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How to Prepare for a Meditation

jewelry, crystals, water, candle, sage, grounding stones for meditationWhen you are ready to begin a meditation, you want the right environment, mindset, and crystals. Follow these steps for the best and deepest meditation results.

  1. Although meditations can be done anywhere if needed, creating a fresh space is the most refreshing option. Find a calm place such as a zen garden, meditation room, or a quiet nook of your house. Cleanse the energy of your space with sage, incense, or candlelight before beginning the meditation. 

  2. Decorate your space with crystals. If you are about to embark on one of Satin Crystals' many guided meditations, be sure to have the right stone available beforehand. You can choose larger pieces for ambience, smaller pieces for holding, and even jewelry for wearing during the session. At the very least, have one or two of the correct crystals with you so you can hold them during the meditation.

  3. Clean, charge, and program your crystals before the meditation. That will help you reset them so they can be infused with your specific energy and intentions. 

  4. Just before beginning, make sure you are have a glass of water and a set of Moqui Marbles, or your favorite grounding stones. Keep them nearby so you can easily grab them right after the meditation. The Moqui Marbles and the water help you anchor back to reality after your etheric body has been floating through the spiritual realm.

  5. Relax and begin your meditation! 

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Sheila Satin - January 7, 2021

Hi Melissa, we don’t do live guided meditations online (although that is a good idea), but we have a whole collection of guided crystal meditation videos you can do on your own time:

Sheila Satin

Melissa O - January 7, 2021

I’m new to all this and I have so many questions, I want to learn all I can… if you ever do a guided meditation on line please let me know cause I would really like to attend, thank you again for all your help

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