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What Stone Combinations Pair with Selenite?

woman holding selenite circle and amethyst sphereWhich crystals should you pair with your Selenite? Here you will find a variety of stones to combine with your Selenite to enhance your healing practice. Plus, you get practical ideas for each crystal combination.

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Watch the Selenite Combination Video

Click to watch the Selenite Combination Video and see the top crystal pairings in action. 

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What are the best Selenite combinations?

At Satin Crystals, we believe in the power of all crystals working together in harmony. Read more about our thoughts in What Crystals Work Well Together?

However, sometimes you want to pair up your crystals for a specific focus. Here are the most popular Selenite combinations and their meanings: 

#1 Selenite and Amethyst

Selenite and Amethyst are both spiritual stones. Working at the Crown chakra to connect you to your Higher Self, this combination of crystals is perfect for meditation. Unite Selenite and Amethyst together for a peaceful vibration directly from the sacred realms. 

Crystal Idea: Meditate with one Selenite sphere and one Amethyst sphere in each hand. 

#2 Selenite and Moldavite 

Selenite and Moldavite create such a high vibration, that you may need to counter these stones with a grounding crystal like Tourmaline. However, if you're ready for the journey, this superb crystal combination will have you gliding through your day worry-free. Use Selenite and Moldavite together when you are focused on your spiritual growth and want the frivolous earthly drama to slide away. 

Crystal Idea: Layer a Selenite necklace with a Moldavite necklace for everyday elation. 

#3 Selenite and Black Tourmaline 

Selenite and Black Tourmaline are both protective energies. Selenite seals your aura, keeping your energy vibrant. Black Tourmaline creates a shield around your aura, keeping out the unwanted. This crystal task force is ready to guard your personal space. 

Crystal Idea: Scan your aura with a Selenite wand while gazing into a Black Tourmaline sphere to form a protective forcefield around you. 

#4 Selenite and Moonstone

Both Selenite and Moonstone vibrate with the energy of the moon. Selenite is perfect for your Full Moon rituals while Moonstone is the foundation for every lunar event. Combine Selenite and Moonstone to channel the powerful spirit of Moon Goddess Selene. 

Crystal Idea: Layer Moonstone jewelry while you work with your Selenite Full Moon circle during each lunar ritual.  

#5 Selenite and Rose Quartz

Selenite and Rose Quartz surround you in a cloak of love. Selenite works with the White Light from the Universe, embracing the positive aspects of earth and humanity. Rose Quartz opens your Heart chakra to better give and receive love. Use Selenite and Rose Quartz together to appreciate each precious moment and every beloved person in your life. 

Crystal Idea: Manifest with a Selenite heart and a Rose Quartz heart. Give matching Selenite and Rose Quartz hearts to everyone you hold dear in your life. 

#6 Selenite and Clear Quartz

Selenite and Clear Quartz work together to open your chakras. White Selenite surrounds your chakras in the White Light while Clear Quartz brings clarity to your thoughts. When you are feeling muddled and confused, use this crystal combination to balance your life energies. 

Crystal Idea: Create a crystal layout with a Selenite chakra set and Clear Quartz points, wands, and towers pointing toward your body. 

#7 Selenite and Carnelian

Orange Selenite and Carnelian jumpstart your lethargic Sacral chakra. When you are looking to reactive your life force, use this crystal combination for motivation. Orange Selenite provides that supportive and encouraging energy while Carnelian propels you with its electric boost. 

Crystal Idea: Wear Orange Selenite and Carnelian bracelets on both wrists to keep motivated and constantly focused on your goals. Wearing these stones as bracelets keeps the pair at your Sacral chakra. 

#8 Selenite and Shungite

Selenite and Shungite are a good combination when you want to protect your space. Shungite provides that armor-like energy to keep out the unwanted forces and Selenite seals your area with White Light. Live in the safe comfort that this crystal pair provides. 

Crystal Idea: Grid your space with Selenite and Shungite stones in each corner. Place a Shungite pyramid on a Selenite charging station in the center of the space. The charger will keep your Shungite constantly energized. 

#9 Selenite and Angelite

The Selenite and Angelite crystal combination has the heavens singing. These spiritual crystals get your energies floating on a cloud of bliss. Angelite is a soft blue stone that connects you with the angelic realm. Selenite shines and showers you with White Light. 

Crystal Idea: Place Angelite tumbled stones and Selenite polished stones at your bedside to sync with angelic energies before you go to sleep and right when you wake up. You will get spiritual messages through dreams. 

#10 Selenite and Aquamarine

The Selenite and Aquamarine is a combination that unblocks your communication vortex. Aquamarine lovingly encourages you to harness your talents and Selenite encourages your Light to shine. The crystals work together to alleviate social anxiety and create a path for eloquent communication. 

Crystal Idea: Before you give a speech, performance or attend a party, engage in the Selenite and Aquamarine ritual. Massage your Throat and Heart chakras with a Selenite wand and then wear Aquamarine pendants or necklaces to ensure you are a success. 

#11 Selenite and Jade

Selenite and Jade stones together focus on manifesting prosperity. Jade has long been known as a stone of luck and abundance. Selenite seals abundance within your aura so you continue to gain gifts from the Universe. 

Crystal Idea: Place Jade stones surrounded by Selenite pieces in your Money Corner according to your Feng Shui Map. 

Where can I buy real Selenite?

For all of your Selenite crystal combination needs, shop the Selenite Collection or buy your stones right here on the blog:

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Hi Yuki. Yes, you can! Here is an article that explains several ways to clean, charge, and program your crystals:

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Can I charge my red agate pendant on selenite charging plate

Sheila Satin - April 26, 2022

Hi, thank you for your message. Here is a helpful chart to convert your ring size. It looks like a size 11 in India would be a 5.75 here in the USA. Let us know if you need any other help.

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I want to buy moldavite ring … As per Indian ring size measurement my ring size is 11 However I am not sure for the US size .. Could you please assist me with the same. Thank you

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