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Root Chakra Quiz

sheila of satin crystals wearing red holding a red jasper sphere at the root chakra

How's your Root chakra today?

Test your Root chakra knowledge. Find the answers and much more about your first chakra in Crystal Healing the Root Chakra

  • What three colors are associated with your Root chakra?

  • What foods should you eat for the Root chakra?

  • What crystals are good for the Root chakra?

  • Where do you place crystals to open the Root chakra?

  • What are some Root chakra mantras?

  • What are the perfect Root chakra jewelry pieces?

  • What musical note is the Root chakra?

  • How do you know if your Root chakra is blocked?

  • How does it feel when you have an open Root chakra?

  • When does the Root chakra first develop?

  • Why is the Root chakra the first you should balance?

Your Path to Chakra Knowledge

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Have questions? We would love to hear your inquiries, comments, stories, and experiences with the Root Chakra. Post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

Right the Root Chakra with Crystals

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Lisa Satin - May 29, 2021

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for telling us about your crystal experiences.

Yes, the Fire and Ice Quartz balls are all-natural. Many times you will see Red Cherry Quartz for sale, those are the ones to be careful of because most are manmade.

Moqui is an excellent choice to use alongside any kind of healing or practice that you do. We recommend them after every single of our guided meditations.
You’re right, Kundalini energy is so powerful and spiritual that Moqui helps balance that out. Definitely take a look at our videos!

As Kundalini starts from the base of your spine, I would place the stones next to your Root Chakra while you do your rituals.
After the rituals, hold them to feel grounded back to reality.

We look forward to hearing your feedback once they are received and you’re working with them.

Michael - May 29, 2021

I just wanted to say hi and that I’m looking forward to getting my Fire and Ice quartz crystal ball. I was just wanting to make sure it is an all natural Real Crystal Ball. I know the reiki clear quartz is because it says it specifically but the fire and ice didn’t really say that I saw.
Also I decided to get the Moqui Stones as well because I was wanting to use the fire and ice crystal ball to work with Kundalini. In the past I could have really used the grounding stones because once I unleashed the kundalini energy through all the chakras it was like a roman candle of pure electric energy was set off starting at my root chakra.
It was like being jacked into an unlimited power source. I could feel the energy shooting out of my crown chakra like a volcano.
Trouble was I couldn’t get the energy to stop for quite a while.
I was very energized and at a higher state of consciousness but the feel of all that energy coursing through me was akin to putting my finger in a light socket! Lol
I plan to watch all your videos on moqui stone rituals.
If there are any specific moqui rituals you recommend specifically for Kundalini please let me know. Thanks! I really like your online shop! You have some great crystals and accessories!😊

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