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Red Quartz Guided Meditation for Passion & Fire

sheila of satin crystals meditating with red quartz spheres

Are one or more aspects of your lifestyle stuck in a lull? Sometimes life starts to feel sleepy and dull. Break free from the humdrum with this Red Quartz guided meditation.

Red Quartz crystals reignite the passion and fire in your soul. Whether it's a romance that needs to be rekindled or a dream that you wish to fulfill, this stone can rocket you to success.

This Red Quartz guided meditation can be done with several types of Red Quartz. Gather your Fire Quartz, Red Hematite Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Red Hematoid Quartz, and even Red Rutilated Quartz to begin the adventure.

Don't have them yet? Need more? Find real stones and jewelry in the Satin Crystals Red Quartz Collection.

Red Quartz guided meditation video

For your convenience, we have recorded the Red Quartz Guided Meditation.

There are singing bowl interludes throughout the video so you can take time to visualize and personalize your journey.

Listen and follow along...

How do you prepare for the Red Quartz Meditation?

Gather your Red Quartz crystals and find a calm, comfortable place to meditate.

Pick a relaxing zen garden, meditation room, or a quiet nook of your house. Cleanse the energy of your space with sage, incense, or candlelight before beginning the meditation.

For this meditation, you want as many Red Quartz Stones as possible, both in gemstone and jewelry forms. Place them around the space, have one or two to hold during the meditation, and wear your Red Quartz jewelry to enhance your experience.

Prepare a glass of water and a set of Moqui Marbles, or your favorite grounding Earth stones. Keep them nearby so you can easily grab them right after the meditation. The Moqui Marbles and the water help you anchor back to reality after your etheric body has been floating through the spiritual realm.

red quartz crystals, candle, sage, water, moqui for meditation
Guided meditation script with Red Quartz

You're ready to rocket your potential to new heights. You're ready to reignite the passion that is buried under a pile of worry and discouragement. But before you awaken your inner flame, you need to enter a state of deep relaxation.

Do this by closing your eyes and inhaling and exhaling deeply three times. Each time you exhale, say the word "Relax" to yourself. Feel your physical body comply, and your mental state slow down. After the three deep breathes, continue to comfortably breathe in and out.

(short pause)

As your mental train of thoughts begin to slow, you may notice lingering anxiety or activity. Imagine the Red Quartz crystal in your hand is heating up. As it becomes hot, the anxious thoughts begin to burn away. They keep burning until they are completely vaporized. All that is left is steamy hot serenity. You feel as though you're sitting in a sauna.

In this perfectly heated sauna of your mind, your physical body loosens. Your jaw unclenches, your face falls, and your shoulders drop toward the floor. You feel your belly relax and release pent-up tension. All your limbs feel lighter. Eventually, your physical body disappears into the hot and steamy air.

(short pause)

sheila of satin crystals holding red hematite quartz sphere

You are now completely relaxed in this comfortable sauna of your mind. If it's too hot or too cold, imagine stepping to the thermostat and adjusting the temperature to your liking. 

You are here because you are ready to reignite your passion. One or more parts of your life feel like it's at a stand-still. Search deep in your mind to pick the most pressing and important issue that you want to deal with today.

Perhaps it's a dead-end job that you want to leave but have not had the courage to do so. Maybe it's a relationship that is getting unbearably dull and your passions need to be sparked. It could be that your bank account needs a major boost but isn't moving or is moving in the wrong direction. For you, the priority might even be that your spiritual evolution feels stuck. Whatever the most pressing issue is, bring it to the forefront of your mind now.


The issue you have chosen to activate is now in full focus. You know what you want, but you haven't been able to achieve your goal. That's so frustrating! But that's in the past, the Red Quartz crystal in your hand is the exact tool you need to help you overcome the hurdles that have kept your progress blocked.

Turn your attention to the Red Quartz crystal. It holds Fire Element deep within its natural structure. Fire Element is one of fury, passion, action, and drive. When you gain Fire Element, you are motivated to act in ways that will ensure you reach your goals. You are currently missing the Fire Element that you need to activate one aspect of your life. Now is the time to fix that.

Begin by imagining your crystal heating up again. Imagine flames of fire within the stone. It becomes comfortably warm in your hand. That warm sensation travels into your hands and starts to spread throughout your body. You warm up to the perfect temperature.

Next, you are going to turn up the heat. This may sound uncomfortable, but it's not. That is because you are going to become Fire itself. A fire is burning hot, but it's comfortable in its heat because that is its natural element. Similarly, you are going to set your soul ablaze and feel good about it.

Turn up your internal dial and become One with Fire Element. It's been inside you all this time. Sometimes it just needs to be relit.

You become so hot that your entire essence is a ball of blazing red light. Feel the passion and strength burn within you. You can do anything.

(short pause)

hand holding two red quartz spheres

You are now a complete ball of fire. In this empowered state, think again of that life goal that remains unachieved. Whatever it is, you now have the strength to tackle your goal with full force. Channel this Fire into productive and positive energy that will lead you to the appropriate actions to reach your goals.

Take this time to imagine yourself bravely burning down the hurdles that once stifled your success. Visualize yourself confidently achieving your dreams. What actions will you take? What challenges will you face along the way? Think about it and know that your Fire Element is with you. With this reignited passion, you can easily handle the hurdles and rocket toward your goal.

(long pause)

You are all fueled up and ready to go. You've learned that fire is self-created, no one else can hand it to you. You have all the mojo and motivation you ever needed stored deep within the seed of your soul. The flames may feel extinguished, but they never are.

You now feel a burst of energy. You're ready to go about your business on earth with a renewed sense of inspiration and hope. Any time you want to tap into your Fire Element, take hold of your Red Quartz crystal and feel it burn with motivation.

(short pause)

You've rocketed to a place of total power. You are ready to take this energy with you to the physical realm.

Remember, fire is all around you. In the center of the earth, blazing across the sun, and bursting from your Red Quartz crystal. Tap into this raw energy any time you need a boost.

(short pause)

sheila of satin crystals meditating with red quartz spheres

You are now ready to emerge from this meditation with passion and gusto. Those goals that seemed so distant are now within arms reach. Everything is fixable when you have the right mindset.

You are going to awaken with a count of 1 to 5. Begin with...

1...Breathe in and out, feel your Fire force balancing with all the other elements in your body.

2...Rub the Red Quartz crystal in your hand, knowing that it will give you energy whenever you need it.

3...Wiggle your fingers and toes as you realign yourself back to the room.

4...Hear the sounds around you, smell the air.

5...Open your eyes feeling strong and inspired.

woman holding water and moqui marbles
What do I do Post-Meditation?

Immediately following the meditation, you may feel like you are in an altered state of mind. That's because your frequency has been enhanced to a higher level than normal. Allow yourself time to enjoy this natural high, and slowly reintegrate back to the physical world.

Hold onto your Moqui stones to completely realign back with reality, and drink the water that was placed nearby.

When you are in a comfortable mental state, you can begin reflecting upon your experience. Share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with others in the meditation group.

If you practiced the meditation alone, you can journal your experiences or simply enjoy the sensations. Think about the messages and visions you experienced, and how they can help you in life.

If you liked participating in this crystal meditation, or if you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below or message us! 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - September 21, 2021

Hi Eboney, thank you for your reply. I am happy to hear back from you! Thanks for following our meditations. My sister Lisa channels them and then I create the video :)

Eboney J - September 21, 2021

Thank you so much! I’ve been listening to your guided meditations on youtube. You do a great job. :)

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