy into your vibe. What a brilliant gem for readers, healers, and lightworkers who are working on psychic intuition. Place your Black Moonstone orb on display to wow all who lay eyes upon its unmatched beauty.

Jasper Snake Charmer: This Snakeskin Jasper sphere from spiritual India enchants your spirit and charms your soul. Rich desert-tones take you on a magical journey to faraway lands, simpler times, and wiser leaders. Feel your Kundalini power rise up your spine as you hold the mesmerizing orb in your hand. This Snake Jasper crystal ball infuses old world charm into your modern-day visions.

Lapis Earth Elements: Your new Lapis crystal ball puts the world in your hands. This sphere teaches you to be the ruler of your life and create the world that you desire. It helps you say no to being pushed around and tricked into doing things that don't benefit your spirit. The Lapis Lazuli orb fits perfectly in the palms of your hands for meditation. Display it as an attractive art deco in any space. It is a favorite among men and women, charming all who gaze upon it.

Dumortierite Intuitions: Loosen up and trust your inner-self with the help of this mystique Dumortierite sphere. When your ego is running rampant, the deep blue beauty puts your skewed perspective on pause. Get in touch with your inner wisdom and channel your flow of intuitive knowledge- it's all there within. Access your power when you let the Dumortierite crystal ball work its metaphysical magic.

What is your crystal ball experience?

We look forward to hearing your stories, experiences, or questions about occult crystal balls. Comment on the blog below and we will get back to you. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - January 6, 2023

HI Jordi! We do not sell Tarot decks nor do we plan to sell them. You may find several unique options by searching on Etsy.
Best wishes!

Jordi P. - January 6, 2023

I’m reaching out to you because I came across you website the other day and wondered if you sell Tarot decks.

Colleen - January 24, 2022

Hello! I’m happy to have found your site. 😃

I read online in several places that jade was good for the Wolf full moon in January that we just experienced. I’m wondering aside from amethyst if there’s a good crystal for the Snow new moon in February? I’m a February baby so have lots of amethyst.

Lisa Satin - January 24, 2022

Thank you for writing, Byran. We are happy to assist you!
Here is an article and video showing you various ways to clean, charge, and program your crystal balls, meteorites, and Moldavite:

On your Satin Crystals journey, you may have more questions or stories to share, reach out to us any time :) Have a great day.

Bryan - January 24, 2022

How to clean and charge a new crystal ball

Sheila Satin - November 4, 2020

Hi Shenial, thank you for your email. We do not carry large Quartz crystal balls at the moment. We hope to resume in the future, but at the moment we are concentrating on boosting up our spheres that are 4 inches or less for mailing and portability sake.

If you are looking for a unique gazing experience, I recommend the Quartz Tourmaline 6 inches we have here:

Sheila Satin

Shenial - November 4, 2020

Hi Sheila I’m looking for a clear quartz real crystal ball for gazing and channeling that is about 6 to 7 inches can you let me know if you have that please thank you!

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