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Ruby Stones for Royal Souls

four women wearing ruby jewelryWhen you think of Ruby, you envision glamour, elegance, and absolute luxurious indulgence. That's because Ruby gemstones are for royal souls. They always have been. They always will be.

Ruby is the most royal stone in the crystal kingdom. It is the most desirable precious gemstones, its cost often surpassing the price of diamonds. Sparkling in red, pink, and purple, this energetic crystal has been the centerpiece of noble jewels, holy temples, and majestic castles.

The coveted crystal has been adored throughout history by the mightiest of kings and queens, and featured prominently in coronation crowns. Ruby has been deemed the most precious of God's twelve stones.

Royal Ruby is a crystal of health, wealth, love, and spirituality. Truly timeless, this magnificent mineral does it all. You deserve to be a part of the royal Ruby movement by infusing this supreme gemstone into your crystal healing practice and jewelry collection.

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Ruby for Royalty

The royal status of Ruby gemstones is well-known across societies. It is one of the most powerful precious gemstone.

Ruby has been a stone suited for nobilities in the past and continues to be a valued gem in the present. You can find evidence of this not only in the steep price tag but also in the many artifacts and recorded stories regarding Ruby.

Discovered in Burma as early as 2500BC, ancient Sanskrit text called Ruby the "king of precious stones." Roman scholars wrote about Rubies while Chinese royals used them for significant trades. Jacqueline Kennedy purchased a precious Ruby bracelet for $170,000 in 1983. It is gifted to celebrities and displayed prominently in museums.

Today, we know that royalty is a state of mind. You are certainly royal enough for Ruby. Adorn your body in Ruby jewelry and upgrade your crystal collection with Ruby stones. Ruby comes in a variety of grades and prices, there's something special for anyone who desires this lovely crystal.

Ruby is an abundance stone. Not only is it valuable but it also attracts wealth your way. There's nothing to lose when you welcome Ruby into your life. You, my friend, are a royal soul who deserves Ruby. 

Helpful hint: Double up on abundance when you include Ruby Zoisite in your manifestations. The royal vibe of Ruby synchronizes with the rich vibe of dark green Zoisite to multiply your money. Ruby Zoisite is rooting for you.

Ruby for Love

Can radiant red Rubies compete with Diamonds as the ultimate symbol of love? Certainly. During Medieval times, it was ancient tradition for a gentleman to present his betrothed with two rings: one with Diamond and the other with Ruby. This customary gift is referred to by its French name "le mariage."

Shining as bright as the color of your heart, it only makes sense that Ruby is a stone of true love. The pinks in Ruby match your higher Heart chakra while the reds in Ruby stimulate your passionate Root chakra. Ruby is also precious and attractive- a gemstone fit to symbolize your love.

When you're in love, gift Rubies. When you're looking for love, wear Rubies. When you're working on relationships, use Rubies in crystal healing rituals. Ruby is a stone of love.

Helpful hint: Attract love by adding Ruby Fuchsite to your collection. Rubies dancing in a field of spring green Fuchsite liberate your heart and your spirit. Fall in love with Ruby Fuchsite. 

Ruby for Spirituality

Valuable Ruby is fit for the finest souls, deemed a gift from God. Tap into the power of Ruby and elevate your spirit to a higher vibration.

Ruby stones have been carved into sacred statues throughout civilizations. Ruby Buddha statues can be found in China and Asia, and this eye-catching jewel is also used for protective amulets. In antiquity, Ruby was used to carve Venus the love goddess and the warrior god Mars. This special gemstone is mentioned several times in the Bible, symbolizing the blood of Christ. The high value of Ruby has made it a perfect fit for religious and spiritual prospects.

In crystal healing, you will find that Ruby is a potent and intense spiritual stone. Unlike gentle Angelite or Rose Quartz, passionate Ruby helps you tread your spiritual path with conviction. When you want to move fast and achieve obvious results in meditation, healing, and spiritual quests, turn to Ruby.

Helpful hint: Accelerate your spiritual evolution by including Ruby Kyanite in your meditations. Blue Kyanite connects to the song of angels and transports you to a heavenly spiritual vibration while red Rubies motivate you to walk your true path. Ruby Kyanite has you flying high.

Ruby Resources

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Shop Royal Rubies

Give your soul a lift with royal Rubies. Why let others live the lavish life when you can treat yourself to the gemstone you deserve?

Wear Ruby to attract love, fortune, and a classier style. Use Ruby in healing to achieve the intense results that you want.

Find your perfect pieces at the Satin Crystals Ruby Collection or shop here on the blog to find your gem:

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Lisa Satin - May 27, 2022

Hi Maurine,

We currently have just Ruby Fuchsite earrings. Three original designs can be found here:

The massage wand can be used for actual massage by rubbing pressure points and relieving stress. You can also use it in your healing practices to open the Heart Chakra to love, form better relationships, and strengthen your own self-esteem.


Lisa Satin

Maurine - May 27, 2022

Hi! Do you have Ruby Fuchsia earrings? I just bought a Ruby Fuchsia wand. What does this particular wand do and how to use it. I appreciate your advice.

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