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Selenite Jewelry Showcase

sheila of satin crystals wearing selenite necklaces and bracelets and earrings Is your aura ready to glow? Wear Selenite jewelry and feel the Light flow through your being. This powerful gemstone has only recently been fashioned into jewelry form. Collect Selenite earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and float through your day in spiritual bliss.

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Shop Selenite for a Super Glow

Choose your Satin Spar Selenite jewelry to wear day or night. Here are your top 11 picks: 

#1 Selenite Moonbeam Bracelet

Invite the calm, powerful energy of moon goddess Selene into your aura when you slip on this Selenite bracelet. The mystical gemstone radiates with spiritual vibrations and astrological protection. The silky white beads glow like flickers of light on a dark night, guiding your lost soul home.  LEARN MORE.

#2 Selenite Warm Glow Necklace

A timeless classic, this glowing Orange Selenite Necklace brings Old World charm to your modern style. Feel the warmth of the ages flowing through this stately masterpiece jewel. Bold and beautiful Orange Selenite beads are cradled between antiqued accent beads, adding a sense of sophistication to your look. Radiate with the infinite wisdom and light of this glorious crystal creation. LEARN MORE.

#3 Selenite Pyrite Earrings

Drops of glistening gold Pyrite share the spotlight with silky Selenite beads in these masterful crystal earrings. Slip them on to feel as calm as snow, yet as strong as earth. Dark light, or somewhere in between- your new Pyrite Selenite earrings are the perfect fit for each outfit and individual. LEARN MORE. 

#4 Selenite Old World Bracelet

You deserve to be honored for your unique presence on Earth. Thank your self for all you've done, all the lessons you've learned, and all of the obstacles you've overcome. Gift your aura with healing White Selenite that glows as radiant as the moon. This antiqued copper bracelet celebrates your spirit with the energy of Light and Serenity. LEARN MORE.

#5 Selenite Full Moon Necklace

The Moon smiles down and you and the stars give you a wink- they have a secret they'd love to share. Wear this radiant white Selenite necklace to gain awareness of cosmic signs and symbols. Capture the secret smiles of the celestial bodies through this luminous Selenite necklace. LEARN MORE. 

#6 Selenite Sunshine Bracelet

Live on the sunny side of life with this chipper orange Selenite bracelet to keep you upbeat. Sure, we all have our down days. Yet when you slip on this bright citric crystal, you're infused with a juicy burst of positive energy. The orange Selenite bracelet keeps your aura protected and your smile intact. LEARN MORE.

#7 Selenite Goddess Necklace

This radiant Selenite necklace pays tribute to the days when Goddesses were revered; a time when women were honored for their feminine strength. Energize your yin and yang forces with this Selenite and antiqued copper jewel. The power of women doesn't have to lie in the past. Your necklace empowers womankind now and forever. LEARN MORE.

#8 Selenite Goddess Earrings

Channel the Goddess of Moon as you wear these new Selenite earrings. The white gemstones radiate with lunar energy and are attached to powerful goddess charms. Feel the empowering phenomenon of being One with the feminine divine. You are her most luminous creation. LEARN MORE.

#9 Selenite Wolf Necklace

Top up your healing energies with this powerful wolf necklace. Beaded with radiant Selenite and faceted Sodalite, this white and blue gemstone combination associates you with royalty. Let your inner wolf run free with this unique designer jewel. LEARN MORE.

#10 Selenite Malachite Bracelet

When two powerful crystals meet, they shift your soul in a phenomenal way. Heavenly Selenite compliments power-player Malachite to give you the perfect balance of elegance and flair. Wear this bracelet when you want to shine throughout the day, winning the admiration of friends, family, and colleagues. Be at the peak of your perfection with this deluxe, designer gemstone bracelet. LEARN MORE.

#11 Selenite Radiance Necklace

If you seek the classic elegance Pearls but desire something more stylishly modern, turn your sights to this milky white Selenite necklace. Capturing the essence of magical Selenite caves, each translucent and polished bead is a ray of radiance. Wear this unique gemstone necklace and watch yourself glow with positive energy. LEARN MORE.

Your Selenite Journey

Are you excited about wearing Selenite jewelry? Have you tried out a Selenite jewel of your own?

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

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