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Selenite in Water Experiment

What happens when you soak Selenite in water? You've heard that it's fragile, but will it really disintegrate?

Join us on this Satin Crystals experiment and see what happens through a 60-day journey of True Selenite and Satin Spar Selenite in water. Click the video above to see what happens when the two natural gemstones meet water. 

What is Selenite? Learn all about it at Selenite Meanings.

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Lisa Satin - August 19, 2022

Hello Liliana,

I’m glad to hear you are diving deep into the world of crystals. There are so many things to learn about each stone, in fact when we research and write about crystals, we dedicate WEEKS to each one.

We haven’t yet got to all the stones on your list but we do have lot of information you will find useful on the following healing crystals:

Aventurine facts and meanings:

Tigers Eye facts and meanings (including Golden, Blue, and Red Iron)

Jasper facts and meanings (including Red):

Selenite facts and meanings:

Quartz facts and meanings:

Tourmaline facts and meanings:

Rose Quartz facts and meanings:

Amber facts and meanings:

Carnelian facts and meanings:

When you carefully study those articles, you will find a lot of the information you seek.

Thanks for making Satin Crystals a part of your journey,

Lisa Satin

Liliana - August 19, 2022

Hey! I use crystals spiritually and I am writing down things about the crystals in my spiritual practice notebook. I have made some notes but I was wondering if you could add some (if you’re ok with that, if not it’s ok)
- can the crystal be exposed to water or the sun, the variety of the crystal, properties, alternative names of the crystal, other psychical forms the crystal comes in like selenite comes in selenite, satin spar selenite & desert rose. Just to clarify where I have written Mined: means where my crystal came from.

Here are my nope on the crystals I have:


No water
Stress, emotional healing

Variety: Quartz
Prosperity, good fortune

Golden Tigers’s Eye
Variety: Quartz
Mined: Ring from Africa

Blue Tiger’s Eye
Alt: Falcone/Hawk’s Eye
Less Iron than Golden Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Iron
Alt: Mugglestone

Red jasper golden tiger’s eye hematite
Mined: Australia

Red Jasper
Variety: Quartz
Balance, will, nurturing

Alt name: New Jade
Variety: Serpentine

No water
Variety: Gypsum (crystallised Gypsum)
Satin Spar (silky and fibrous)
Desert Rose
Purifying, protection, self cleansing, charging

Clear Quartz

Black Tourmaline
Alt name: Schorl
No water
Protection, shielding

Tourmalated Quartz
Mined: Brazil

Sleeping Beauty Mine North America

Rose Quartz
Mined: Madagascar 6KL

Baltic Amber

Variety: Chalcedony
Deep orange
Red brown = Sard
No sun


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