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7 Jasper Quick Tips for Surviving Holidays

hands wearing mookaite jasper bracelets, holding a mookaite jasper oval and massage wandThe jolly holidays are here and you're ready to get in a festive mood. Yet, there is always an obstacle to disrupt your good times.

Be it a rowdy relative, a stressful shopping experience, or a raging pandemic, Jasper gemstones keep your optimism alive. Jasper is the stone to choose, not only survive the holidays but to thrive through them.

Jasper to Survive and Thrive through your Holidays

Don't have time for a full ritual? Grab your Jasper crystals and try these quick tips. 

#1 Get your Jasper Feet Grounded

Mission: Keep calm and grounded through the holiday bustle

Ritual: Plug into the earth by grounding your feet with Jasper. Have at least two  Jasper crystals, one at each foot. You can place them under your feet, in your socks, on top of your feet, as long as they are touching your skin. You could be sitting down, standing, or lying with your knees bent. Even if you are working, watching TV, or standing in line for the grocery store, this quick ritual keeps your metaphysical feet solidly on the ground. 

 #2 Hug a Jasper

MissionCombat the case of the loneliness when you're not physically together with loved ones 

Ritual: Jasper is most popularly known as your nurturing stone. Find a substantial piece of Jasper and hug it to your heart when you need comfort. Can't get to a friend in need? Gift them a Jasper heart and connect your love virtually through time and space. 

#3 Jasper your chakras

Mission: Find relief and healing through the busy holidays

Ritual: Use your polished Jasper stones; a massage wand is best, but it could also be a palm stone, a Jasper egg, or a Jasper sphere, and massage your lower back and lower abdomen. This activates your Sacral chakra and relieves tension in your muscles. If you have someone to massage for you, all the better!

#4 Squeeze a Jasper

Mission: Diffuse the anger you feel when dealing with tough relatives

Ritual: Have your favorite Jasper stones handy so that wherever you are, you can squeeze the crystals and calm your anger and frayed nerves. This is great after a tense zoom meeting or a physical confrontation with someone you don't see eye to eye with. Make it a habit to get rid of your unwanted energy and fill it with Jasper's support. 

#5 Jasper for your dreams

Mission: Get in touch with the spiritual meaning of the holidays

Ritual: Want to remember your dreams? Place Jasper pieces under your pillow or a Jasper ball at your bed stand, programmed specifically to recall your dreams. When you wake up, write about your nighttime journeys in your dream journal or just hold your stone and relive the adventure. Use a dream dictionary or your intuition to find meaning in your nightly dreams. 

#6 Drink Jasper energy

Mission: Don't let your energy be drained through the hectic holidays

Ritual: Slip a polished Jasper stone in your water bottle and let it soak for a few hours. Make sure to take out the stone before drinking! Program the Jasper for whatever your intentions are of the day. Health? Confidence? Tolerance?

#7 Garden with Jasper

Mission: Use your time off to connect with rejuvenating plant life

Ritual: Jasper loves the earth. When you are repotting your plants or working in your garden, make sure to add Jasper stones to the soil. This charges up their energies and makes for happy plants. You can then use the garden Jaspers in your full rituals or leave them to live in the earth. 

Your Jasper Rituals

We would love to hear your experiences with your Jasper quick rituals. Which one is your favorite? Comment on the blog below!

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - December 24, 2020

Hi Judith,

Thank you for writing to us. We have an entire section of crystals dedicated to helping with Happiness. You can find them here:

Once you find the stones you like there is a variety of ways you can use them to help boost your mood, and the mood of your friend too. If you’re new to crystal healing, some of the easier methods are reciting affirmations, following along on our guided meditations, and placing stones key spots of your home or body. More advanced rituals can also be found on our website. Check out these resources:

Healing by Chakras (I recommend you work on Solar Plexus most):

Reciting positive affirmations:

Additional tutorials:

Video tutorials:

Once you’ve started on some of these, let us know about your progress. We hope you feel better soon,

Lisa Satin

Judith - December 24, 2020

I’m in a lot of pain have been for years ;what do you suggest for that
I have a girlfriend that it is in a lot of mental anguish she feels she needs a soul cleansing what do I need for her

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